Jane Fonda Knew Harvey Weinstein Was Awful

Actress and model feminist Jane Fonda says she’s know for more than a year that Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed and assaulted young women in Hollywood, but chose not to say anything.

Speaking to Christian Amanpour, Fonda said that her friend, and fellow outspoken liberal activist, Rosanna Arquette, told her about her experiences with Weinstein. Arquette was one of several women who also spoke to Ronan Farrow, telling the New Yorker author that after she resisted Weinstein’s advances in a New York City hotel room, he cut her out of the business for years.

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source: http://www.dailywire.com/news/22221/jane-fonda-i-knew-harvey-weinstein-was-awful-and-emily-zanotti

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  1. drdavis

    Hanoi Jane oh yes a true traitor who committed Treason and who should of been shot or hung for what she did. I hate to hear her name or see her face right along with her buddy John Kerry (x secretary of state) who ran the country together putting down our service men and women.
    This women shouldn’t be allowed to walk the streets of our USA. She is pathetic
    Harvey is a bad bad dude alright but Fonda (Hanoi Jane) is no better depending on how you look at her could be worse. She should keep her mouth shut to me should should be put out of the USA.

  2. 5live5

    Hanoi Jane commited treason on our troops in RVN and now is doing the same thing to Weinstick’s victims!! She has no conscience!! Henry should have had a vasectomy before she was conceived!!!

  3. Don Baker

    The whole country knows Fonda is a liar and a traitor. One egregious example of her treason was when visiting a POW camp in North Vietnam, POWs surreptitiously gave her their social security numbers so America could know where they were. She promptly gave those to North Vietnamese guards, who promptly beat the crap out of the POWs. This piece of garbage should have been tried for treason and received life in prison.

  4. sfcpete

    Why would Fonda be concerned about Weinstein’s actions – she’s been a whore her whole life.

  5. R M

    Jane Fonda is a lying traitor and deserves what ever she got. She should have been jailed a long time ago.

    1. Traveller62

      Jail is too good for her. She should be lined up in front of a firing squad, and let them do their thing. That’s what you do to traitors.

  6. Vincent Marcantelli

    Again…..all of these {so called female Activist} big fakes, loud mouths, ALL knew about Weinstein and his actions!. But, just like all of the other dishonest actions that the Liberal Left, aka, the Democrats do, have done and will continue to do, always shifting the blame from themselves to someone or someplace as long as it makes them look PURE and clean and above all makes them look HONEST. As one poster called this woman – Hanoi Jane, and even has identified her for what she (was) no what she is, a true traitor, see, back in the day, she did too much, in this incident, she did too little, typical. Notice…..it looks like just about EVERY woman in this country, has been molested , either by Weinstein, or the woman’s father, old boy friend, or some school teacher. Ladies, so far, the only one who has not been charged with this crime is a person who has not been born as of this date!
    I’m not concerned if these people are telling the truth…..what I’m concerned about is why did this [crime] take so long to surface?. It, does seem that the element of truth is getting further from the point of truth, based on, the stories of these {female Activists}. But, watch out, as we are spending vital time, on Weinstein, and all of his actions, as we are doing this, the country is going to Hell in that Handbasket, yea, if the Democrats can’t get you one way they will try to get you in the other way, “Over here is the REAL CRIME, but over There is the Side Show, and that’s what they want you to be concerned about”. There is other MORE important issues for this country then Weinstein, and all of that “he said, she said”.

  7. Shelba Herring

    Hanoi jane has no room to talk about anyone being bad, even if its true, if I had had a say in her life she would be living in North Vietnam now instead of the US when she sided with North Vietnam against our military boys I would have consigned her to live in N V for the rest of her life, never to let her set foot in America again

    1. Traveller62

      We vets are patiently waiting for her to “keel over”, so we can properly “baptize” her headstone and grave. Patiently waiting………………..

  8. Traveller62

    She knew Weinstein was awful, and we vets know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is a TRAITOR, and will always be a TRAITOR to this country. Everyone knows what we do to TRAITORS. Perhaps a tar and feather would be too good for her. An idea…..smear her up with honey, and tie her down over a fire ant bed. We have many fire ants here in Texas.

  9. SandraM

    IT is selfish not to report rapists and pedophiles because you are CONDONING the perpetrators to go after more victims! Blood in your hands when you say NOTHING!