Should DHS Secretary Nielsen Resign?

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) is requesting that Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to resign over the Mexican children which were separated at the U.S. border.

Durbin stated, “This policy shows the extremes this administration will go to to punish families fleeing horrific gang and sexual violence and seeking refuge in the United States. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly bragged that forcibly separating children from their parents is quote, ‘a tough deterrent,’ close quote. The president of the American Academy of Pediatrics calls it what it is—government sanctioned child abuse. Incredibly, Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen claimed, and I quote, ‘We do not have a policy of separating the families at the border, period.’ It was under her watch that 2,700 children were separated from their parents and more than 700 children still have not been reunited with their families, including more than 400 whose parents were apparently deported and more than 90 whose parents cannot be located at all.”

“What will become of these children and their parents? Who border agents sadly called, quote, ‘deleted family units.’ In the name of these deleted family units, 711 lost children, and common decency, I am today calling on the architect of this humanitarian disaster, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, to step down. The family separation policy is more than a bureaucratic lapse in judgment. It is and was a cruel policy inconsistent with the bedrock values of the nation. Someone in this administration has to accept responsibility. We can have border security without bullying. We can be safe without treating toddlers as terrorists.”

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    1. Robert Smith

      Sadly enough, it was Bush ignoring the law as well!! That allowed creating a 2nd generation who know nothing of their country “Mexico”! The plain and simple FACT is Mexico is not a dust bowl of dirt farms and such, it has a professional business, and thriving cities within it. It is not all jobs that pay a $1 a day.. So perhaps the F’n media could start portraying it as more of a job market possibility,than a death ticket to doomsday!

      1. Stephen Howe

        I blame WBush as the #1 moron MOST RESPONSIBLE for giving Obama a toehold of electibility. Lord, Bush was an idiot…and NOT a conservative. Can you imagine if the MSM had turned on him after his was an “appointed” presidency?

        1. 101Airborne

          Stephen Howe, Agreed, Bush and O’Bama, Two clowns in one circus spending how many TRILLIONS to put our country in one big hole!! All for the wrong reasons!!! All one has to do is to go up on YOU-Tube and see O’s ignorant comments about how Trump thinks he is going to bring jobs back to the U.S. etc.(SNL-material)!!! Missed his true calling!!!!


    stop crashing the border. Mexico…FIX YOUR COUNTRY! Protect your citizens. Central and South America too. Hispanics hate gringos. USA is destroyed already and headed for same crap that destroyed Venezuela. Millions of illegal voters want government handouts. End of America. Legal immigration is fine. Too many haters here screaming gimme.

  2. junktex

    DHS should be abolished along with several other cabinet level wastes of money.As Ron Paul suggested

  3. Gary Oplt

    Idiot, you are the one that needs to resign. You had no problem with Obummer and the “Rapist”. What a joke the whole bunch of you are. Further don’t you think that people do not know there is video of your stating the opposite to support the “FAKE”

  4. drdavis

    I say abolish the DNC they no longer represent the American way of life, no respect for the Constitution and our Bill of Rights, no respect for our National Anthem and our Flag, and they put the Illegals before all of American Citizen so what good are the Democrats in this country they have become traitors to the USA so I say abolish the DNC and their liberal pieces of work. They want to abolish our laws and our ICE well it is time to fight back and abolish an hate group that hates Americans and the USA…

  5. Robert Smith

    What will become of these children? REALLY why is it the U.S.’s problem. Ship them back to Central Mexico, and announce they are coming and let THEM deal with them! Here’s your luggage and your dirty laundry . You sort your shxt out. Not spending tax dollars to find Nana or Papi, they gave up that right when they came here illegally..

  6. Calvin King

    Good grief no. She should not resign. Doing a great job upholding the law. Don’t like the law, change it. Leave her alone. After all, it is Bathhouse Barry the Muslime Fairy’s law and was used by his sycophants. Bottom Line: These families should not be in this country anyway. Illegal means illegal. They are criminals. They have broken the law. Treat them accordingly. How many American families are broken each year as one or the other parent, or both are jailed? Thousands. Get over it snowflake Dimwits. Do the crime, do the time, family be damned.

  7. Cliff Stewart

    I believe that the title (Sen.) in front of Durbin’s name stands for “Senile” and not Senator. His actions justify this reasoning. If ANYONE should “resign” HE should be the one. Then again every COMMUNIST SCUMBAG in the Democrat Treason Party should disappear and try getting a life……( in a COMMUNIST country ). TRYING TO CHANGE AMERICA INTO A COMMUNIST SCUM DUMP “AIN’T” GONNA WORK!!! When will these CORRUPT COMMUNIST IDIOTS ever learn that they need to start “representing” the people who put them in office instead of being for every damn body else of other areas of the world. “THIS” is the “UNITED STATES of AMERICA” and “not” the united states of the world !!!

  8. Cliff Stewart

    You TREASONOUS COMMUNIST IDIOTS!!! These were the policies of your scumbag islamic mullah, Barrack the hussy Obama…..Where were your “concerned” cries then ?!?!?! Were you afraid then that if you complained that you would be beheaded…or were you more concerned with not wanting to pull your head out of the hussy’s butt?!?!?!

  9. Cliff Stewart

    Doing things “LEGAL” is the ONLY way!!! If you want to excuse “illegality” and turn your heads and look the other way…then ALL people who have broken the law (ANY LAW) should be freed from incarceration and any other judgements handed down to them and ALL prisons emptied and leveled to the ground. And when someone breaks into your home, steals and/or destroys “your” property, or kills or rapes “your” friend or loved one…then you should just ignore it and “look the other way”.

  10. 101Airborne

    Pull back ALL government assistance and declare a five year moratorium on any immigration into to U.S.A.!! With absolutely no handouts from our government until the Congress revamps the whole immigration system!! All those remaining in the U.S.A. after being notified to leave, will forfeit the right to apply for legal status!! O’Bama is the one responsible for circumventing the Congress to break our immigration laws,and therefore President Trump has the duty to correct the criminal actions of the O’Bama administration by deporting all illegal persons in our country!! Period!!!! We-The-People voted for D.J.Trump to run the country constitutionally and clean up the MESS left by the clown that presided over the last eight years!!! A community organizer had absolutely no business in our W.H., he missed his calling when SNL offered him a contract!!!!!!!