Actor Cory Feldman To Expose Hollywood Pedophiles

Actor Corey Feldman has hinted that he could be about to name the names of top Hollywood pedophiles in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sex abuse fall out.
Feldman, who in a 2011 interview revealed that Hollywood had a hidden pedophilia scandal, has been responding to tweets after I asked people to retweet if they thought Feldman should appear on the Alex Jones Show to reveal more of what he knows.

The tweet has received almost 11,000 retweets since being posted on Tuesday night.

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  1. revanonymoose

    Get them(the pedophiles of Hellywood) about in the open! I think we need to return to preaching against both TV and movies now!

    1. C. LeSaint

      America needs a Holy Ghost & fire revival!! Jesus Christ is the ONLY way, the truth and the light in a world of darkness. Go to channel 344 on Directv to hear the Holy Word of God and annointed music.

    2. C. LeSaint

      Actually, preaching to those who are lost will make the biggest difference. They need to know that Jesus Christ died on the cross for their sins and on HE can make a change in their life.

  2. Mark

    maybe this is retribution for their ungodliness and their anti-God stances where anything goes. Funny, now it is all coming out…..This whole country needs to boycott Hollywood and the NFL,NBA. This all going to hit the fan……….

  3. Mark

    Talk about a bunch of rats leaving the ship, most all know about it Harvey, forced homosexual acts, if truth be told I would say many of our most famous actors and actresses sold their souls for fame and fortune, and now they come out after they made their fortunes, like it okay now…….

    1. Debra Cashman

      Yes I agree, but Corey was a child then-a scar that will last forever. I can’t fault him, but now he has the power to name names. He must strike while the iron is hot!

  4. Debra Cashman

    PLease Corey TELL!! The time is NOW! The “academy” thinks the problem has/is solved with the stripping Swinestein of his membership/accolades. Prove them wrong! I hope the whole rotten to the core Hollywood collapses on itself! Be a hero & put an end to more children going thru what you, Corey H & countless other children have gone through!