Schumer Agrees With Trump On China

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) showed of President Trump for his plan to enforce a 25% tariff on $50 billion worth of Chinese goods.

“I think what [Trump] is doing on China is right. Let’s face it, John, China takes total advantage of the United States. They steal our intellectual property using cyber theft,”  Schumer stated.

“Not only do they steal our intellectual property, they keep our good companies out, and say the only way you’re going to be able to sell your American products in China. if they’re high-end products, is if you come to China, make them there, and give us the techniques and intellectual properties.”

Schumer added that getting China to comply will require some “toughness at the beginning.”

“China will bark back, but they need us more than we need them. President Trump is right about that. And we should be strong. So I thought what he did on China is right. Making war all the allies, particularly Canada, and Canada does take advantage of our milk, the president is right about that, but making war on all the allies makes less sense. We should focus on China. They are the ones hurting us, and they hurt everybody. And if we do nothing about it, it’s long-term real damage to America,” he proclaimed. “A few weeks ago I spoke to [Trump] for about a half hour on the phone and urged him to do this. And I’m glad he did.”

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