NFL Teams See Drop in Facebook Followings

Of the NFL’s 32 teams, 28 saw a marked drop in Facebook followings after this weekend’s protests where many players refused to stand for the national anthem.

The Advocate reports that of the NFL’s 32 teams, 28 teams have noticed a visible drop in their Facebook followings shortly after the recent protests emulating former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. According to data recorded by Crowdtangle, a digital tool that tracks social media trends and analytics, the NFL teams saw a combined drop in Facebook likes of 88,610.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks, and Tennessee Titans — the three teams that refused to even take the field during the anthem — saw some of the biggest drops in Facebook followings. Just two days after the protests, the Steelers lost a total of 17,400 followers, while the Seahawks lost 10,200. The Titans lost approximately 4,100 followers.

In comparison, four teams in the NFL — none of which had a single player kneel during the national anthem — actually saw an increase in their follower count. The Dallas Cowboys, who kneeled together before the game but not during the anthem, saw their total climb by 6,200.

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  1. Jackson Brannon

    Why would anyone want to follow anti American POS who support criminals and pretend to urinate in the end zones!!!!???

  2. Billie Erin Walsh

    Facebook following is one thing but hit them where it hurts most, at the boxoffice. Stop buying tickets. Empty stadiums don’t pay the bills.

  3. gingergirl

    And, this linking arms BS (notice how many of them have their fists clenched!), is just a more polite way of saying “FU, America!” Boycott ALL things NFL, and ask sponsors to pull their advertisements – especially Anhauser Busch – don’t know if I spelled that correctly, but the beer company. They are trying to make a decision, and want to hear from people.

  4. AZcowboy

    When you mix what you do for a living with something else that is irrelevant, naturally people start to wonder what you’re up to, or “are they for real?”. So no wonder negative effects follow. You either choose to be a professional, or a moron.