Trump Humiliates Rep. Frederica Wilson

On Sunday morning, Democrat Rep. Frederica Wilson (FL) went on MNSBC’s AM Joy to enjoy a little bit more of the spotlight from the Gold Star widow controversy she helped stir up and once again accuse retired General John Kelly of lying and making racially charged statements about her. In response, President Trump did what he does best: picked up his cell phone and took out “wacky” Wilson in 140 characters or less.

In her interview on Sunday morning, Wilson described Gen. Kelly as a “puppet of the president” and accused him of having “basically just lied on me.”

“I have been in politics a long time, and most things don’t bother me, you know, it just rolls off my back,” said the Democrat, wearing yet another one of her bizarre hats. “I have been lied on before, but the character assassination that he went through to call me out of my name — an ’empty barrel’ — and all the work that I’ve done in this community … Not only does he owe me an apology, but he owes an apology to the American people, because when he lied on me, he lied to them.”

Trump responded to Wilson’s statements by issuing one of his trademark tweets, complete with a newly minted nickname for the Democrat.

“Wacky Congresswoman Wilson is the gift that keeps on giving for the Republican Party, a disaster for Dems,” he wrote. “You watch her in action & vote R!”

Wilson’s two major accusations against Kelly are largely baseless. Her claim that the phrase he used to describe her — an “empty barrel” — is “racist” is unfounded. The term, which Kelly has used in the past, simply means a person who clamors loudly but is empty of substance. The phrase has no racial connotations:

Whoever came up with the “empty barrel” terminology, it is meant to be an insult, meaning the person is loud without much content. However, there were no readily findable definitions that deemed “empty barrel” as a racist term. Wilson denied being in Congress when funding for the building at the center of the “empty barrel” comment was appropriated. It wasn’t the first time that Kelly had used the “empty barrel” term, according to Fox News. Kelly got the “empty barrels” term from his mother.

The supposed “lie” Kelly leveled against her comes from his comment that she used the construction of a building named in the honor of two fallen FBI agents to glorify herself, saying, she “stood up there in all of that and talked about how she was instrumental in getting the funding for that building.”

Wilson is declaring Kelly a “liar” over a technicality; she did not help obtain funding for the building, but she did overtly use her role in getting the project completed for self-aggrandizement, as you can read here.


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  1. Kstar

    All she knows how to do is scream “Racism” if you’re not in agreement with this wacko.
    Thank You President Trump for calling out what it is.

  2. grinnie

    She is extremely ignorant, illiterate, and was told HATS NOT ALLOWED ON THE CONGRESSIONAL FLOOR’, but being ignorant, illiterate AND ‘privileged’, she wears those extremely over-priced (they saw her coming), really UGLY hats anyway. She is an embarrassment to the human race, whether she is black, white or green.

  3. got my licence

    I don’t think the barrel is completely empty. It seems there is a fare amount of crap in it.

  4. suerobb

    Dems do nothing but try to degrade, insult and humiliate Trump. If he strikes back, they whine about it. Even Carter thinks the media is going too far

    1. sobelle

      Their platform at this point in time is: We hate Trump; We will never give up our right to kill our unborn children; Let’s riot in the streets and show everyone who’s boss.

    1. Lawrence Leon

      Yeah, nothing but air between them ears and she puts it on display for the whole world to see! What an embarrassment, to herself and her district!

  5. Kent Powers

    Ever hear a positive thought or a good idea come out of the mouth of a democrat, a lifelong leech like this worm is a great example of why we need qualifications [ like an
    I.Q. over 50] & term limits, someone please name us one positive thing this parasite has accomplished other than drain our pocketbooks.

  6. Free greene

    These two congresswoman are both ugly and brainless even they try to look
    fancy put the hat on. just listen to their talk so dump !! How could they get voted.
    sad for our nation !!

  7. sobelle

    He was a lot nicer to her than I would have been These women are hateful, race baiting morons who use their color to get away with things that other politicians would be axed over. Time for their constituents to be as embarrassed as the rest of us are for them.

    1. Frederick Smith

      ya but we had eight years of a POTUS that was the biggest racist of them all and not one swamp member would call him what he was!

      1. Brenda Harrell

        Don’t forget the whole Obama bin Lyin administration are also traitors to this country and sold us out for money.

  8. randolph.poole

    If stupid had a monetary value Wilson would surely be one of the richest people in the world, along with her side kick and fellow asylum inmate, Crazy Maxine. Both of these idiots are mayors of their respective village of idiots, or in this case, districts!

  9. Shelba Herring

    As I have said often use your head for something besides a hatrack apparently Wilson doesn’t use hers for anything else considering how many wacky hats she has sported and the drivel that comes out of her mouth

  10. Brenda Harrell

    The woman can’t even speak right. She is an embarrassment to this country, and especially to Florida. Who votes these nuts in Congress? She is the racist, and is not only an empty barrel, but is deranged.

  11. ReaperHD

    She had a new PIMP HO HAT on, that’s about the only piece of news worth wasting electric on. I’ve seen a lot of cowgirls here in TEXAS and she is a disgrace to all of them.