Trump Calls Out Antifa for Violence

President Donald Trump called out the violent leftist group Antifa during a rally with supporters in Arizona on Tuesday.
“You know, they show up in the helmets and the black masks and they’ve got clubs, they’ve got everything,” he said, calling out their name — “Antifa!”

Trump made his remarks after a protester tried to interrupt his rally.

He remarked that the crowds of protesters were small, suggesting that the heat probably kept them from coming out.

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    1. toddyo1935

      You’ve got to be joking. Racism was a problem being solved until Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society broke up the black family and Michelle Obama telling cheering crowds in 2008 that “we are going to rewrite our history and change our traditions.” If you buy into that, you are the problem.

      1. NC91

        I sincerely think that you should go back to Skool, or at least read something besides Breitbart. (try Daily Stormer)

        1. charles17121

          Explain to me why 90% of Jews voted for the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama when he supported the inhalation of Israel !

  1. bj


  2. AJR

    You want evidence? How about the videos showing ANTIFA activists showing up at rallies or speeches by conservatives wearing masks & helmets, and carrying both shields and clubs/baseball bats. Doesn’t the fact that they show up, of their own volition, at such events where they know the agenda is one they want to hear, equipped in that way indicate that they want violent confrontation? Doesn’t the videos showing ANTIFA riots in Berkeley where private property was burned and people assaulted show their intentions?

    Wake up, snowflake!

  3. toddyo1935

    If the local politicians and academics weren’t so much in bed with the Democrats, they’d be prepared for these thugs who are sure to show up. They do both – infiltrate a peaceful group and do forntal attacks on people, businesses and cops.

    They need to be hammered and hammered hard; their leaders jailed and prosecuted – along with their financial supporters.

  4. rick meek

    Hmm – their colors are black and red – good funding – good cover by MSM – good cover by politicians – good cover by local PD – REWRITE history – SOON THE BROWNSHIRTS WILL COME OUT AND THE BOOK BURNINGS BEGIN…….The congressional black caucus – Booker and the puppets are already calling for the removal of history. The statues are NOW DESTROYED in the dead of night….Americans are just sitting there watching the world leave them behind and on their knees….So many died to keep the country and the world free only to have NUTZ give it up willingly…..

    DISGUSTING —- The MSM – Politicians – Lawyers – Activists – MORONS in general coming out with their remarks and opinions because some NUT committed a terrorist act……The same suits and skirts that FUND – TRAIN – RECRUIT them – I don’t know where the alt-right gets it’s money but ANTIFA – Move On – Fusion – Invisible Guide and a slew of others gets their funding from bilderberg – soros – obozo – liberals and techies….BOTH side came to fight – Both sides carried signs that were TAPED to clubs – BOTH sides USED THOSE CLUBS AND ONE NUT USED A CAR……

  5. drdavis

    ANTIFA should be hunted down just as the M13 gangsters and put away for their criminal acts. They are a terrorist gangster organization which get fundings from George Soros and his sons and some other wealthy left wing rich democrats. These people should also go to prison. Any groups spewing criminal ways should be hunted down and put away just as the M13 gangsters.

  6. Kmat

    You are required to pick one of the following groups to march down the main street of your community. You may peacefully protest with signs, words and jesters.
    White Supremacists

    Me I pick with Neo-Nazi or White Supremacists
    Neither of these groups will destroy your property because you disagree with them
    Neither of these groups will kill you because you disagree with them

    I remember when Skin Heads were big, they marched down main street cor d’alene idaho. The residents could not get their permit pulled, so they protested. Most of the citizens lined main street and as the Skin Heads marched pass the Citizens turned their backs on them. No Violence. Can you imagine what would happen if that had been BLM or Antifa?

  7. daveveselenak

    Quite simply, unless the (law enforcement?) starts to enforce the law by using violence against violence then kiss America goodbye; yesteryear these RIOTERS would have been given a headache with a night stick! These communists aren’t playing and neither should the law – start cracking heads and if they still persist then shoot the bastards, they deserve to be shot, that will encourage them to stop their violent political tantrums! The government should start filing RICO violations against the communist organizations that are funding revolution – got that Soros – because if this violence is not stopped now then all hell, which the NWO-elitists want, is going to break out very soon!

  8. Frank W Brown

    We used to shoot looters on sight, time has come to return to law and order and call these groups what they are, TERRORISTS!