Will Roe Vs. Wade Actually Be Turned Over?

the Outside Adviser to the President for Judicial Selection, Leonard Leo, informed CNN that only one current Supreme Court justice stated they will attempt to overturn Roe v. Wade and he is “very skeptical about what people are suggesting might happen.”

Leo stated, “[H]e’s [President Trump] never asked this question of a nominee. We’ve never discussed it. The other thing I would say is that it’s really dangerous territory to be trying to game out where a nominee’s going to end up. People have been trying to do that for 36 years, beginning with the nomination of Sandra O’Connor, and every single time they’ve been wrong. And right now, there’s only one justice on the court, Clarence Thomas, who has said explicitly he wants to overturn Roe. So, there’s a lot of speculation going on here. And I’m just very skeptical about what people are suggesting might happen.”

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    1. Aron Adler

      That doesn’t do anything more than leave it to the states. I believe only 11 would even possibly try to change the status and maybe a few could actually have a small chance. The nuts liberal flakes running around in genitalia hats or assaulting and harassing govt employees are screeching how it will outlaw abortion. Yea, and then you have to believe their lie that the photos of kids in ICE detention most published were taken recently and NOT during a 2014 when Obama was president. Or how there are over 100 school shootings a year and 1000 mass shootings. Same lies, different day and so many uneducated lemmings drink it in like gospel


    It’s why we are under such harsh judgement, God sees all. Our streets run red with innocent blood.

  2. jackel

    This is the best time but note dems will fight to keep it fervently as women’s health care and a huge cash cow for those not having many morals, Sunday morning belief in God, and a disdain for children. Woe are those!!!

  3. Richard Row

    All I can say as far as roe versus wade is, I would rather roe since I hate getting my feet wet.