Rand Paul Slams Bigot John Brennan

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) spoke about the recent statement from former CIA Director John Brennan, who said Trump’s actions at the press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin were treasonous.

Paul stated, “You know John Brennan started out his adulthood by voting for the Communist Party presidential candidate. He is now ending his career by showing himself to be the most biased, bigoted, over-the-top, hyperbolic, sort of unhinged director of the CIA we have ever had. It really is an insult to everything about our government to have a former head of the CIA calling the President treasonous just because he doesn’t like him.”

“I filibustered Brennan. I tried to keep Brennan from ever being the leader of the CIA. But realize that Brennan and Clapper are known for wanting to expand the authority of the intelligence agencies to grab up everyone’s information, including Americans. So I don’t have a lot of respect for these people. Even before they decided to go on hating the President, I disliked these people because they wanted to grab up so much power and use it against the American people.”

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  1. Pete

    Rand Paul, a true patriot. John Brennan is an out-and-out evil person, a perfect example of the Obama administration’s evildoers.

    1. Suzu M

      I remember, when we had so many republican candidates, that I planned to vote for Rand Paul. My dad said he ‘was too mouthy’ !!!! I about died inside. He had just been talking and chuckling about a Trump presidency and that Trump actually might do a good job. (dad was democrat). Anyway, let’s see how this works- Trump mouthy/ Rand Paul mouthy. laugh out loud. I’ve NEVER thought Rand was mouthy- I thought he was truthful and bold.
      Well, it ended up coming down to Trump as the Republican candidate.
      Mom and Dad didn’t vote, as they were each very ill at the time and passed away not long after.
      But I voted. And did a write-in for Rand Paul.
      I was just kinda thinking that Trump and Hillary were playing a good-cop/bad-cop game and were BOTH going to do us wrong.

      Literally, though, LITERALLY, Election Night 2016 was one of the most joyous nights of my life (and I’ve had plenty). Never was I any more thankful to see a candidate lose, than I was for Hillary Clinton to do so.
      (Btw, did you see the cover photo for the scary movie The Quiet Place? It’s a picture of a woman covering her mouth with her hand about to scream or something. It TOTALLY reminds me of HIllary Clinton on Election Night. Clinton, before she plucked and died her eyebrows. Too funny.)

      I don’t regret voting for Rand Paul- I think he is worthy of the presidency.
      However, Trump has, so far, proven himself enough to me, that he has earned my vote for 2020. Trump has Vision (20/20) and the gumption to get that vision fulfilled.
      True, he might pull something on us in the future (something democrats keep warning us conservatives about) that I fully disagree with- you know…buttering me up right now- but at this time, nothing he has done has made me NOT want to vote for him next time. And almost EVERYTHING he has done ENCOURAGES me to do so.
      Trump is trumping all the liberals.
      Everyone keeps talking about his big ego. Well you know what? I would be REALLY happy about myself, if all MY policies were actually working. He deserves to be proud. And what I like about Trump is that he would be VERY WILLING to LISTEN to each of our own ideas for polices. Because Trump WANTS more than anything to be a success, he is happy to listen to us and come to his own decision about whether our ideas are workable or not. That takes a good man and a fair one. And he would give credit where credit was due.
      Yep, so far, he’s got my next vote without a doubt. It would take something very evil to NOT want to vote for him. And he is not the one doing the evil.

  2. Marina D

    Rand is a true patriot God bless him!Brennan is a despicable vile person who deserves any negativity he gets Maybe the’dustbin’of history is waiting for his career to end in a prison cell where he can pontificate all he wants and NO ONE will care

    1. David N. King

      Please don’t insult the Three Stooges like that! They fought against nazis like those three fools in the “unintelligence community”! Any one of the Stooges has more sense than all three of those crooks, who’ll all likely end up wearing upside-down neckties for Treason!!!

      1. MajorPain

        Their is no Insult intended Of the Stooges who only ACTED as Buffoons. The insult is to the other 3 who aren’t ACTING and are real Buffoons with an anti American Agenda and with a Political Chicanery attempt to Destroy the Constitution of the Republic.

  3. Rodney

    Perhaps Brennan and Clapper along with Comey need to have a deep dive taken into their backgrounds, their privacy invaded with electronic surveillance and full rectal exams. Over the years, I have learned the left only accuses those of horrible things do so to cover for their own bad conduct.

  4. Dick Ellis

    ” BRENNAN ” THE BENEDICT ARNOLD OF OUR TIME! He is a MUZZY convert and is a lying MUZZY which he learned from his ” KORAN ” stating that lying is ok as long as it is for ” ALLAH “!

  5. Dexter L. Wilson

    When will Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Lynch, McCabe, Strzoke, Hillary, and Mueller be prosecuted for their felonies?

  6. dosadoe

    Brennan is an example of creeps that worm their way into the government without ever running for office but get in their by kissing ass all the way up the food chain! Disgusting Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, and Mueller have a date with their destiny and complete disaster!

  7. Vincent McCord

    This is great and so good to see.

    John Brennan is a slimy, guttersnipe. As Sen. Paul says, Brennan was soft on Communism, soft on Iran and is a disgrace to those who faithfully and patriotically serve our country. That the MSM gives Brennan such exposure makes them accomplices of this seditious SOB!