Tucker Carlson Destroys MSNBC’s Border Argument

Tucker Carlson recently spoke about the backlash President Trump is receiving for the border wall by MSNBC’s Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle. This pushed Carlson to question Velshi and Ruhle’s qualifications at news hosts.

Partial transcript as follows:

CARLSON: Hundreds of members of that migrant caravan in Central America we’ve been telling you about are now camped at the U.S.-Mexico border. The members have no right to enter the United States legally, but that has not stopped the press from openly encouraging them to do it anyway.

Over at NBC, talking heads suggested that the Statue of Liberty, the poem at the bottom somehow with no vote being taken has become federal law and commands us to let them in, no questions asked. Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A very public test of American resolve over immigration policy as well as the limits of American compassion.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: These are the faces of the desperate locked out on the doorstep of the United States waiting.

STEPHANIE RUHLE, MSNBC HOST, “VELSHI & RUHLE”: The president said, “Have you seen this caravan, have you seen the caravan?” I ask you, Mr. President, have you? What do you think the Statue of Liberty would say?

ALI VELSHI, MSNBC HOST, “VELSHI & RUHLE”: Yes. Come on in. Let me help you out.


CARLSON: How do people that dumb get TV jobs? I guess they’re just passing them out.

Over at CNN, meanwhile, “United Shades of America” host Kamau Bell has gone even farther than that. He says that all borders everywhere are immoral.


KAMAU BELL, CNN HOST, “UNITED SHADES OF AMERICA”: This idea of borders and walls is ridiculous. We are too good for this.

The point is walls suck.

This $3 billion manifestation of irrational fears stoked by politicians running for elected office is made of concrete barriers, steel beams, double-layered fencing and barriers fit for the beaches of Normandy.

Welcome to “America’s Got Talent,” but it’s wasting it on building this wall.


CARLSON: There’s a guy – I want to ask, do you lock your door? You got a password on your email? Why? Just a manifestation of fear, I guess.

Well, CNN and NBC operate out of America. They cover American news. Americans work there, but they are not interested in the interests of Americans. Obviously.

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  1. A_patriot

    There is an old axiom: Fences make good neighbors.

    We need the Wall. We cannot function as a sovereign nation if we’re constantly being invaded by people on our southern border. I’d say the same thing were it coming from the north. I say, besides the Wall, we should put in facilities like that on Ellis Island, that will process those who wish to come here, so that it’s done legally. They need the same set up as there was at Ellis Island. The only reason I can think of as to why it was shut down, was the dwindling immigrants from Europe over time. The fact is these people would be assessed. They had physicians strategically placed who could eyeball the people as they went from one portion to another of the building. Then, they would put a chalk mark on the lapels of their coats. There was a code of numbers which would indicate their fitness. Those who were ill, were kept at the facility. Those who appeared well were put through an interview where it was ascertained why they wanted to come here. Most importantly, they were NOT to be on the Government Dole. They had to demonstrate that they were able to work, and it may be that they had to show they had a job awaiting them. The other thing that is missing these days is the total and complete LACK of a desire to ASSIMILATE. That’s why it worked here. This country of Immigrants became ONE people. A melting pot. Now, we’re looking too much like the failed state of Europe. Multiculturalism doesn’t work. Even Angela Merkal warned us of that.

  2. Makule Kane

    Statute of Liberty located in NY Ellis island, let the caravan enter into NEW York and MSNBC can welcome and provide for them while they process thru immigration..

  3. Dexter L. Wilson

    Never, NEVER has the major media pointed out that DACA and any other program signed by Barak Obama without being legislated is illegal. None, NUNCA, NYET. Never, NEVER has the media mentioned or talked about.Qur’an 47:4 “When you meet the unbelievers, strike the neck…”, Qur’an 4:34 about subjugation of girls and women or Qur’an 9:29 about how they are treat Christians. Let the people know that Islam and it’s Sharia are totally inconsistent with our Constitution or our form of government and therefore it should be questionable about allowing Muslims into the country to be citizens unless they renounce these provision in the Qur’an and other provisions.

  4. Kmat

    What the “let everyone in” folks seem to forget is that everyone that entered thru Ellis Island did it legally following the laws that were in place at the time. They came to the United States embracing the Nation, not waiving the flags of their home Nation, not chanting things like “Make America Mexico”.

    1. olmstra7

      You’re ruining the strawman argument so often deployed by leftards, in this case to somehow make the case that enforcing our laws equates to bigotry and racism.