CNN Calls Trump A ‘Chaos President’

CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” Fareed Zakaria knocked President Trump’s ability to hatch a “more stringent” nuclear agreement with Iran.

Zakaria stated, “Jeb Bush said that Donald Trump would be a chaos president. Well, this week Trump lived up to the billing choosing to defy virtually the entire world, including America’s closest European allies, and raising tensions in the most unstable part of the world already, the Middle East. It’s hard to understand the rationale behind Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. If Iran is as dangerous and maligned an actor as he says, surely it’s best to have its nuclear program frozen at a preliminary level and monitored 24/7 for years and years. The chance of getting Tehran to agree to more stringent terms is close to zero.”

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  1. Jimbo

    Hypocrites. Actually, CNN is a chaos network. Good thing for them not lying is not one of the 10 commandments.

    1. Susan K.

      “…not lying is not one of the 10 commandments.”

      Actually it is. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”.

  2. kjenkinsaf

    Netanyahu showed the world the extent of the lies from Tehran. Fareed Zahkaria is dong nothing more than spreading taqqiyya (strange word, means bullshit). Same goes for North Korea. These deals fail because of insincere dishonest actors. If you are still watching CNN for anything, you will need to rinse the bs out of your brain before you open your mouth with an opinion. I suggest copious amounts of vodka.

  3. Albert L Biele

    CNN’s ability, brilliance political capabilities, and solutions regarding Iran, could fit in a match box with room to spare.

  4. Kris Kristian

    CNN is the worst TV station and should have been closed down.
    Fareed Zakaria is the worst hater.
    I am sure when it comes to mid term voting, Trump will drown the Dems.

    1. roye456

      Yes there are several of those fake commentators like Don Limon, Wolf, Jake, and especially Jim I would love to take to the wood shed, There is nothing more than I wish nothing but harm to them as they don’t back up from issuing harm to everyone the talk about teaching them a lesson would be my privilege.

    2. roye456

      I believe that we as republicans best be getting off our asses and vote straight republican ticket and not give demos a chance Straight ticket is the only way to go

  5. Richard I Ellis


  6. dosadoe

    With all this chaos and Trump is accomplishing more in his first year that the anointed Obama did in eight years? What we need is more chaos!

  7. olmstra7

    yeaaahh…except there was never a deal to begin with, not signed by any countries or vetted through the US senate. It was nothing more than an Obozo personal policy preference.

  8. Randy131

    With all that President Trump has accomplished for the American people and the USA, CNN is making the point that “CHAOS” is good for us. Too bad Obama didn’t know how to do a little chaos, then his Presidency might not have been such a disaster for the American people, and a complete failure.

    1. roye456

      Obama was a sissy he knew how to put his tail between his legs and keep is mouth shut while giving America over to our enemies, he was and out and out coward. No Backbone President Trump has a backbone and is not afraid to draw a line in the dirt.

  9. bigdogrisin

    CNN is 24 hour Trump hatred all day, everyday. CNN has lost their reason for being. The only reason to watch CNN is if you are a Trump hating liberal. Otherwise it’s garbage. The rating prove it.

  10. MajorPain

    That’s the best Zakaria can come up with Jeb Bush said (WILL THE KLAN OF THE RETARDS PLEASE COME AND GET THIS PIECE OF CRAP OF THE SCREEN) I don’t want to soil my hands.

  11. john vieira

    A case of Kettle and Pot….CNN was struck off my list of credible news sources over 20 years ago…and they have been joined by many more in the “mainstream” since…even the BBC of late…They are carrying out the mandate of their “masters” to confuse and mislead the “masses”….

  12. Tim

    it’s pass time for America to stop showing the world just how nut-less we are. Damn Iran! “DEATH TO IRAN!!!” Trump should go to Israel and team with BB and design a plan to completely destroy all human life in Iran and then do it. That’s the only way to rid the problem. To think otherwise is absolutely silly. Does anyone in America believe that if they had the Nukes and we didn’t, that they would not unleash them on us? Iran does nothing but promote terror in every country they can.The number one sponsor of terror. So why not? Why does America even consider taking the risk of its citizens by knowingly that a hostile country chants death to America and would do anything the could to make it happen no matter the suffering of the people and torture that would be imposed on us. WHY? It doesn’t make sense not to take away the threat. We rather sit around watching and listening and here lately begging and paying them not to try and build a bomb to kill us with.LOL Damn! I don’t think you would hear shit outta another country about it.If they say to much take out their biggest military base and back up and ask them ” Was you talking to me?” And see if they wish to engage in war or you wanna shut up right now!! We came over here and murdered to take this land and gonna have to keep murdering to keep. If there has ever been a time to show aggression and just how badass arsonal we are packing and a military force to back it up. That would inflict fear in the hearts of other countries watching. It could be over with in less than week.Then we can live in peace for a long time. But the people of this country rather show weakness & scared they’d be called a bully. Weakness never wins. And we are stupid in it.

  13. Andrew Goddard

    More propaganda coming from the communist news network,especially from one of the most hypocritical people named zareed. A total jerk,who is a total loser.this president has done more than his previous predecessors have done in less time than they have.n
    Also not a wuss like that noncitizen named Barack the communist ObamA.Go trump he keeps his word and is not fucking around