Liberal Media Appalled By Embassy Move

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell stated she found it “appalling” that the U.S. moved the embassy to Jerusalem with “no vision at all.”

Mitchell stated, “I’ve never seen anything like that. Even the strongest supporters of Israel in administrations Republican and Democratic would at that point say, ‘Be proportional and be cautionary.’ There was no restraint. Israel is now so empowered because of the administration’s enmity with Iran that they now feel, clearly, that they can do anything.”

Mitchell continued, “You know the real loser here? The Palestinians are losers, they’ve had dreadful leadership for decades. We all know that, and it’s not just Hamas. It’s both branches of the Palestinian government, Abbas is a disgrace by now.  So they’ve been disempowered. But the real loser is one of our strongest allies never mentioned by anyone, King Abdullah of Jordan who has majority Palestinian country who is going to be overwhelmed. Saudi Arabia and the UAE, they’re not going to care if in this grand scheme of Jared Kushner the Palestinians are lost in the shuffle. But King Abdullah will lose his country. He’s completely vulnerable and at risk and the fact that they are now mouthing generalities about the Persian Gulf world about the Palestinians, who they don’t really care about, but those on the front lines care.”

“It’s just to me appalling that we have no vision at all, we got nothing for it, no pullback on settlements. There’s no balancing act here.”

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  1. [email protected]

    The Palestinians are no concern to me. MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell needs to pack her suit case and go live with those Palestinian and take fake news MSNBC with you. MAGA!

  2. Jimbo Velasquez

    So, AMERICAN policy is supposed to be based on mitchell being “appalled”?

  3. Leslie Edgar Herrin

    Why is she appalled? Twenty five years after Congress approved and 4 do-nothing Presidents, did nothing, she is appalled that A President did something. I am appalled it took so long.

  4. GymS

    Absolutely no one much cares what Andrea has to say. Oops, time to go on youtube and watch her meltdown the evening of November 8, 2016. GOD(libs hate that) I love it. Lots of great video from that wonderful evening.

  5. Stephen Howe

    Gee, maybe those muslims should behead a few more “infidels”…or gays, or women…or left-handed towel heads? That would make them feel so much better!

  6. Susan Smith

    You need to retire old has been! Do you know about anything going on over there? Maybe you need to go and find out so you can tell the truth once in a while! Maybe report the real news that is going on not just your opinion!

  7. bcamota

    No vision at all? It’s because you choose to be blind on facts! You have no right to criticize because you have not done anything to help. Why don’t you visit both Israel and PA territories with an open mind and watch for yourself the real and current situation? You will wake up to the real situation. Or why don’t you just retire and do something good for your country? Start volunteering in helping the homeless in California and Hawaii.