60% back Trump’s travel ban

July 5 (UPI) — Six in 10 voters support President Donald Trump’s travel ban from six predominantly Muslim nations, according to a Politico/Morning Consult poll.

Conversely, 28 percent were opposed to the poll question, which gauged support for “new guidelines” from the U.S. State Department, “which say visa applicants from six predominately Muslim countries must prove a close family relationship with a U.S. resident in order to enter the country.”

Trump’s name and the president’s executive orders were not mentioned in the question.

On June 26, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed some elements of the 90-day travel ban to be implemented while the justices hear the merits of the case in the fall.

The poll was conducted last Thursday and Friday among 1,989 registered voters. The margin of error is 2 percentage points. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security implemented the executive order Thursday night.

The six Muslim-majority nations are Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. In the original executive order, nationals from Iraq were banned. The newer order also allowed them to entire the countries with visas and green cards.

The executive order also suspended U.S. refugee programs for 120 days.

Broken down by party affiliation, 84 percent of Republicans support the ban and 9 percent oppose it. Among Democrats, 41 percent back it and 46 percent are against it. With independents, 56 percent are in favor and 30 percent opposed.

Politico asked a question on the ban in March but with different wording after Trump signed a revised executive order to comply with lower-court rulings against the first order in January. When asked if they “approve or disapprove of a revised executive order that prohibits persons from six predominantly Muslim countries without visas from entering the United States for 90 days and halting the processing of refugees for 120 days,” 56 percent said they approve it and 33 percent disapproved.


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source: http://www.breitbart.com/news/poll-60-of-voters-back-trumps-travel-ban/

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  1. Dexter L. Wilson

    We are still dealing with the legislative branch of the Democrat Party, namely the Supreme Court. Elect more honest Christian Republicans so we can regain honesty in the judicial system. They are still attempting to make us like Venezuela where the Judicial System keeps the socialists in power. Remember that the next time you vote. Remember also that the National Chair of the Democrat Party said you have to be pro-choice to be a good Democrat, Ichabod, Christians, it is time to leave the amoral atheistic Democrat Party.

    1. Martin Miller

      it’s fitting your pic is that of a dog. What kind of delusional nonsense did you just post? That America is ‘Christian country’? It is not, and was not named as such in the Constitution. Ever read the Constitution?

      America is a mixed capitalist/socialist system. If you don’t like the socialist aspects, turn down Social Security checks, pass on unemployment benefits, and don’t drive on interstate highways…

      Trump is an amoral con man. You think he’s a Christian? Seen him near a church? You’re probably 70+, so i won’t argue much so as not to give you a stroke…

      Democrats understand real Christianity, not the fake kind being marketed by hustler charlatan right wing ‘pastors’ and “preachers’. Did these hucksters go to divinity school? Doubtful. They do like their corporate jets…

      Pat Robertson represents Satan… And he’s got company in right wing politicized phony religion.

      1. Dexter L. Wilson

        Boy you sure love Socialism and you really like the party that is so amoral it can kill babies in the womb with impudence. Remember your boss the National Chair said you can’t be a good Democrat if you are not pro-choice, that let’s Christians out that believe that children are created by God in his image. You really don’t have any corner on the past. I suggest that you get “Original Intent”, “The American Heritage Series” (DVD Series), Constitution Alive (DVD Series), “Foundations of Freedom” (DVD Series, “America’s God and Country” by William Federer, “Miracle in American History” by Susie Federer. By the way, if you should realize where you are going you might also want to read “23 Minutes in Hell”by Bill Weiss. if you want to know what heaven is really like I suggest you get “My Time in Heaven” by Richard Sigmund, “Within the Gates” by Rebecca Springer, and a DVD you can obtain from “Christ for All Nations” called “Raised from the Dead” by a minister who was even embalmed and was brought back from the dead. You probably won’t watch any of the DVD’s or read any of the Books because they will destroy your beliefs. And friend that is all you have is your belief. Just for fun you could look at all the thousands of Bible Codes from http://www.biblecodedigest.com or even http://www.biblecode.com. I know you don’t have time to obtain facts.
        Did you know that Thomas Jefferson and the Speaker of the Senate establish church services in the Congressional and Judiciary chambers that lasted 60 years or the fact that at the Constitutional Convention Ben Franklin called for prayer and fasting (who repeated the scripture “unless the Lord builds the house the laborers labor in vain”) which they did every day they worked on the Constitution. Oh by the way among others Ben Franklin who was supposed to be a theist started a Bible Society. Your history you studied and I did too, said our founders were all theists. Boy were we lied to! One last thing, 1/3rd of the Constitution came from the Bible Directly and the other 2/3rd’s came from legal Theologians of the time such as Blackstone from such materials such as “Two Treatises on Civil Government” that came from over 500 Bible references. Sad you don’t really know our real History.

          1. Dexter L. Wilson

            So you love Islam also. Speaking of a false prophet. Mohammad saw his son’s wife and wanted her. So he said Allah Told him he could have her as one of his wives. Sound like a true prophet of Allah? May I suggest you get a copy of a pamphlet “Islam, Religion of Peace or War? It is available for a donation to CBN. Of Course you are going to say Pat Robertson is of the Devil. That is alright, the only sin you can commit where God will not accept you is to call Jesus demon possessed. All I can say if you want to live forever you best begin seeking God with all your heart because the way things are shaping up, Jesus will be back soon and not because Trump is president but because you have been fooled by the very political Party who thinks of you as a pawn.

      2. Robert Kahlcke

        Another operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization speaks, it’s hoped you are one of the 40% to be beheaded first.

        1. Martin Miller

          I’m from a military family — US Army and Navy, and am a independent. Red-baiting is very old — like you. In your 70’s, old fella? Social Security came from FDR, and is heavily government subsidized and supported, you idiot!

          You should call your nurse and take your meds.

          1. kristine

            In your own words explain “heavily government subsidized and supported” and then tell us where you think that money comes from.

          2. Martin Miller

            Kristine, you’re an idiot and right wing ‘hoe. I don’t need to use my own words. Forbes does it better:


            Too many ignorant and bigoted American dolts use their ‘own words’ on this blog. Uneducated words, un-researched words. Ignorant words. Dumb opinions…


          3. kristine

            Oh look, I have been insulted, mocked and called names for asking a legitimate question – how typical of the left. I just love how Social Security – meant ONLY for retirement for those who put money into it, if you go back and read actual History, was and still is raided by the Government Officials you seem to adore and slobber all over to subsidize those other failed programs mentioned in the link you so unkindly provided. TRY answering the question……where….do..you…..THINK….the….money….comes….from????!!!!!

          4. Martin Miller

            It sounds like you have a kind of right wing dementia. The Forbea (Steve Forbes is Conservative — not left) article is accurate. Unkindly provided? Too factual for you? GOPers have raided the Social Security fund to finance wars. You want answers or consulting report? Pay me — as businesses do. BTW, I’m not a lefty, you alt.right moron. I like Jeb Bush. Go take your meds, you stupid woman…

          5. kristine

            You stupid man…..answer the question instead of going off on a tirade of nonsensical talking points

          6. Martin Miller

            Want to see ‘stupid’? Find your nearest mirror. And read the Forbes article. Pick out your mortuary yet, old woman?

        2. John Brown

          Boy you really know how to express your stupid. Dou even know what a Communist is? Really an Islamic Terrorist ? Who ever gave you that Bull Shit must work for one of the Fox Network news offices or National Enquirer? I have a task for you. Make a list of what actions trump has taken as President including his shutting down government information offices, demeaning and insulting the Lipedema news media as all being Fake News, the people that he has chosen to do his bidding and the lack of knowledge of the Cabinet appointees, his actions in condemning and blaming others for what he and his people are guilty of. Now look up the German Workers Party http://spartacus-educational.com/GERgwp.htm Now make another list of what this group did and stood for along with its leader. Now Do you believe in a free and open Press? Trump does not. Do you believe in a government for and by the people? Or, do you believe in a government for and buy corporations? Trump choses Corporations over people. Now do you know if you support a Fascists https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascism Government? You DO know that is what we are operating under today and trump is a true Fascist and wants to be like his heroes, all of them, as indicated in his speeches, are all dictators.

      3. Dexter L. Wilson

        hate to tell you this but there was a prophesy by an ex-Muslim that Trump would be president. also a Bible Code just like the one that confirmed Obama would be and that Trump was closer to God than anyone realized and yes we have seen him in church, but like most people lacking knowledge about God., Eclesia means gathering does not mean a building but a gathering of believers. As for the ministries with jets, just because they don’t ride a horse and drive a cheap car, they have put wings to the gospel and can preach anywhere in the world. Can you or would you do that? When was the last time you led someone to Christ?

      4. Dexter L. Wilson

        Poor blind person. That is a kitten. Did you ever read the Bible? When Solomon became king, Because he followed after God, Silver became as common as copper in his kingdom. Suppose if we had followed after God what would happen to our economy? It was only after he fell away from God that the kingdom went down hill. Would we have needed Social Security if we had done what I founders said to follow the Bible and teach in the public schools. With social security, Al Gore claimed it was in a locked box. That was correct, just as Jesus told the story about burying the one piece of coin, the ruler gave that to another. They could have at least taken our money they took for the Social Security system and at least drawn interest from banks but they just kept it and now we are about to lose it all. You are soooooooo smart! Have you noticed how every year the price of everything increase? We left God behind because of activist judges who did not look at what our founders said about the importance of following after the Bible and the Father of Public Schools said to make sure we used the Bible as a Text in Public Schools (Benjamin Rush) or how George Washington said if you remove religion from our country how will there ever be any morality because atheists do not understand the significance of it. Yes Martin for those who forget our history they are doomed to repeat it. And for lack of knowledge our people perish. By the way please note items to watch and or read so you can catch up with my knowledge about our TRUE HISTORY AND WHO GOD REALLY IS.

        1. Martin Miller

          Dex, so it’s a cat. Tiny icon I did not click on. My daughter has my cat. You speak a like a charlatan and false prophet. Sinful.

          Do you have a CATV station to preach your bullshit? Read Howard Zinn for real history, old man. Before you die, see truth… God will punish you, otherwise.

          1. Dexter L. Wilson

            And you have no idea about who Christ is or why he gave us the Holy Spirit. I met him when my life was going down the drain and He changed me. He really is the Spirit of truth who if you are really willing will lead you into all truth, from science to history. By the way who is Howard Zinn and does he have thousands of original documents as can be provided by wallbuilders.com? We are not talking about something that Zinn probable got from historians who rewrote history between 1875 and 1925. See who he says he got his quotes from and if he even refers to the original documents. Go on check it out. Martin I have met my Savior and I have His Holy Spirit who talks to me every moment if I allow it. (Isaiah30’21”). Again He is the Spirit of Truth who can lead you into all truth. The way you test the Spirits to see if they be of God is if they refuse to acknowledge that Christ the Savior came in the flesh. I have known and had the Holy Spirit for 44 years. He is real. You can have Him in your life as well.

          2. Rick Vitti

            Just shows haw much attention you spend to DETAILS and REALITY, and when you are WRONG of course you blame it on someone or something else.

      5. kristine

        Funny how social security was set up as a retirement fund for those who put money into it (to grow it faster) is now a free for all. Funny how Unemployment insurance was set up the same and has been thoroughly corrupted to be a free for all. Both are forced government systems that take hard earned money from we the people who had earned it. People were forced to put their trust in it and where has that gotten us? To the corrupted system of today. These programs do not originated in the constitution, which by the way is grounded in the belief in God. It would probably be best not to take “Christian” out of context and apply it as it was truly meant. And don’t assume to know Christianity as absolute truth is different for everyone.

      6. Rick Vitti

        Martin M….You are a sick delusional waste of a human life. GET a REAL education and not an indoctrination as you obviously have been brainwashed by. Specifically when you poke fun at older wiser men!

        1. Martin Miller

          Rick, I taught social psychology at Cal State University. USC alum, majoring in Social Policy Jeb Bush supporter. What college did you attend? High School?

          Wanna meet so we can test how brave you are face to face? [In a minute or less you’d be ‘face to sky’. Unless you’re 70+, which I encounter on this site… Older is not necessarily wiser.

          1. Rick Vitti

            That explains your position in life…Cal state psycho! We should all be so impressed you took such a useful path in life! I would meet you anytime face to face and your idle snowflake threats mean NOTHING! I might be face to the sky watching you fall back into the pile of trash you are.

          2. Martin Miller

            I’m actually a Brooklyn-raised psycho 🙂

            I’m not threatening you, trash mouth. Just proposing a meeting to see how brave you are. You make the first move, and paramedics will appear for you in a few minutes.

            But don’t bullshit. You’re a senior who needs to get a life and off this CONservative blog.

            Where did you say you went to college? Sounding like an undereducated right wing buffoon. Or a Trump cult follower CONservative.

            Rickie, where do you live? I’m in Redondo Beach. Neighboring Torrance has a UFC gym ((near a Walmart, your store). Come on out. I’ll do you for free, maybe post the video on Youtube. Unless you’re 70+, and pulling my chain. Better off just going away and stop mouthing off, okay?

          3. Bernie

            I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and those like you for making it easier and easier that this once-proud South Side Chicago democrat (me), is now a “racist”, “bigoted”, “woman hating”, “deplorable”, and now according to you, “right wing buffoon and Trump cult follower CONsevstive” voter.
            Thank you….!

  2. armyisnumber1

    Tell you what. How about if we have a trial time period where every liberal that protest on behalf of ILLEGALS, are willing to support them in their homes for two years. NO, I didn’t think so. EVERY SINGLE TIME I see a reporter asking these protesters to take in a family they have given a lame excuse……. EVERY SINGLE TIME. They know they would be dead within months. I swear, they protest because they have nothing better to do and just like to hear themselves talk.

    1. Martin Miller

      Dumb fact-less people like you are a threat to national security. Years ago, you’d have been in a crowd watching lynchings. Go pick some strawberries. I’ll bet you’re a Fox News over 70+ viewer.

  3. John Brown

    The Trump administration and the 1930’s German Workers Party. The parallel is shockingly alike. This is just another page out of that playbook

    1. Robert Kahlcke

      Another operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization speaks.

      1. Martin Miller

        Robert, you are delusional! Skip your meds?

        Note there are lots of ways to exercise your brain. Study a new subject you don’t know (e.g. American history or comparative religion). Learn a new skill (e.g. Take music lessons on an instrument like piano).

        Spouting and ranting red baiting propaganda on this site is not one of the ways. BTW, Jesus was a democrat and not a white guy!!!

  4. Robert Kahlcke

    When they arrive, hopefully the forty percent will be the first to be beheaded. How about that fools?

  5. peter Pirzadeh

    The so-called protesters are not really protesters, they are criminals, agitators, attention seekers and probably mostly unemployed and thugs who have nothing better to do than to feel “important” by causing trouble. By now, we’ve seen this over and over again. What is equally sad, is that the irresponsible media makes them legitimate because it makes a good show at 6 P.M. news, especially for CNN whose rating is in the tanks and are becoming irrelevant sooner than they think.