Republican Admits GOP Working Hard Against Trump

Sen. Jeff Flake (R) from Arizona just openly admitted on Monday that the GOP has a very different plan for immigration than President Trump. He said that they are working hard against his pro-American agenda.

See what he said below:

Deals like this, where you need 60 votes necessarily involve compromise. No party, no individual is going to get everything that they want; the White House won’t get everything they want, the Democrats in Congress won’t, and neither will the Republicans. This will be a compromise. I’m simply suggesting tonight – let’s get real about the time involved between now and when we have to fix this, and not think that we can simply kick the can down the road and put in some temporary fix, some kind of bridge later that will protect these kids…Let’s all get serious, Republicans and Democrats – not coming forward to the table with unrealistic expectations about what can be part of this legislation. Let’s have something that we can put on the Senate floor by the end of the month to have sufficient time to get this fixed by March 5th. [Emphasis added]

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  1. Michael Santarsiero

    In other words it is only about how much money I get out of this deal and how it furthers my political career. Screw this county, screw the American people and screw our sovereignty.

  2. Frank W Brown

    Flake, who truly IS a flake, should shut his piehole cause he’s DONE as a congressman and WE don’t want to hear his CRAP!

  3. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Flake needs to be quiet and retire.
    How anyone could actually be pleased that nothing gets done
    is beyond stupid. I’d love to wipe that smirk of his face!

  4. DonRS

    Flake just won’t go away! The puke has been repudiated by his fellow Arizonians, but is riding his wave of unpopularity till the END!


    C’mon sheeple….pull your heads out of your auses and see reality. We heard this morning that Fact Check is run by the Left so that is not the way to the truth. Dig for truth with a hunger and thirst like you have never known. Clear the demonic narrative from your mind, clear everything…and seek truth…R & D!

  6. rayhause

    The unfortunate thing is that some of what he is saying is right, many Republicans are working against Trump. Every individual should be aware to his own representatives and search out if they have different agendas. We have one major one in Texas, Sen. John Cornyn and trust me he is on the hit list in this state. I strongly suggest that every one pay attention to their representation and if you have one, look for someone to primary his or hers sorry ass.

    1. sandraleesmith46

      In AZ, we don’t have to “search”; BOTH our idiots are pro-amnesty, pro-illegals, ANTI- Americans.

      1. rayhause

        Sandra, your fortunate that you have known that for a while, we are starting to realize that with Cornyn, one of the Bush’s Rinos.

        1. sandraleesmith46

          Kind of hard to NOT notice it here. You literally CANNOT call either of them to voice an opinion on any issue. E-mail gets a generic form response if any at all. Never directly a response to the issue at hand. And they vote in favor of the illegals against America routinely.

  7. randolph.poole

    Geez…talking about being duped. The state of Arizona has two of the biggest RINOs in the Senate, McCain and Flake! Sounds like Arizona needs to do some major housecleaning! Thankfully, Flake is leaving. Hopefully, he will be replaced by a real conservative.

  8. sandraleesmith46

    GOOD thing you’re NOT running again, Flake; YOU LIED to your constituents! WE don’t want DACA, or any other illegal invaders staying here. WE want the wall and illegals deported as the LAWS require! Neither you NOR the Dems understand the MEANING of “compromise”, which means BOTH sides GET some of what they want, if not all of it; WE didn’t get ANYTHING out of your “compromises” but SCREWED!

  9. RufusVonDufus

    Everything the axeholes in the Grand Old Party do is helping Trump shore up and gain support because the American people are still sick and tired of both parties and the Indy voters will again put Trump over any POS the Dem’s run including Oprah Winfrey whose only experience is in giving away “free” stuff just like O’vomit!

  10. MauriceShribman

    Mr. Flake has been referred to as the PEDIPHILE friend of Mr. Pence, who was in General Flynn’s sites for child trafficking which Pence opposed, investigation into Flake. This story may or may not be true, just another view.

  11. Bob Blackburn

    Flake, you are a ignorant “flake” that is a terrible embarrassment to your party, your state, your country, your family and yourself !!!!!!!! Between you and the other traitor from Arizona, John McCain the citizens of Arizona are a disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. dude

    i don’t care who it is trump should say no to daca get rid of it and deport the illegals if he want let america pay on their schooling in their own country and send all the rest of the illegals in this country with them …,you watch they will try o keep these kids then after that they will say wellwe kept daca we should give amnesty to the rest it’s only fair …so dem. et what they want …i say deport all and we’ll get our wall money somewhere else

  13. Quidam

    Flake is a flake that was actually born in, wait for it……..Snowflake, Arizona! Don’t believe me? Look it up….LOL!

  14. Shelba Herring

    flake is well named, instead of helping Trump he and the other traitors are doing every thing they can to keep American taxpayers nose to the grindstone in order to support these illegal invaders, so no amnesty for the illegals don’t care how long they have been here and if the DACA are so well educated who do you think paid the biggest part for their education the American taxpayers did and if they are so smart send them back to their own country and let them fix it instead of leeching on American people for the rest of their life, deport all illegals, then if they want to live here let them apply like legal immigrants did, wait for years for admission and bring a way to earn a living without the taxpayers again having to pay their expenses, giving them amnesty and citizenship will be a slap in the face to all legal immigrants it will make them feel like fools for doing things right when they could have sneaked in illegally and got all of the benefits for free