Disaster Leads U.S. Military to Prohibit Alcohol Consumption for Troops

Following a fatal accident in Japan, the US military has officially banned alcohol from troops. 

A US marine, suspected of being intoxicated, caused an accident that killed a local man. The marine, 21-year-old James McLean, was arrested and given a breath test which revealed that he was higher than 3 times the legal limit.

To prevent further accidents, troops have been restricted from alcohol on AND off the base.  After a Japanese woman was murdered by a military official last year, the US military is doing everything they can to keep a good relationship with the country of Japan.


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  1. Jerry

    Like that’s going to work. Prohibition doesn’t work all it does is amplify the desire to drink. The entire US Army soldiers will be prohibited from drinking because of one. This is
    a little like take away guns from all Americans because one use a gun in a robbery, or cancel all driver licenses because someone got into an accident.
    What if a soldier urinated on the sidewalk in Japan would the Army prohibit all soldiers from urinating on or off base.
    Who comes up with these stupid rules?

    1. Col C

      It sounded like it was just for those in Japan, but in my opinion no one in the military should be drinking when they are on active duty, unless they are on leave, because alcohol, even consumed during off hours, can affect alertness, and I believe those on active duty should be highly alert.

      1. Jerry

        In a combat zone alcohol should not be available, but not prohibited. Yes a soldier in a combat zone must be alert, but when possible he should be able to relieve stress.
        I wish I had all the answers, but I don’t.

  2. Bob USAF(ret)

    Whoever made this dumb ass decision is not a leader, bet a liberal punk, who never served, quite a few generals who e made it during Obama era, when it was considered leadership to be “PC” and a liberal punk.