‘Stranger Things’ Star Speaks Up Against Hollywood

Famous for his role on one of the most popular series on Netflix, Stranger Things and the movie Lord of the Rings, actor Sean Astin has taken a stand against the evil that lurks in all corners of Hollywood by standing up for his long-time friend.

Astin has spoken out in defense of friend Corey Feldman, who recently released the names of two of his abusers. After witnessing the apparent change in Feldman as their careers went on, Astin had this to say about his friend:

While were filming Goonies it was obvious that he was having a rough time. We were friends and I tried to be as supportive as possible. Beyond, emotional affinity, it was impossible to figure out some other way of helping. He was a strong, confident, cocky kid, who was wise beyond his years. I lived with a sense of dread for him.

In the years of our adolescence, it was obvious that he was going down, what lazy and insufficiently compassionate people call, “the wrong path.” When that lead to drug busts and all the rest, I felt deep sadness for my friend. When we would see each other in social settings, it was like two pilots in a canteen waiting for our next mission. He looked more ding’d up than me. But, he’s a warrior, so hugs and separate ways we would go.

He Added:

“I deeply regret not knowing more,” wrote Astin. “I’m disappointed in myself that I didn’t know enough or do enough to help Corey or any kid who was in my orbit that was abused in anyway. I wish I could have helped whoever that person might be. But, and I want to be absolutely clear about this, I AM NOT ASHAMED. I will not be hard on myself.”

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  1. scorpian

    Hollywood is cesspool into the abyss! Until you’ve lived it, you’ll never imagine how twisted it is. People will sell their souls to make it big! Stardom big money recognition a platform to feel important! If they keep their politics to themselves and practice their craft we could possibly tolerate them. Now they’ve become the elite who cares nothing for the common American only to use us to serve them. Piss on Hollywood the Di Nero’s, Streeps, Madona, Judds, Spacey, now Johnny Depp talking killing the President he’s very disappointing. Time to be rid of this scum.

  2. Michael Oliverio

    Hey scorpian i share your madness hollywood has because or Has Been so the fruit of the sexual xxx the raping of kids to women to boys to girls ect it is madness nevertheless the Seeds that Hollywood sowed it over ripe for the picking time is at Hand, anyways be well 🙂

  3. Col C

    I hope Corey Feldman gets justice for what happened to him and so many children in the industry, let alone those of age, it is mostly an evil business, and this stuff has been going on since Judy Garland times. You go Corey! “Sometimes it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with one another”

  4. Shane

    The Pedophiles in Hollywood and elsewhere in the West are being protected by powerful people, perhaps because they people are blackmailing the Hollywood pedophiles. I hope that more child actors come forward and name their abusers. God help Corey Feldman.