Is The “War On Coal” Over?

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  Administrator Scott Pruitt told media sources the “war on coal” is officially over.

He added that the EPA is not responsible for picking who leads the energy industry and reprimanded Barack Obama for doing so in the past.

“We’re in the process of making sure that we’re not picking winners and losers,” he stated. “It’s not the job of this agency, or any job in the federal government, to use regulatory power to favor of one sector of the economy over another. And what you saw with the past administration is just that — an attitude that says fossil fuel … is something that should be diminished in favor of, what, renewables. That doesn’t mean renewables shouldn’t be a part of our electricity-generation mix. It should be. But to use regulatory power to favor renewables at the expense natural gas, oil and coal is just something that’s not within the regulatory powers of this agency. And so we’re fixing that.”

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  1. Stephen Howe

    I love reading about plans to erect a huge solar farm in the desert SW. Why, we could end our dependence on fossil fuel forever! Or at least until some terrorists blow the entire centralized location to bits?

    1. olmstra7

      It would have to be the size Arizona to produce as much energy as a single natural gas well. The negative environmental impacts of solar cell manufacturing and disposal would offset any benefits.

  2. GymS

    Obama the commie had a war on coal because most miners are Conservative, hard working, White and Christian.

  3. Tom

    My family has been coal miners and then minowners for 5 generations coal like many other products has been vilified unjustly by the left,it’s cheap,plentiful and provides thousands of jobs and with new technology very safe! Not to mention that some of the largest coal reserves in the US are on land own by natives who need jobs,incomes and dignity through work,not government handouts while sitting on millions of dollars,ridiculous! No?