CNN’s Ratings Collapse

Over the past month, CNN’s three-year credibility collapse went from a slow-motion trainwreck to something that is now completely out of the left-wing network’s control. Because there is obviously something very wrong with the climate fostered by CNN chief Jeff Zucker, no fewer than five CNN staffers (in as many weeks) have had to be terminated over various strains of Trump derangement syndrome. These terminations include CNN star Kathy Griffin, host Reza Aslan, a Pulitzer finalist, and an outright Pulitzer winner. The Least Trusted Name In News now has another serious problem: its ratings are in the toilet.

While CNN’s serial-credibility scandals show no signs of slowing down, over the past five days, things got as bad as they have ever been. James O’Keefe caught a senior CNN producer admitting on video that the network knows the Trump/Russia hoax is exactly that. Moreover, the fallout surrounding CNN’s fake news epidemic continues to rain down, especially from the victim of all this fake news, President Trump. Worse still, for whatever reason, CNN believes it is a good idea to turn its White House correspondent Jim Acosta into an insufferable crybaby.

In the middle of this Fake News Typhoon came the numbers… Awful news about CNN’s ratings, including a humiliating loss to MSNBC that seemed impossible only a few months ago.

For instance, on Tuesday, over the course of the day, CNN was only able to attract a measly 670,000 viewers. For context, MSNBC nearly doubled this number; Fox News nearly tripled it. CNN has almost always lagged a bit behind MSNBC in total viewers, but not like this.

These numbers are even worse than Monday’s where CNN was only able to attract 726,000 viewers.

But that is just two days. How well is CNN doing over the long-term? In a word: terrible.


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      1. VirgoVince

        Thank you, wanted to say that, but fought to resist the urge!
        ‘SOME’ folks HATE being corrected and SOME call us —
        ‘Grammer/Spelling nazis’!!

        1. mustangsallyann

          I don’t correct either just for that reason. Plus some of the nastier poster’s do so just to harass their political opponent’s which is petty and mean and I don’t want that association. So thank you for being the spelling Nazi today. ;o) LOL

          1. BOBNIXON1


          2. mustangsallyann

            I said I don’t usually do it as most that do so on these threads do so just to be mean and nasty. That said, did you read the post on the recently published article I added after?? If you did and it still makes no difference to you, I’m inclined to think you’re one of the people in agreement with the dumbing down of minorities and that’s outrageous, manipulative and controlling. Not to mention, a much meaner and nastier act than those giving the credit deserved to them and their abilities. I’ll take the route of building someone up rather than be associated with those trying to bring those of color down instead. As I said earlier, it’s the same tactic used by the slave owner’s of our past so repeating that same behavior is disgusting and reprehensible, no matter what excuse you use to excuse it.

      2. BOBNIXON1


        1. mustangsallyann

          Here’s a clue as to why it does matter. There was an article recently published by a black woman, making it an even bigger insult imo. She called anyone that corrected spelling or grammar a racist, while implying those of color weren’t capable of learning correctly and that’s why attempting to teach them correctly should be stopped. Not only did Dem’s start the KKK but they’re now intentionally trying to dumb down anyone of color to make controlling them even easier than they already are. Does this sound familiar?? It should. It’s the same tactic they used during the time of slavery. Whites that attempted to teach slaves went to prison and those that they taught were either imprisoned or killed. So should we help to empower them or just leave it alone? You tell us. I know I was seriously offended. Having every race in my family and all being educated, I’m not about to fall for that carp. As I stated in my earlier post, I don’t care for those that do so when just trying to be mean and nasty. But if someone insulted or offended my family member’s of color like that, I’d punch them right in the nose even if I needed to stand in a chair to do so. Just a little broader perspective to consider. ;o)

        2. 7littleangels

          It not only helps to use the correct words, but believe it or not, spelling is pretty important also! You might want to brush up on those two things!

        1. Phyllis J

          I like your reaction to this. It’s good to correct our mistakes. So many people get offended when someone wants to help. Bless you!

  1. Chuck

    I only watch FOX; I don’t trust the other networks, who are in the pocket of the Democrats and the “Left”!

    1. chilitom

      Whose pocket are they in? But who cares? ABC, CBS and NBC ought to be dependably neutral.

  2. Andres Guerra-mondragon

    I had a chance to visit CNN hearquarters in Atlanta some years back. The guide that presented at CNN was really brained washed. Every time I asked a question she would refute it on CNN terms. After that I just had to stick to FOX to get the news the way they should be broadcasted……..clear and truthfull. Only FOX with its great people does that for me.

      1. MrJackpack37 .

        Bill was ambushed by FOX executives. They are the ones that should be shitcanned! God Bless you Bill. We are all on your side.

    1. mustangsallyann

      The most honest news on now is CBN’s 700 Club. It’s in the very beginning of the show if you don’t want to listen to the spiritual content. They even beat all other networks with timely reporting, rather than the misleading of the networks that try to hide it. I hear OAN is also good if you can get it. It’s out of Canada so we don’t get it where we live yet.

  3. rick meek

    I LOVE IT…….Now – gotta stop all that big techie money and donations they get…..

  4. American Patriot

    CNN Counterfeit News Network. Why 726,000 even watch this trash network?

  5. Ziva's mom

    Best news we could get about the (Corrupt) Clinton News Network. By the way, if you want to know how we got into this current mess with No Korea – thank Clinton and his totally clueless SOS – Madeline Albright. Albright and Hillary – worst two SOSs in the history of this country. These things develop over time, they don’t happen all at once.
    Then neither Bush nor Obama did anything about the problem except continue to kick it down the road. How many of you can remember Albright dancing with Short Round’s father? We also gave them oil and food and propped them up during Clinton/Albright’s tenure. And of course the Clinton News Network praised those actions to high heaven.
    N Korea would love us again. How’s that working out for us? Not so good.. Thanks a lot assholes!

  6. bobs33hotrod

    They CNN And Others will Last, because the Phony Money will Continue for those who think they will get President Trump Out Of Office. What A Waste Of Time And Money $$$ Trump Is President. Get Over it His Is Starting To Drain The SWAMPS, MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. ATTENTION SNOW FLAKES, DIMMS.
    BOBBY ~!~

  7. mrp15

    Never watched CNN and never will. Just amazing how they get away with their lies and left-wing propaganda. Kathy Griffith is a disgrace and deserved to be censored. Can’t wait to see them run off the air.

    1. MrJackpack37 .

      Any one that watches MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, can understand just what a filthy liar this sewer mouth is. Why they won’t throw this BITCH off the air is beyond me!
      She is the worst of them all.

  8. kassa1

    I hope that communist,rag,fony communist news network finally collapses under its own vomit.

  9. chilitom

    They are a needed service and speak for us (supposedly) overseas. Like all who call themselves news-people, they’ve got to learn to not take sides in the newsroom. They can’t play favorites. Editorials are fine but must be presented as such.

  10. graymantoo

    The million dollar question is why is this pathetic fraudulent network playing in all our airports. Now that’s a scandal.

  11. Austinniceguy

    And those who DID watch the idiots at CNN are the brain dead patients at mental institutions so there’s that, too.

  12. MrJackpack37 .

    CNN is the world’s cesspool and MSNBC is the world”s armpit. They are both, the MEDIA DISCRACE.

  13. Tom Sanders

    When you push bias political reports that are not backed by facts, you end up digging yourself into a hole like the democrat party. They both have a lot to learn about supporting our administration, government and country. Being honest with the citizens of our country shouldn’t even be in question. Watch NBC for honest, non bias news backed with facts from around the world and local.

  14. Janis

    Let’s face it folks – if it wasn’t for the airport terminals showing CNN they would have no following! Perhaps a threatened boycott of any airline terminal that airs CNN would bring an end to it and will really sink them.

  15. Tuxedo_Plowboy

    If CNN were to collapse and go off the air, it would be a blessing to humanity!!! These people are despicable.

  16. 615GEJ1

    As someone who flies commercial airlines often in many places, I am very put off with the fact that our airports have nothing but CNN on their televisions. It is downright sickening.
    Big money must be crossing palms for this to be the case, but IT NEEDS TO STOP!!!

  17. ny2223jv

    We re fed up with the Clinton news network time for you libtards to get a life .He is OUR President Deal with it .

  18. PXXAT5

    If you don’t tell the Truth, then you got nothing to say. and if you have nothing to say… you can’t call it NEWS

  19. vannievogt

    Any story that CNN posts now needs to have four men to verify it’ truth. Otherwise perhaps the writer could be buried up to the waist then stoned to death.