Catholic bishops: We’ll fight for ‘Dreamers’

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) on Tuesday pledged support to people enrolled in Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), an immigration program that President Trump is rescinding.

The USCCB’s president, vice president and chairmen released a statement Tuesday denouncing the Trump administration’s decision to end the Obama-era program, which protects people who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children from being deported. These children are commonly referred to as “Dreamers.”

The bishops called the cancellation of the program “reprehensible.”

“It causes unnecessary fear for DACA youth and their families,” the USCCB said.

DACA recipients came into the U.S. as minors, and many know America as their only home, the statement said.

“The Catholic Church has long watched with pride and admiration as DACA youth live out their daily lives with hope and a determination to flourish and contribute to society: continuing to work and provide for their families, continuing to serve in the military, and continuing to receive an education,” it said.


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  1. Mister Vice

    These are the same Catholic bishops that hide pedophilic Catholic priests from discovery and criminal arrest by frequently moving them from parish to parish. Nice work!

    What do they think of the US Constitution? Apparently nothing admirable. The notion of abolishment of an unconstitutional program is righteous in this country unless you care little for righteousness. What did Christ says about Caesar and his government. “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, but give your heart to the Lord.” He was talking specifically about Caesar’s gold but the godly notion applies across the board. Christ left governmental issues alone as it stands as the rights God gives to self rule and self-determination. But then the Catholic church has plenty of Caesar’s gold in their coffers taken from the millions of Catholic followers in the world. Well, it makes sense that the church would support DACA in order to see more a more wealthy church when 99 percent of Latinos are Catholic. It’s good to be a believer, I believe there’s a hidden agenda at work here.

    1. Traveller62

      Always has been a hidden agenda. It’s control of the people that the cc has. That’s what they have practiced for ages. Think about what’s going to happen to said catholics when the antichrist signs the covenant and then breaks it midway through the 7 years. The Mark will be instituted, and catholics will be lock-step in line to get it.

    2. Sally Davis

      If you read the history of the Catholic Church, it’s not at all Christ like. It was born out of pagan worship in the city of Babylon.

      1. Traveller62

        Yep. You got that right. They even created Christmas to drag in the pagans to the “church”. No one knows when Christ was born. So they created a day to indicate His birth. Christmas is extremely pagan, and if people would open their eyes to that, things would be different. Where do you think the word “Christ’s Mass” comes from?

        1. Mister Vice

          It’s funny that when Christians protest abortion and state the tenets in our faith, the left cries “separation of church and state” lies. But when the Catholic church seems to side with them and mention Christ, the left is oddly silent about their misconceived notion the government should be divorced from religious faiths and beliefs???

        2. Phillip Lake

          Christmas IS supposed to be the honoring of Jesus but so many people lose sight of the true reason for Christmas. If you truly keep Christ in Christmas it is a true celebration of God giving His son for us. The other side of Christmas is totally the opposite side of that coin. I do not believe it is a pagan celebration; the commercial pukes are the ones that celebrate only their pocket books and not Him.

          1. Traveller62

            Where did Christmas come from? Go back to the beginning of the history of the “church”, and look up the beginnings of “Christs Mass”. It is very interesting.

      2. Mister Vice

        Thanks for the reference Sally but I wasn’t trying to fully debate the controversies surrounding the church. I am a Christian but ONLY to the point of emulating His example as best I can. I don’t give a hoot about false prophets and evangelists from the TV. As in the Catholic Church they are only money changers, skimming from the top of people’s tithes and offerings to help the church. I like Christmas, maybe for the fond memories that seem to be the only happy times from my childhood, but I see the over-commercialism for the sake of profiteering and selfishness. I hate getting gifts when so many are suffering in this world but it happens anyway. I give away as much as I can…maybe I am feeling guilty for being so blessed amidst hunger and need…? I think we are all a far cry from what Christ was showing us how to live…but I can really just control one sinner and that is a big enough job for me.

    1. Mister Vice

      Free? Where did you get that idea? Nothing is free especially public education that is poorly administered by wasteful bureaucrats. I pay dearly every day for public education and my children are long time gone from the nest. Even my grandchildren are home-schooled, for the most part.

  2. kenbarber

    if they want to fight for it, they should be pressing the senate to allow it to be law in some form. and quit giving them more rights than citizens.

  3. Dave Harmon

    Then you morons take them into the Vatican, let them Bang and Hang there. You pay for their food, cars, housing, education, medical and see how fast you idiots all of a sudden state GOD has now said “THOU SHALL MAKEITH THEY OWN WAY”….I am sick of these religious morons telling others what we need to do. I believe in the almighty, but I cannot find anything stating HE SAID about supporting individuals over yourself and to allow yourself to be raped, robbed and murdered.

    1. Traveller62

      Speaking of “bangin'”, the so-called “church” doesn’t allow birth control–same with the Mormons, but the Mormons take responsibility for themselves, where the catholics don’t. They just “bang”, because that means more money for the church. If catholics would look at their past, going back to the origination OF their church, and that doesn’t mean the conversation Peter and Jesus had either. I’m talkin’ when the “church” started functioning as a “church”, way back…….way, way back, when they started controlling what people did, said, and whatever they did back then. It’s the “control factor”, and if catholics would just open their eyes to that, things would be drastically different. The “church” is getting ready to explode anyway, as a religious entity, because according to prophecy (Revelations), Francis is THE very last pope. I am not politically correct. I sez it like I sees it, and whoever takes offense, well that’s just too bad. Go sit on it!

  4. Richard Hennessy

    Does the USCCB support lawlessness and ignoring the requirements of the Constitution? It certainly appears that it does. I, like many Catholics, believe that the Church should stick to religious matters and stay out of politics. I could support a position by the USCCB in favor of the CONGRESS passing a bill to allow these “dreamers” to stay, but I don’t support their criticism of an action to set aside an unlawful and unconstitutional action by Obama, who had no legal authority to do what he did. I would like to see the USCCB and individual Catholic priests speak out more often and more forcefully to condemn immoral actions like official government support for gay sex and gay marriage, but it seems to spend its time meddling in political matters instead.

    1. Traveller62

      Then get ready to lose your tax-free status, cause that’s where the cc is headed. Francis is the last pope, according to prophecy. It won’t last much longer, as we are in the last days. Better get cozy with Jesus, instead of His so-called “representative” on earth, cause all hell is getting ready to break loose for those who do not have Jesus in their heart. In other words, “Are you saved? Or do you follow the tenents of men?” Think about it.

        1. Traveller62

          Read your Bible. Following the tenents of men will get you nowhere, aka: He who adds to or takes away from MY word shall be damned. Go ahead. But be ready to take the Mark, like a good little catholic will do to keep his own life. I hope you don’t.

  5. Pcherepes

    All President Trump is doing is trying to get Congree to do their job . You know
    Sh.. or get off the pot!

    1. bob

      Your correct.
      It’s the LEGISLATIVE branch ( Congress ) that make & write immigration laws.
      What the hell are we paying these high paid politicians for, to sit on their as*es
      & delegate THEIR responsibility to others?
      To Congress ( both Republicans & Democrats ) DO YOUR FU*KING JOB.

      1. Pcherepes

        I’ve wondered that for years. Why so many days gone? I understood that if you didn’t show up for work you didn’t get paid ( by us)
        So shouldn’t we have the right to withhold their check like they do us when we don’t do their song and dance?
        Look I’m not saying we give them a hard time I’m saying ” do your job!”

  6. Traveller62

    Okay, you want it both ways, huh Catholics? You play politics, then get ready to risk your tax-free status in the religious world.

  7. Mister Vice

    I wonder why these sites don’t provide auto spell check? Or did I miss something? Even my cell tries to keep the spelling straight when I fat-finger the tiny QWERTY thingy on that screen.

  8. bob

    Sure they will, but what about their fighting for all the innocent boys that were molested by priests? In most cases the church just RE-ASSIGNED them to other parishes or locations.
    I agree with Dave Harmon, take them in & support them. The church has enough assets to sell off billions of dollars worth of artifacts ( paintings etc. ) & land holdings to support whatever cause they see as an injustice to the dreamers.
    Like someone said below ” separation of church & state ” until the parties involved use it to their benefit when they need too.
    Two questions I have asked of any bleeding heart liberal on this dreamer subject:
    1. Was this Executive Order by Obama CONSTITUTIONAL? Even Obama, when he signed it, said he thought if challenged, it wouldn’t stand the Constitutional test.
    2. HOW MANY of these dreamers who were brought here as infants, & are now grown adults, have APPLIED or made any attempt to become LEGAL CITIZENS?
    Maybe they didn’t know U.S. law when they were infants, but they went to school & learned
    what they had or should have done to become legal. Why didn’t they?

  9. scorpian

    Call the Vatican tell that F—— Pope he should take them store them behind his wall the protects his dynasty, and relieve the American tax payer then remove their tax exempt tax status and make those bastards pay taxes. Secondly prosecute all those sick perverted Bishops and priests for violating our children. The Catholic Church is an evil cult of perverts, money laundering to name few. Some time ago the Governor Keating of Oklahoma said the Catholic Church is nothing more than a common Mafia empire. I agree!

    1. Traveller62

      The cc had a contract with Hitler in WWII, that they would not let in Jews trying to escape from the death camps, in exchange for not bombing the Vatican. Now that is REAL folks. Actually happened. Another tidbit of catholic history that they do not like to have mentioned.


    Which is why I…and virtually no other sane person…..are catholic anymore!
    And I went to St Johns Villa Academy?
    The pope is a Dope.


    The Catholic church will be extinct in 10years. They have 80 foot walls around the Vatican,
    they wont except Muslim refugees into their “country”, the Swiss guard has GUNS (oh my),
    and their priests are molesting every child in sight.
    THEY ARE F*****ng hypocrites, worse than Hitler

  12. Richard Gauthier


  13. Phillip Lake

    This is just further proof that the Catholic RELIGION is going to hell itself; they keep putting their stamp of approval (NOT God’s approval) on every thing that is sin, filthy, illegal and AGAINST the Bible. Catholicism is the devil’s right hand.

  14. Austin L. John

    I, not being a Catholic, have long supported 2 Catholic Indian schools–St. Labre in Mont. and St Joseph in S.D.; but if they, the Bishops, are going to expend funds on DACA we will be parting ways !!!

  15. Kevin Leclerc

    To Every True Catholic Bishop !!!!! Reverse Vatican II’s Anti- Catholic Modernist, Liberal Views !!! They Are NOT GOD Centered !!! This Was The True Third Message of ‘ FATIMA ‘ And ‘ La Sallett ‘ !!!!! You Reject God’s Direct Orders, Heaven’s Mandates !!! You have Done NOTHING in GOD’S Mandates !!! Bergoglio is of Satan….. The Truly Faithful Of Our Lord GOD and King, Jesus The Christ, Are Well Aware of Satan’s False Prophet and The Coming of The Antichrist – Who Will claim to be The Real Jesus !!!!!!!!!!! BUT IS NOT !!! Schism is A MUST NOW As You Are No Longer The TRUE, ONE HOLY CATHOLIC CHURCH ( BRIDE ) Of OUR LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST !!!!! KING of kings and LORD of lords !!!!! <3 <3 Amen <3 <3 !!! !

    1. Traveller62

      Something about the “city that sits on seven hills” will fall. Francis is the very last pope. He is also talking about the new world’s “religion” and bringing it into light. Christlam.

  16. rick meek

    LMFAO —– Yeah – anything for those countless taxpayer millions you receive to assist illegals and refugees…..

  17. doctorbob

    Translation: our pews are nearly empty and we need more Catholics. Go out and round up all the Hispanics you can because they attend the Catholic Church. Check with the Narcotraficantes, the prisons, and the Parole Offices. Get those Catholics in here now!