How The Alt-Right Won The Battle

The alt-right is a movement of people united by the common premise that white people deserve an identity politics of their own, and that Western civilization is inherently tied with white ethnicity. They’re not a major movement; they’re a fringe group. They’re extraordinarily loud on social media; they abuse their enemies, worship their perceived friends, and generate the feeling that they are far more of a powerful force than they actually are.

Over the weekend, they went to Charlottesville for the same reason they’ve gone to cities around the country: to gain attention. More specifically, they had three goals in mind. First, the alt-right wanted to grow its ranks by creating a perception of size and influence far beyond its actual numbers; second, the alt-right wanted to grow its ranks by squaring off against Antifa, far left violent agitators correctly perceived as threats to law and order — and they wanted to fight back victoriously against that group; third, the alt-right wanted to create the public perception that they aren’t just a group of muddle-headed white supremacists, but decent people who care about the future of Western civilization and stand up against criminality. In short, the alt-right sought to craft a perception of size, a perception of strength, and a perception of decency.

Now, the truth is that the alt-right has none of these three. They’re small, they’re not particularly strong, and they’re certainly not decent. But thanks to the media, the Left, and the president, they achieved all three of those goals.

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  1. monongahela

    The altra right won the battle because the media isn`t telling the truth about the BLM and ANTIFA. how many COPS HAS BLM killed in the last few years, ALOT and ANTIFA is just a hate group trying to start a civil war aimed at overthrowing our Republic.

    1. John Freese

      Lets get the war on. Those snowflakes haven’t got a clue, and far more so, haven’t got a chance. At least we would be rid of Antifa, BLM. KKK and the Nazis

  2. John Freese

    Time to put a stop to it. They want war…………..lets’ give it to them. Then we can be rid of all these groups.

  3. daveveselenak

    No time to be nice… the polemical penman is out to awaken the sheeple! I just listened to TRUNEWS. com as most patriotic Christian Americans need to do; it was announced that the devil that planned the event was a Obama supporter! He had stated how he loved being a provocateur. This event was staged by the Left to place blame on the Right! I had told my friend this morning and just now Rick Wiles reiterated what I was thinking: why are the “law enforcement” standing back and allowing all of this rioting and violence happen – Ferguson, Baltimore, Texas, was it Houston or Dallas where the police were ambushed and now the city where they let the Marxist/Communist thugs pull down that statue. My Lord sheeple, how ef’n stupid can you be, all of this violence is being permitted as they want a racial war as all Communists come to power with civil war and bloodshed! Sheeple had better get their heads out of their asses and their smart phones out of their ears and fingers because they are being played as the idiots that they have become! The black, soulless bastard, Muslim-Marxist jihadist Obama and his Dark State, all Satan worshipping communists are large and in charge and Trump and his administration and the American sheeple had better understand this really quick because things are going to get worse and that is why I say: REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION, hopefully not Right against Left as they are orchestrating but rather EVERYBODY against the Godless, Satan worshipping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghouls that are behind these orchestrated dog and pony riots that are being induced by their provocateurs! I had seen this coming decades ago and my friends and family all thought that I was way out there, well my handicapping is proving true to form! GOOD against EVIL is being played out in these End of Age days and to deny that is to be a fool, an enslaved fool at that!

    1. John Freese

      Like I said, we, the conservative Constitutionalists have been preparing for years. Many of us, including me, are veterans. The Commie faggots want a fight. Give it to them. I have no problem destroying Antifa, BLM, the KKK and the Neo Nazis. And I mean utterly destroying them. The few that live through it should be stripped of their citizenship and deported. China, Russia and Mexico will become involved. Our military can take care of them,. We can take care of the traitors. Then sent the traitors to Mexico or the Middle East. Never to be allowed to return. And I am very serious here. And believe this will come soon. Find a real American Militia and get ready. Contrary to popular beliefs, Oath Keepers has made a couple of mistakes, but they have done far more good. For every 1mistake they have made, they have made 20 good calls. And they ARE PRO CONSTITUTION.
      God Bless America and long live the Republic.

  4. Lynne Douglas

    Since there is a “black caucus” and a move now to have a Democrat Party only headed
    by “people of color,” what’s so strange about a “white” political party??? More of the
    double standard at work here. Black people can separate themselves and devote
    energy toward their own pet views, but the nano-second that white people dare to
    express a “white” view, CRASH! Everyone, especially media, come galloping out
    to attack. There should be only “American” views with no racial stamps attached.
    “Divide and conquer” needs to be seen as a reality, and all of us of every possible
    hue need to unify to get our nation back on track. Not enough folks understand that
    Donald Trump is trying to unify us and when he says we can “make America great
    again,” he honestly means it. Too bad so many misguided Americans insist on doing
    all they can to stop him. Division is Obama’s main legacy.

  5. Vickie Voit

    When people fail to see the bigger picture, their own doom is predictable. Thinking a ridiculous Civil War #2 is going to somehow solve squat is more than just a little short-sighted. Thinking the answer is to kill off what you think opposes you has never been the solution for long anyway. How well is that working for any of the other nations you see involved in civil wars? It’s not. The only ones it ever works for in this day and age are those other nations that start coming in to divide up the country and try to claim it as their own. There are a number of them that have been doing their level best to hope this country would keep rotting from within, reach a boiling point, spill over, and create chaos from which they would be too weak then to pull themselves together. They’ve even participated in it in any way they could, from hacking into things, creating articles and memes and so much propaganda to rile up people that it’s pathetic. Even some people commenting here are not likely to even actually be people directly involved but just paid propagandists to troll the internet and keep things going in the direction they want.

    And a good old-fashioned Civil War #2 amongst people who can’t figure out how to keep a democracy going strong and to live up to our own Constitution by solving our problems with ethics and integrity and brains plays right into the hands of those who would just love to have power and control over us all.

    It isn’t 1860 anymore. That “solution” was a terrible enough price to pay then. But relying on that type of solution in 2017 wouldn’t even come close to doing what some of you think it would. Better look at this as a global situation because that’s what it would become. Whose flag are you planning to fly when it’s over? I doubt it’s one you want to see flying.