Dems: We won’t yield on wall funding

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) warned Democrats would hold fast to their pledge to oppose border wall funding after President Trump threatened a government shutdown over the issue.

“President Trump’s multi-billion dollar border wall boondoggle is strongly opposed by Democrats and many Republicans,” she said. “Democrats will stand fast against the immoral, ineffective border wall and the rest of Republicans’ unacceptable poison pill riders.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) in a separate statement said Trump’s demands for wall funding in a government-funding bill would lead to a shutdown.

“If the President pursues this path, against the wishes of both Republicans and Democrats, as well as the majority of the American people, he will be heading towards a government shutdown which nobody will like and which won’t accomplish anything,” Schumer said.

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  1. rick meek

    Didn’t Pelosi just make another one of her wild stupidity shows —- something about yelling wolf in a crowded theater…. WHY is it — the morons from the west coast and upper east coast are trying to set the standards for America ?

  2. MKFlyboy

    So, the plan is to keep the border wide open, let the illegals pour in, give them benefits, driver’s licenses, voting rights….you name it. Oh…and don’t you dare check voter IDs…that would be racist, right??? Meanwhile, let Islamic terrorist group members waltz across the border, not to mention MS13 monsters! Today’s democrats are the slimiest, lowest slithering creatures that have ever crawled on this planet.

  3. monongahela

    Dens just showing how un American the dems are! It also shows they don`t care if Americans get jobs and their uncaring about the safety of the American citizens but they will protect you from statues.

  4. VirgoVince

    Like Trump said, ‘you’ll pay, one way or another’!!
    WE’LL be reimbursed when mexico gets the bill!!

    1. ARJAY

      In the mean time, we save BILLIONS by not GIVING away all the freebies to the ILLEGALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. grmetalman

    If they wont do their job then shut the govt down with no pay for any dems till they do their job and quit obstructing what the people want

  6. TEA

    I have evolved on this matter I’m no longer satistfied with the idea of this wall? maybe a “see through” “metal barrier” as it is in some places, but I’m talking a military reinforcement postured presence. Thank you to the dedicated people at Border patrol
    but I’m talking next level National Guard, Marines and Army a more serious defensive posture. # MAGA!

    1. Johnnyboy

      you’re only half right, a more serious defensive posture will happen anyway, that’s needed to keep the more serious illegals, muslims, anarchists,and communists the hell out of the U.S. The border wall will keep out the rest. No more funding for the government unless the border wall funding is part of it. Shut the government down if needed. Go Trump !

    2. Steven Cinqmars

      I say landmine the border, post the military and militia on the border, and let them use the foreign invaders as pop up targets.

  7. Gene A Daniel

    hey taxpayers build the fricken wall and save 335 billion dollars in funding of illegals. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Couse u have fricken stupid govt employees running this country and god are we in deep shit god help us

  8. BlessedtoServe

    Wanna bet on that? We 72% of the American people want the wall….and yes go ahead and shut down the government, we know only 18% of the government would be non working….less government the better…but you will yield and btw…you just lost another 18 seats in the Congress and Senate combined….you will see that come 2018… but yes you will yield…(the government shuts down 104 + 10 holidays per year…that is 114 days out of 356 days) with those days being shut down…We all survive don’t we….weak argument to say shut down the government…I say shutr down for ever….

  9. rightsright

    Schummer can we send you gen illegals to move into your mansion so you can feed, clothe, House, and provide health insurance to do your part and then we’ll send you more!

  10. Vickie Voit

    Actually, most Americans do NOT want a wall. Border security yes, but a wall, no. And so refyse to ho into the same arguments about why a wall is a stupid idea that never has been and never will be a solution, as history always teaches us. Trump andvhis supporters are still welvome to have Mexico pay for it. Save up the money you and he believe can be gotten from trade deals and all from Mexico. Start a GoFundMe page. Hold bake sales and fund raisers and ask foundations for grants. When enough money has been saved up to fund it, build your wall. That’s the same process we all go through when we want something. Like any other person, he should have learned that when you say you’re going to do something and how, you don’t turn around when you find you’ve made a huge blunder and shot your mouth off stupidly and then expect to be enabled by those who denied you in the first place. What a petulant child he is, And petulent children should not be catered to or they never learn to be better people, Trump obviously hasn’t. What he learned instead was to dictate, demand, extort, bribe, threaten, and disenfranchise anyone who won’t let him have his way. Others have sooarently run their lives this same way. Find an area you like. Buy it. Build a wall around it. Put yourselves in there with him as your illustrious leader, have whatever way of life you like, and call yourselves the United State of Trump for all I care. Just remember to stay on your side of the wall then and not expand.

  11. Steven Cinqmars

    Hell,, I want a government shutdown, if we could set them down for the rest of the year I would call that a major win for our side of freedom and liberty !!!

  12. ReaperHD

    This Hoser has Dain Bramage also, Pelosi and SONGBIRD McCain would make a good pairing to run the COMMIE LEFT as they both have Dain Bramage.

  13. Richard Hennessy

    Let Democrats maintain this position, and then hang it around their necks in 2018. We can wait a year-and-a-half for the wall. There are other ways to control illegal immigration, but this will be a great political issue for 2018.

  14. daveveselenak

    Nancy the Nut “Pe-lugosi” , talking sh^t again, what’s new; the Communist Party USA lies and denies all of the time – shut the fuk’n government down and do “US” a favor! We would be better off not having the likes of you and your commie minions running the country into the ground which is your goal!

  15. ARJAY

    libTURD democRATS do NOT “compromise” on ANYTHING!!!!

    What THEY call “COMPROMISE”, is for the REPUBLICANS to AGREE with EVERYTHING the libTURD democRATS want, ummm I mean, DEMAND!!!!!!!

  16. Jerry

    People the what is happening in the country today, (anarchy in the streets), is a plan to take this country down and do away with our rights and Constitution. When this gets bad the UN will send in their troops, the UN is already telling the USA what it should do, and with the UNs strict gun control laws will disarm the US citizens. We as law abiding US citizens need to form the militia that the Constitution calls for. We as defenders of this nation need the same weapons any invading force. As a member of this militia we can own and bear any weapon that any military force has to protect our country and families. Our way of life is under attack and sitting around boasting how tough you are on the internet is just wasting time because the UN and the globalist we have behind all this are not going to listen to you. They are using force in the streets at this moment. As a former combat sergeant, waiting is not an option in combat, wait you loose. There will be no knight in shinning armor come to save this country, that only happens in fairy tales. We have to guard our freedoms as our founding fathers said. Shutting down the government is what this is all about, WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE GOVERNMENT!!! BUILD THE WALL!!!!

  17. Jim Draper

    Yep, just after the wall starts going up Texas contractors will scream that they need that cheap labor from illegal Mexican immigrants to rebuild after Harvey. Or maybe some of our untrained, lazy, unemployed will go down and learn a trade.

  18. HDMania

    Yes Jim Draper..americans arent as stupid as your sound like a illegal immigrant kiss butt..?