An image posted on Facebook by a man who claims he served Stephen Paddock room service shows that the gunman was with a guest during his time at the Mandalay Bay hotel four days before the massacre took place.

The receipt shows an employee named Antonio served two guests an “IRD_MB,” which means “In Room Dining, Mandalay Bay.”

The table number is “32135” – which equates to Paddock’s room number (135) on the 32nd floor.

Paddock ordered a burger, a bagel with cream cheese, a potato soup, one bottle of water and two Pepsis, suggesting that there was another person eating with him in the room. The receipt shows the number “2” next to the word “Guests”.

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  1. kassa1

    Get anyone out there who are reading this blog hear anything about the FBI going to the hotel and pulling the videotapes of people coming in with baggage and going on elevators as I have not heard one peep about this and this should reflect on where the disc I had help or not which I believe he did, or else he was the Manchurian candidate which always winds up with the candidate shooting himself in the end.

  2. Jerry

    No evidence was provided to show Paddock shot himself. No evidence of gun powder residue on Paddock. No stacks of magazines (clips). No evidence of how many guns used.
    I do not think Paddock did it. It was a set up to cover the real killers. Everything we heard so far is all BS. It was a staged event by a terrorist group, and anti gun group, globalist, open border, false flag, or extreme left group. Who knows…just not a lone wolf.
    Does not make sense to me.