Conway Destroys MSM…

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway knocked the mainstream media off their precious pedestal Sunday when she spoke honestly about the dishonest job they’re doing covering the Trump White House.

In an interview with Fox News’ Howard Kurtz on Sunday’s “Media Buzz,” Conway defended President Donald Trump’s criticism of the media and said Trump is being treated unfairly by too many journalists.

She then got to the heart of the problem with the media.

“I think the media spend too much time talking about themselves and covering issues they think are important to them or that they want the American public to focus on,” Conway said.

Conway said she had been paying attention to the media and their coverage of the president, and while not all outlets criticize the president, some still do. When they do that, they are making it all about themselves and not doing their job.

The White House adviser said the media should cover “what the Americans are telling the journalists, including in the media’s own polling, is important to Americans.”

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  1. mrp15

    As an amateur in the political arena, Donald Trump, Jr. made the mistake of being too trusting. The crooked Clintons would have known better. The whole Russian lawyer thing was a setup orchestrated by Obama, the Clintons, the DNC, lying Lynch and the rest of the swamp they swim in. Said lawyer overstayed her Visa and even attended a congressional hearing. She initiated the meeting with DT, Jr. and all he did was accept. Unlike the DNC and Hillary who instigated dealings with Ukraine to get dirt on candidate Trump. Such a glaring double standard and yet the media continues to attack the Trumps and give the Clintons a free pass. I expected that once the imposter Pres. Obama left office, the new administration and new Justice Dept. would deal with the Clintons–I’m still waiting. Their cells are waiting for them.

  2. 5live5

    I want all of these late night hosts, comics, and film stars(?) to go through the same investigation into their background and history that the conservative politicians they’re harassing are going through! Wonder how many of them would be in jail???

  3. Vickie Voit

    Kellyanne Conway is the worst kind of American – one who lies to us and hopes to get away with it like each time before. A paid manipulator is all she is. It’s simply @Marketing.” Does no one remember not long ago when her job for Mercer in his Super PAC was to get Ted Cruz to win the primary and be nominated by the GOP? She did all she could “sell” Cruz, and she tore apart Trump every which way, especially over his whining about rigged elections. When Cruz was out by May, Mercer decided to use the Super PAC on Trump. BAM! Conway immediately starts “promoting” Trump as does Steve Bannon, brought up from Breitbart news, which Mercer owns. Andrew Breitbart, who was a conservative commrntator and creator of Breitbart News and helper getting Huffington Post started, He was NOT a liar and was NOT a racist and would abhor what’s going on with his news service and the ultra-conservatives and agenda and tactics there are now.

  4. practicedcynic

    There is STILL the possibility that the DEMONCRATS might have set this up as a STING.
    The department of INjustice allowed the Russkie into the U.S. on a special pass!!!???