Christie Criticizes Trump And Sessions

Former Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) discussed the relationship President Trump has with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Christie stated it would be in Trump’s best interest to act against Sessions rather than continue to criticize him.

“The president has a right to do what he wants to do,” Christie stated. “And if the president has absolutely no confidence in the attorney general, then the president has to act. Not just criticize, but act. And he has the right to do that.”

Christie also demanded Sessions do as he promised, which was to serve his current position as best as possible.

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  1. Carl Peal

    Christie should be the last person to criticize anyone. Have we all forgotten “Bridgegate”?

  2. doureallycare

    Oh and this guy is relevant? I can’t stand Sessions, but I dislike Christie even more!!!
    So glad he is out scrambling for a pay check now!

  3. rboldenjr

    Have a seat Christie. There are plenty of things wrong with Trump but you don’t get to call out anyone Mr. Bridgegate/private beach.

  4. ddufremle

    Please get rid of Sessions. Mr Magoo is not capable of doing his job. Just acting like an AG isn’t being an AG.

  5. ddufremle

    Christie couldn’t even take care of a bridge in New Jersey. He is no longer relevant as a political commentator.