School Walkouts Enforced By Adults

Tucker Carlson of Fox recently exposed the left for manipulating children to participate in walkouts for political gain. Carlson called it “moral blackmail.”

Transcript as follows:

If you’ve been watching TV today, you know that thousands of children walked out of school across America demanding the passage of new gun-control laws. This followed the mass shooting in Parkland, FL, of course. The walkout is being hailed as an act of moral bravery. But, of course, students do not act independently, brave as they may be. They can’t act independently. They’re under control of adults — in this case by definition, they’re in school. When he heard a 16-year-olds in school scream, “Hey NRA, how many people did you kill today?” you can guess about if they really know what they’re saying or if they really believe it. Some do. But you can be certain adults are behind it, and they are.

Today’s events were organized by the women’s march, supported by dozens of other groups, including Michael Bloomberg’s gun lobby, to Planned Parenthood. Celebrities, journalists, political elites cheered them on. A TV channel Nickelodeon went dark for 17 minutes to show support for “kids leading the way.”

In New York City, a student die-in was joined by the governor of the state, Andrew Cuomo. In Baltimore, that city spent more than $100,000 to transport students to anti-gun rallies. This in a city with one of the highest murder rates in the nation, a city that cannot afford trash cans or streetlights.

Meanwhile, in Alexandria, VA, 65 students walked out of an elementary school, as if kids under 10 can go anywhere by themselves. Now, whether you like the kids, like what they’re saying, and you may, but you should be opposed to this because kids should not be used to advance political agendas, anyone’s. Why? Because they’re children. They’re not old enough to have the perspective adults do. That’s why we don’t let them vote or a drink or, if the protesters have their way, buy guns.

That’s why it’s wrong to exploit them, which is exactly what is being done to them today, what the left is doing and has always done from Mao’s Red Guards to right now. The ANC in South Africa used kids as propaganda in the ’80s. Their cause was morally defensible. Causes usually are morally defensible. But in the process, an entire generation of kids grew up to learn that activism is more important than learning and a lot of them regret it now. They were exploited, and there being exploited here. No matter what they chant, remember the enemy of the adults behind this isn’t the NRA. It’s anyone who opposes their broader agenda.

That’s people who have no power at all. So, the message is simple, stand against us, and you’re against children, and therefore you’re a monster. And if you’re a monster, you deserve to be destroyed. It’s a kind of moral blackmail.

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  1. ARJAY

    This was NOT in honor of 17 minutes of silence and prayers staged by the students for the victims. It was an ANTI-2nd Amendment march/rally organized by the teachers and school administrators!!

    When our local schools stated in letters to parents that their children could be OPTED OUT of the demonstrations/protests, it confirmed to me that it wasn’t what the students were wanting to do originally.

    But, just like ALL anti-gunners, they want SOMETHING done (to make them ‘FEEL” GOOD THAT THEY did something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s ALL “FEEL GOOD” CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      You are correct and my only fear is they are able to sway enough stupid, short attention span, PC infested, low info voters to flip the House and Senate. If that happens, this nation is f***ed and we really will have a civil war.

  2. Ralph Richardson

    The attack on America intensified onder 0bamas rule. This was no walk out. It was a school sponsored event. Kids were steered to follow the lead of liberal adults. They were often lied to, and told is was to honor the fallen in FL. Every grown up knows it was about “gun control”. Anyone with a brain knows it has nothing to do with guns, and is all about control. American Patriots know our freedom is at steak. Few kids would understand. Had the school not been involved in the liberal display things would be different. If it were organized outside school few would show up. The majority were there to get out of class. Nothing more. Parents should be protesting in the streets, and at the schools because of the democrat party molesting the minds of their children.

    1. GomeznSA

      The ‘proof; of your comment is captured by the way that students who refused to participate in the ‘walk out’ were treated. Period.
      Oops, I forgot to add that in at least one instance the ‘students’ gleefully broke down a perimeter fence on a secured campus to ‘peacefully’ demonstrate.


    Stupid, brainwashed kids come from stupid, brainwashed parents! We are in a civil war that only lacks guns, and that’s because the Left knows full well they’ll lose that one big!

    1. GomeznSA

      But, but, but, all (well 98% or so) on the left truly ‘believe’ that almost every legal gun owner – at least the NRA ones, are killing people in the streets every single day, so obviously they have to stop it. Or something.
      I’ve said it before, on Feb. 14th, 100 MILLION (give or take) law abiding gun owning Citizens who own 350 MILLION (more or less) guns, did absolutely NOTHING wrong, but somehow WE are the problem?

  4. revanonymoose

    When I read stuff like this it really frightens me the way this nation has changed in the past eight or nine years. I grew up in the 1960’s and 70’s! I couldn’t imagine kids in our schools partaking in such stuff! Personally I wonder how many of the kids are really doing it for a wicked cause or if they are doing it for a break from classes?
    The 1960’s and 1970’s were wicked! This what we are seeing now is wicked beyond belief! Even so Lord Jesus come quickly!