Have Dems Lost All Credibility?

Tucker Carlson attacked the Department of Justice special counsel Robert Mueller for his probe and the Democrats who now appear to have simply done all of this due to their hurt feelings for a 2016 election loss.

“More than anything, we’ve learned just how clueless the people who run Washington, D.C. are,” Carlson stated. “Rather than accept the fact that they created Donald Trump themselves by abandoning and then coming to despise the rest of the country they run. They couldn’t face that, so they concocted the Russia collusion story as a way to sustain a world where they did nothing wrong. And they only lost because their enemies betrayed this country to a foreign power. For more than a year, Russia was all they could talk about because they certainly didn’t want to talk about the issues that got Trump elected in the first place — drug ODs, a vanishing middle class, their agenda of literally replacing the people who live in this country with immigrants. They didn’t want to talk about that. But it hasn’t been working.”

“For most of Trump’s presidency, Democrats have looked forward to the big midterm wins that will give them control of Congress once again,” he added. “That’s the whole point of all of this. But it hasn’t worked. Their lead is dwindling. It’s now within the margin of error. They may not win back the House at all. It looks like the Senate is going to be beyond their reach. Why? Because the public has recognized that the Russian investigation is not what they said it was. It is and has been from the beginning been a witch hunt created by a cabal frantic to keep it hold on power.”

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  1. lizzardman

    It is what Diapercrats do when Butt-Hurt by an unexpected election loss. By handling the rout in this manner they are exposing themselves to increasing scrutiny as their crimes grow and libturds start rolling on each other in order to save their own asses. The longer the DemonRats persist in these insane and illegal tactics the more constituents they will lose. The GOP’s numbers are looking better as time progresses. Conservetives have to support

    1. S. Horton

      They are not in a swamp, so none of this is true. They are in a well so deep that they are unable to realize that there is The Light.

  2. sandraleesmith46

    No, they didn’t lose it; they THREW it away willfully and refuse to accept responsibility for having done so. Carlson is correct, the Left is directly responsible for the election of Trump, in fact. Had they NOT shoved their anti-Americans, anti-Christians, anti-Constitutional agenda on us so aggressively for so long, I seriously doubt Trump could have been elected. But when you refuse to hear, heed, and acknowledge half the population for many years, eventually they’ll grasp at ANY “straw” that seems to heed their concerns….

  3. Daniel Rhoads

    If the Democrats gain control of Congress, they will try to impeach President Trump with “false, fake and phony charges, all of the crimes up for indictment with the scandals of the Democrat Party will be covered up and the corruption crimes and lawbreaking will be made larger by the Democrat Party as policy and no one will go to jail for them!! Our Constitution and Bill of Rights will not be worth the paper they are written on and illlegal aliens will over run our borders and be used as voters by the Demcorat Party with massive voter fraud!! Is this the America you want American voters, than vote Democrat Party???????….

  4. JoAnn Graham

    Most definitely a long time ago..Its not in their vocabulary to be credible.

  5. Stephen Wilcox

    Mother would roll over if she were alive to see the decomposition of the party she loved (and she was the holder of a very high IQ-something obviously missing in the latest batch).

  6. Pat

    With a “number” of LIBERAL college students voting this year, it’s important that ALL
    REPUBLICANS GET OUT AND VOTE! *and, who knows how many “illegals” will be voting??????

  7. gardeauxandrew

    A long time ago! ,they are the political party for anti-American agendas as with Hollywood , snowflakes ,liberals are the people of HATE! Remember this Nov 2018 mid-term elections all you who came out in droves to vote for a non-corrupt People’s president of the United States of America President TRUMP!

  8. shane Patrick Mahan

    Thank heavens for Tucker ,,, and the likes of Mark Levine and so on,,, If it wasn’t for Fox News we would all be in a bread line by now,,, called the OBOMA food stamp service,,
    oh and to Bernie a That new Freshman Ocosia what ever her name is,, we already have free college in America ,,
    Its called a scholarship,,, Maybe just maybe if you work real hard kids… in High school
    you might get one! This is what separates slow pokes and do nothings from the leaders of the free world..
    Sorry I got off track ,,, Russians ,,, yeah right…