Hannity Warns Kimmel

After a long time feud, Sean Hannity recently agreed to make amends with ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel for his jokes about the first lady Melania Trump’s accent.

Hannity stated, “I read the apology carefully—a couple of things are clear to me. On the surface, I will be honest. It seems to be more like a forced Disney apology directed to the LGBT community rather than Kimmel’s comments about the First Lady. But honestly, that’s ultimately up to you to decide here. I believe everyone should accept apologies, that’s what my religion teaches me. I assume he is sincere.”

”You want to come on this show? I’ll promise no name calling, no anger, no rehashing of the Twitter fight. You want to have a serious discussion? We can talk about the president, policies, health care, comedy, political correctness, ending boycotts, how I supported Bill Maher, Howard Stern, Don Imus, Opie and Anthony, people that I disagree with vehemently. My bet is you will agree with me on a lot more issues than you think. But from my point of view, it’s over with Jimmy Kimmel. But  I meant what I said, unfair attacks—there needs to be an end to this. There is no shortage, by the way, of comedic material out there. Jimmy, if you do want to start up again, I promise I will punch back even harder. My producer spent all weekend compiling a lot of your highlights, or lowlights, in your career. They don’t make you look too good. Instead of airing them, we will put them in storage, and we have more important pressing issues.”

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  1. Sarge

    I just wonder what the media would do if a show host made fun of Michelle Obama. The conservatives win another one. Let’s just hope they do so in November.

  2. chucklc

    Sean set it aside, the “low life” Kimmel is not worth your time.Late night TV has become a disgrace to anyone with an IQ over 100,a sewer for Liberal nut cases.Carson is turning over in his grave.

    1. Arlene Peters

      No one except another low-life liberal could ever have less class than kimmel.. I still wonder “the name of the guy” he went to bed with to get his job.. He could never get anywhere on “what he has for talent” that’s for sure… He has none…

  3. WolfmanCaveManNews

    An apology should be accepted if it is earnest, however most of the times they are just deceiving responses for re-acceptance when pushed into a corner. Sean Hannity can make a amends and that is the righteous thing to do but Jimmy Kimmel can never be trusted.

  4. GymS

    Kimmel is blowing himself up every time he opens his mouth. Forget the ‘forget’. Time he had a little ‘kathy’ visit from the Secret Service. Sure shut her foul mouth up, didn’t it?

  5. William Brummett

    the only real low lifes are the ones that put trash like trump in office in the first place