Secretary Speaks On Nuclear Deal

Former Secretary of State John Kerry recently spoke to MSNBC saying that President Trump by withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal has “created crisis,” when there wasn’t one.

Kerry said, “What the president has done by withdrawing unilaterally is placed the United States in breach of this agreement. He has literally taken a situation where there was no crisis, and created crisis, by transferring to Iran, sanctions that were meant with respect to the nuclear agreement itself. Now, we all agree that there are problems with Iran in terms of Yemen, in terms of its influence in other countries, Hezbollah, its missiles. Those are legitimate problems. And by the way, every one of those we kept in the agreement. We have sanctions availability for missiles. We have sanctions for arms embargo. So — and we raised those, by the way, in the Obama administration. So, the fact is that what the president has done is unilaterally broken a multilateral agreement that was working to prevent Iran from having a nuclear weapon.”

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  1. justdave

    It depends on what the meaning of crisis is. Iranian meddling in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, attacks on Israel, harassing US ships in international waters – gee Mr Ed, that Obama deal made the middle east a much safer place!

    1. Kmat

      But they are not doing it with Nuclear Weapons. Europe doesn’t care who Iran kills as long as it is not the Europeans that with all of the sanctions lifted can profit from Iran. Obama didn’t care because Iran is killing moderate Muslims.

      Remove Iran and North Korea as threats and the World might just fined peace. NK is on it’s to not being a threat, Iran is next.

  2. kingwarren

    This so-called Iran deal is just one of the lies told the American people by the Obama administration. It wasn’t a deal, it was a give-a-way of a very large amount of money and didn’t have the approval of the Congress.

  3. Eldor Luedtke

    If what I hear is true, it is Iran that broke the deal. Lied to begin with about intentions of nuclear weapons and were in fact still working to have them. Maybe not, but I don’t find it hard to believe. If they get a nuke, you know Israel is getting nuked, then it’s on like Donkey Kong.

    I am a bit conflicted on this issue though. On one hand, we don’t like anyone telling us what to do. It’s their country, as long as they are not doing wrong to us or our allies, what business is it of ours to tell them what to do and what they can or can not have. On the other hand, from what they said, I fear they would outright nuke Israel. Israel is our ally, so Iran attacking them draws us in to the mess. Iran, as I understand it is allied with Russia, so when we retaliate against Iran, Russia is obliged to retaliate against us.

    It’s scary, I don’t want humans to think a fishing reel is high tech. I am not down with being hunter gatherers hunkered around a camp fire, with a life expectancy of 20 – 30 years.

    Is the leadership if Iran stupid enough to actually use a nuke on Israel and light that fuse?

    1. sandraleesmith46

      Unfortunately, yes they are; they’re following Muhammad, and Muhammad did not stop his warmongering ’til he died. It’s not so much stupid as it is arrogantly believing that ONLY ISLAM must be the belief system of all people, and THEIR specific brand of Islam at that.
      The war everyone is fearing WILL come; it’s been prophesied by Yhwh God for millenia; and He’s not noted for “fear mongering” or foretelling events that never come to pass. The fact is that the sides are already aligned for that war. We may stave it off for a time, and mitigate the long term effects by limiting the weapons that can be brought into play during that war, but it WILL happen. What’s interesting is that those sides would have been thought to be mortal enemies even a few decades ago, yet today they are aligned, just as prophesied.
      That said; this war and the 1 known as Armageddon are part of bringing Jesus Christ back to assume His rightful reign over the Earth as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and THAT will restore Earth to the condition in which it was meant to be. It won’t be “hunter/gatherers” and will be a LOT nicer place to live than any we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

      1. Eldor Luedtke

        Sigh, I fear you are correct. The selfish part of me wants it to be after I am gone though.

        1. sandraleesmith46

          I can’t promise of course, but if you belong to Jesus, and I’m understanding those prophecies correctly, all of them in the whole context, I think you and I will both be gone for that part. The Word tells me the Church is not appointed to judgment, and those wars are part of the outpouring of Yhwh God’s judgment on the world.

      2. Stephen Wilcox

        You are spot on, pilgrim. This ditzy world is not our final home. Armageddon is both a spiritual and a literal battle between Christ and Satan.

        1. sandraleesmith46

          Yes it is; and if the signs are right, it’s not too far off now. I’m listening for trumpets.

      1. Eldor Luedtke

        I don’t want to appease them, I just question when we became their mom and dad. Who are we to tell them what to do, beyond not attacking others.

        Yet, at the same time, I see why we would want to prevent their getting nukes. Russia and the U.S.A. are one thing, we have managed so far, not to destroy each other, Iran…. scary.

  4. sandraleesmith46

    NONSENSE! All that “deal” did was HIDE the progress of the nukes program in Iran from anyone else’ eyes! IAEA can’t monitor the sites it’s never allowed to investigate and it can’t even adequately monitor the sites it IS allowed to see when it isn’t allowed in without weeks’ ahead of the inspection’s notice to do so. It would take a very GULLIBLE IDIOT to believe that they can, and that Iran suddenly decided to behave and stop working in secret!

    1. odelan

      Ya know. The EPA or OSHA can walk in on ya (In the US) unannounced for no particular reason for a cup of coffee. Uhhuh. Internationally IAEA controlled by the UN has to play “lets pretend” that we’re actually paying attention.

      1. sandraleesmith46

        Ditto the states’ versions of OSHA, and YES, I’m very aware of that; which is as it should be for ANY watchdog agency, including IAEA. When the fox knows you’re coming to check the hen house, he’s sure not going to be munching on the hens; but if you just pop in…. That’s the very PURPOSE for having a watchdog agency! To find out who is and who isn’t toeing the mark.

  5. Stephen Howe

    Why isn’t the FBI kicking down Kerry’s doors and terrorizing his family searching for “evidence” that he is violating the Logan act.

  6. GymS

    Hey johnnie, go back to making ketchup and STFU. Oh, umm, BTW, did you ever pay the back taxes and mooring fees on your $7.2 MILLION yacht? My boy john, the phony Nam hero.