Will Mueller Go To Russia?

President Donald Trump said he was “fascinated” by Putins offer to let “Robert Mueller’s people go over there and bring a big investigation” of the 12 Russians for hacking he 2016 elections. However, Mueller’s team “probably won’t want to.”

Hannity asked, “Did you like President Putin’s idea [that] Robert Mueller should go talk to him?”

Trump responded, “I was fascinated by it. So, they have a treaty where they work together with the United States. Because everyone said we don’t have an extradition treaty, but they have a treaty where they work together, and his prosecutors would prosecute it, and he said that Robert Mueller’s people could go with them. But they probably won’t want to.”

“[H]e’s [Putin] willing to let Robert Mueller’s people go over there and bring a big investigation of those people, working together with Russian investigators.”

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  1. jreg9304

    If this isn’t enough too make Muellers A-HOLE PUCKER and he doesn’t go on this invite, then we all know here in America that muellers witch hunt is just that, the fools thimble.. In other words, he keeps sticking himself in the finger trying too thread a needle of the smallest eyelet..

  2. jreg9304

    Another thing Muellers ugly mugg kinda looks like he might be a cross between John Boehner and good old lerch (John Kerry)

    Heaven forbid!!!!!!! Which one was the mama and which was papa………

  3. Babsan

    Yes,take the whole Democrat Crime Cabal with you and go so Putin can thank you again for the Uranium you transferred for Obama and Hillary

  4. bill sinni

    Comrade Putin would be about as helpful to the investigation in Russia as Comrade Trump is in the United States. Why not send those 12 indicted Russians to the United States to face charges. There are no courts, there is no justice in Comrade Patin’s Russia. It was Putin who ordered these twelve spies to mess with our 2016 election.
    The better idea would be to let all of Comrade Trump’s supporters emigrate to Russia. They would then be in their true homeland. It would truly be the greatest gift to the freedom of the United States of America.
    And then Trump would be Putin’s fat arse love toy. He could be like Putin’s jester.