Rubio Flunks the Free Speech Test

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) unleashed a tweetstorm on Tuesday evening in reaction to President Donald Trump’s press conference earlier in the day, blasting the president for suggesting both sides were to blame in Charlottesville.

Rubio declared that the white supremacist groups who demonstrated against the removal of a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee were “100% to blame” for the violence that ensued, even though they were attacked by left-wing “Antifa” rioters. Over a series of six tweets, Rubio argued that the white supremacists’ beliefs lead to violence, and that assigning any blame to those who attacked them would be counted as a win for the supremacists’ ideology.

At no point did Rubio acknowledge that the First Amendment protects all Americans, regardless of how offensive their views are. Nor did he assign any blame at all to the left-wing “Antifa” activists who brought weapons with which to shut down the demonstration by force — weapons that were also used against reporters covering the scene.

It is not the first time that Rubio failed to defend the rights of free speech and assembly, and excused the violence of the radical left by shifting blame to Donald Trump. In March 2016, when organized left-wing activists in Chicago rioted and caused a Donald Trump rally to be canceled by police before it began, Rubio told reporters that “words have consequences,” and that Trump was to blame because of the rhetoric he had used in the past:

It shouldn’t surprise us that you see a growing amount of violence at some of his events. I would point out there isn’t violence at my events, there isn’t violence at Ted [Cruz]’s events, there isn’t violence at a [John] Kasich event, there isn’t violence at a [Bernie] Sanders event, there isn’t violence at a [Hillary] Clinton event. There’s only one presidential candidate who has violence at their events. And I do think Donald needs to realize and take responsibility for the fact that some of the rhetoric he has used has could potentially be contributing to this environment that is growing increasingly disturbing for a growing number of Americans.

Rubio, who rose to national prominence by styling himself as a Constitution-loving conservative in the Tea Party vein, could not bring himself to recognize the constitutional rights of Donald Trump or his supporters as paramount.

The groups behind the effort to shut down Trump’s rally in Chicago were not shy about claiming credit. Organizers supporting the Bernie Sanders campaign congratulated the rioters on Twitter: “Remember the #TrumpRally wasn’t just luck. It took organizers from dozens of organizations and thousands of people to pull off. Great work.” MSNBC reported that “activists tapped into existing networks of pro-Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter activists” to stop the event from happening. The shutdown enjoyed positive coverage throughout the mainstream media.

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  1. RightVote

    MARCO RUBIO is a TWERP who is NOT true to HIS OWN WORD !
    Remember he said he would NOT run for SENATE is he did NOT get the Nomination for President ? Yeah, Well, I remember………BUT he DID run again and accepted TRUMPS SUPPORT !

  2. tom

    This is only Rubio’s latest failure. Each time he shows he is no conservative or he’s a cowardly conservative. Either way he’s part of problem…not part of the solution.

  3. Steve Sossin

    I used to ‘shudder’ when a few short years ago… even Rush was always ‘touting’ Rubio as ‘Presidential material’.. NEVER liked him.. NEVER trusted the ‘pandering’ two-faced s.o.b!

  4. Ziva's mom

    Rubio is a disappointment on so many levels I can’t begin to enumerate. At one time I thought a Cruz/Rubio ticket would have been good. Not any more. Ted Cruz has left Rubio in the dust – were he belongs. Like, I said – a real disappointment. He used to be better at standing for conservatism than he is now. Another one changed by the influence of Washington. He is as bitter as is McCain. Too bad.

    1. Apolloone

      No chance of that happening, he rather stay in America and help the Communist Vermin and Parasites turn America into another Cuba or Venezuela.

  5. bj


  6. Philomena

    Gov. Terry McAuliffe and the Mayor of Charlottesville share some of the blame for not doing anything to keep these groups apart.

    1. daveveselenak

      No time to be nice… the polemical penman is out to awaken the sheeple! I just listened to TRUNEWS. com as most patriotic Christian Americans need to do; it was announced that the devil that planned the event was a Obama supporter! He had stated how he loved being a provocateur. This event was staged by the Left to place blame on the Right! I had told my friend this morning and just now Rick Wiles reiterated what I was thinking: why are the “law enforcement” standing back and allowing all of this rioting and violence happen – Ferguson, Baltimore, Texas, was it Houston or Dallas where the police were ambushed and now the city where they let the Marxist/Communist thugs pull down that statue. My Lord sheeple, how ef’n stupid can you be, all of this violence is being permitted as they want a racial war as all Communists come to power with civil war and bloodshed! Sheeple had better get their heads out of their asses and their smart phones out of their ears and fingers because they are being played as the idiots that they have become! The black, soulless bastard, Muslim-Marxist jihadist Obama and his Dark State, all Satan worshipping communists are large and in charge and Trump and his administration and the American sheeple had better understand this really quick because things are going to get worse and that is why I say: REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION, hopefully not Right against Left as they are orchestrating but rather EVERYBODY against the Godless, Satan worshipping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghouls that are behind these orchestrated dog and pony riots that are being induced by their provocateurs! I had seen this coming decades ago and my friends and family all thought that I was way out there, well my handicapping is proving true to form! GOOD against EVIL is being played out in these End of Age days and to deny that is to be a fool, an enslaved fool at that!

  7. citigirl

    Rubioand Graham are making a run for the White House!!NEITHER one is a leader or worth a F!!!

  8. Apolloone

    Rubio believes in freedom to speak, that is as long as he agrees with what you’re going to say. I’m not sure if this is true but according to an article I read the mob that the woman was part of who got hit by a young man’s car were beating on his car with hammers and other objects, these Communist thugs have one goal and that is to shut down any speech they’re opposed to. Rubio supports Thugs, not Trump.