CNN’s Acosta Attempts To Twist Narrative

CNN correspondent Jim Acosta at a White House press briefing raised the question of if Trump was “seemingly defending” Rob Porter “because he has faced his own allegations” to press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Partial transcript as follows:

ACOSTA: What about the president’s tweet over the weekended and people’s lives are being altered and destroyed by an allegation. It seems like the president was believing Mr. Porter, as opposed to his alleged victims. Why did the president tweet that over the weekend? Why is he seemingly defending Mr. Porter publicly? Is it because he has faced his own allegations? Is there some sensitivity there?

HUCKABEE SANDERS: As I just said, and I will repeat it agin, the president and the entire administration take domestic violence seriously and believe all allegations need to be investigated thoroughly. He certainly supports the victims of domestic violence above all else and believes everyone should be treated fairly and with due process. The president is simply saying there should be a due process that should be followed and look at.

ACOSTA: Is there a tone deafness there  — just a being on the wrong side of things?

HUCKABEE-SANDERS: I don’t think the presidency being — supporting due process for any allegation is not tone deaf. I think it is allowing things to be investigated. A mere allegation should not be the determining factor. He is not taking a side on any specific issue, he is saying mere allegations should be the determining factor for any individual. There should be due process, I think anybody here if they were accused of something — hold on I am not finished. What I am saying is anybody here, if they are accused of something, would want the opportunity to go through due process.

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  1. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    I am wondering about Strzok being reassigned to the HR department in the
    FBI. No one is watching what he might be up to. Mueller reassigned him to
    that dept. Does he have access to the files of people hired to work in the
    White House? I he able to hire and fire? Can he doctor documents of the
    people who surround our President? Just because he and Page were re-
    assigned doesn’t mean they still can’t create problems for our POTUS.
    Their underhandedness did not disappear because they were reassigned.
    Where is Lisa Page in all of this? Everyone has forgotten about the
    dangerous duo. Their hatred for President Trump has probably increased
    because they were removed from the “investigation”. Someone seriously
    needs to watch the lovebirds, and what they are doing now.

  2. bill sinni

    Gonna be pretty hard for Comrade Trump to keep saying meddling in the 2016 election was a hoax. Thirteen of his Russian pals were just indicted for 2016 election meddling. Tick Tock Tick Tock

    1. frankstclair

      And the press release stated flatly that no Americans were implicated. Reading comprehension, “comrade.”

    2. Gary

      It also says that all of this meddling started before trump even announced running for the presidential election, which leaves Hillary and bush the two front runners that could be responsible for the meddling. My guess it Hillary after all she is responsible for all the mess with the Russian in the first place selling US uranium so who was colluding with the Russians first? But I guess you only read what you want to and extract the parts that make your point seam the right truth instead of the whole truth comrade! So just stop and find out the hole truth. These statements just makes you look stupid and a typical winny, safe place, crying liberal tard, all because the rest of America is tired of liberals pushing their agendas and stealing money out of my pocket. All because some snowflake doesn’t want to work for what they want, they want it for free! Nothing is free! YOU need to work for it ass hats NOT ME or anyone else!

  3. bill sinni

    No Americans (The Comrade) have been indicted during this round. Do you really think Mueller is through with indictments and the case is closed. Wishful thinking. He is simply working his way up the chain.
    May i remind you that Mueller has been on the job only nine months. In football terms, we are still in the first quarter. Tick Tock Tick Tock. That sound must drive the Comrade nuttier than he already is.

  4. bj veteran

    Seems people MUST believe an accuser of another without proof. A lot of people believe that evidence is most important in any accusation. The picture of the woman with the black eye only proves that she has a black eye not who gave her the black eye. These accusations coming out all over the country are just that, accusations. If we believe everything a person says then what happens to the rule of law. ( innocent until proven guilty)? Furthermore, what happens when it escalates and every man is accused of whatever a woman feels he did to her? We must be careful on this slippery slope as this could get out of hand, (like now) and people start accusing each other of anything they want, without proof, because women say they must be believed when they accuse a man of some kind of abuse. Be careful that you aren’t in a situation where you are innocent, but, accused of something you did not do. TOO LATE AT THIS TIME. We must wait for proof.

  5. Marcy Gruber Johnston

    Amen. But not the press- they feel it is their job to condemn people just because someone said it or believes it to be true. There is no investigative reporting , just gossip reported as fact. How many times have they had their words shoved down their throats and even had to apologize , without learning 1 lesson. Write, speak Facts Jerks. I personally am aware of 1 person in college who made up an elaborate story about being raped. Oh my how awful ! Except that every word was a lie and was disproved upon investigation. Of course today, he would be quilty by press.

  6. bill sinni

    Russian meddling started well before the 2016 election. But no previous President or Presidential campaign has ever directly worked with Comrade Putin to affect U.S. elections
    The Russians started working on Comrade Trump in 2015. Comrade Trump and his associates are being investigated for collusion and other crimes against the United States of America and there will be more indictments. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK.
    No Russians need reply. LOL

  7. suerobb

    I once walked into a cupboard door and jokingly told people my husband hit me…. Should my lies have ruined his life?