Trump Calls Democrat’s Budget Bluff

President Trump just called the Democrat’s bluff on the fact that they plan to block the 2018 budget if it didn’t include their own plans.

They are doing this in hopes that he will include the ‘Dreamer’ amnesty.

President Trump taunted “them to shut the government” down.

Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies, said:

The question is ‘Will the Republican leadership also call the Democrats’ bluff?’ I think they will – Ryan is no immigration skeptic, but he has said repeatedly that there won’t be any DACA measure in the [2018] spending bill.

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  1. Meathead

    The Dumbocraps are use to Republicans caving to them and now that we have a President with a backbone, they don’t know what to do.
    I’m with President Trump. Shut it down, see what services are not necessary and get rid of them permanently. Bloated, oppressive government and budget overspending both eliminated.

    1. Elizabeth Propst

      So true, Meathead! In past years when they’ve threatened “government shutdown”, the RINOs so-called Republicans wouldn’t allow it to happen because they knew that not only would Americans get along fine without it, they would start prospering again without the biggest enemy on their back…tyrannical government (themselves).
      Furthermore, we could save a ton of money and begin for once paying down our debt, and then address the illegal Federal Reserve’s existence and practices.

      Thank you President Trump!!!

    2. Shane

      President Trump will make sure that the liberal MSM does not put all the blame on Republicans for a government shutdown. The Demoncrats are trying to blackmail the GOP, but Trump will not let them get away with it this time. MAGA!

  2. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    Yes shut our Government down and show these a. holes that they don’t run our country any more. We the people run our country not them.

    1. smeltriver09

      Amen, sister!!! Just call their bluff! Let the stupid Dems shut down the government, over trying to keep the DACA leeches in this country. It makes NO darned freaking sense! So the Democrat party is willing to march into the inferno, to support border jumpers, but won’t defend the security of American citizens? Is this really where their political priorities are?!

      If I were Trump, I’d call their bluff. Have a strong backbone in this negotiation, Mr. President! The “Dreamers” are NOT our responsibility! Do NOT give them amnesty! If, and only if, the Democrats agree to each & every part of the closed-border/strict internal enforcement mantra for bolstering existing immigration law,——–do we dare make an agreement.

      This, along with an understanding that a major Border Wall gets fully built, prior to any permanent stay permits being given,——–hence we only grant current DACA recipients a time extension on their permission to remain provisionally, for a term extending just a few years, and we make that extension a strict parole on their behavior & activity while here in this country, and this time extension would be renewable only if they stayed in a law-abiding path. The DACA people will NOT be allowed any chain migration privileges for a period of twelve years, and will NOT be eligible to gain green cards until that extra-decade span of time is up, by which time the grand Border Wall will have been fully built.

      Mandatory E-verify nationwide will be preventing illegal aliens from working. Laws/regulations for stopping identity theft & false use of social security numbers will be enforced. State welfare benefits will NO longer be handed out to those in the country illegally. Hence, only after a twelve-year, strictly law-abiding wait, would the renewed DACA recipients finally be eligible for green card status. This would be my proposal, if the President just can’t bring himself to say a complete NO to this demented amnesty scam. There must be NO immediate NOR unconditional amnesty deal made with the Democrats!