How Obama Targeted Dinesh D’Souza

Conservative political commentator and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza explained to CNN how he was prosecuted by Barack Obama for making illegal campaign contributions in which one of his films was “emotionally damaging ” to “a narcissistic president.”

D’Souza stated, “You have to look at the context of this. Let’s remember, just weeks before all of this went down I released a movie in the theater, 2,000 theaters about Obama and it wasn’t just a critique of his policies. I was in Kenya at his family homestead. I interviewed his brother in a slum in Nairobi. It was an emotionally damaging movie to Obama, and the president was very upset by it. I’m not just speculating. I know this because he was regularly denouncing me on his website So when that happens and a few later the FBI comes banging on your door.”

“Now look, I admit that I broke the law, and I demand that I receive the same penalties as everybody else who did what I did. But the point here is no American in this country’s history has been prosecuted, let alone locked up, for doing what I did. Typically these cases are prosecuted when there is a quid pro quo, or somebody commits a repeat offense, they do it all the time. So for these reasons, I became suspicious that part of the reason I was prosecuted is I did something very upsetting to a narcissistic president.”

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  1. Austinniceguy

    The good news is that we now have an AMERCAN President who cares about AMERICA and AMERICANS. Oblah-blah did his best to destroy OUR country and then demanded that drunken Hilly be elected so she could finish what he started. D’Souza would have spent the rest of his life in prison if Trump had not won.

  2. Jack

    Thank God we now have a president who likes the USA like it is, and deplores socialism! He also is protecting free speech, Amen!

  3. Mo

    obutthead weaponized the Government against the American People, especially anyone who disagreed with him or his policies.