CNN Cuts Handel’s Victory Speech

CNN cut away from Karen Handel’s victory speech after the Republican won the special election in Georgia’s 6th congressional district on Tuesday night, just as she was about to begin describing the issues that defined her agenda.

A few minutes earlier, CNN had aired the speech of Democrat Jon Ossoff until it ended. Ossoff was expected to win by most observers, and carried the hopes of the so-called “#Resistance,” which hoped that Tuesday would mark the beginning of the end of the GOP majority in the House of Representatives and of President Donald Trump himself.

On social media, conservatives mocked the downcast faces of CNN’s political journalists, analysts and contributors as they struggled to digest yet another disappointment. Handel’s victory was just the latest in a long string of special elections that the Democrats had expected to win, and it was the one district they felt was well within their grasp. It proved too much for CNN’s Don Lemon, who evidently could not bear to hear Handel explain to him and to CNN’s audience exactly why it was that she had won, and what issues her voters cared about when they went to the polls.

There was no breaking news elsewhere that demanded attention. CNN merely cut back to a group of talking heads.

CNN has taken a defiantly oppositional posture since Trump won the November election. It has focused obsessively on the Russia conspiracy theory, to the exclusion of coverage about what the Trump administration is actually doing and what voters really care about. It would rather censor than cover the news, and Tuesday night was no exception.

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  1. Santiago Tello

    Thats abt right for the COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK. They suck up to the commurats anyway, so i am surprised they showed some of the speech at all.

  2. Kenny Smith

    I quit watching CNN about 6 mths ago and haven’t watched since, they are one of the channels that I completely avoid. So I didn’t miss any of Karen’s speech, because I was not watching the Crap News Network (CNN).

  3. rosalind servello

    Does anyone know if Don Lemon jumped on his desk again, when Karen won? I saw on a web site, were he was speaking with someone who liked President Trump, and he went nuts jumping on his desk. I have the liberal news stations blocked as well. CNN has no scruples what soever.

  4. Rob

    I would never watch CNN and any of them liberal channels,I did turn CNN on just to see if they would show the victory of karen handel and i was right they cut her off and i went right back to fox,They are MEDIA GARBAGE LIBERALS,I hope they turn them off

    1. Janis

      My husband and I do the same thing. We watch FOX but when an important story comes on, we also do a “drive-by” of CNN and MSNBC, just to see the hysterics of the hosts and their “contributors”. Sometimes, it is the best comedy show on TV.

  5. Bernie

    You should have seen Lemon last night when a 25 year police veteran tried to talk about the acquittal of an officer accused of killing a man who was reaching for his gun.
    What a putz!!

  6. ncpaul

    Al-Jazeera is gone… Before their demise they discovered two things…. (1) That Al Gore is a champion myth maker. His first major myth was Global Warming and his second was that Al Jazeera had any value. Both myths ended up as lies on the cutting room floor. Second, they learned that you can only feed people BS stories for so long before the advertisers take all of their money and leave. Then you go out of business. CNN must be well on its way to earning so little that it may as well close. Pretty soon their only value is going to be the bandwidth they occupy and that may be taken away if the right people are appointed to the FCC. What is so remarkable is that they grind through same mindless drivel day after day and do so with such determination. At least Baghdad Bob was funny. Full of crap – like CNN – but funny !! L loved the story he was telling about how Saddam’s troops had total control of the Baghdad while you could see American tanks rolling in the background. I guess they forgot to tell Bob someone left the chicken coop door open.

    1. KingDon

      CNN will not collapse. It is too valuable as a propaganda machine for the Socialist/Progressive party. If all else fails, the DNC will help fund it.

      1. ncpaul

        That is an excellent point and may be something they are already doing. It would not surprise me if half of the CNN reporters spouses are not government employees in lucrative “work from home” jobs.

  7. John Redman

    As they cut Trump and pro Trump coverage, cut up their press credentials. Kick their reporters OUT of all events and NYT and WPO also.

  8. ernst

    The way CNN “reports” news, it is surprising that they did not show an Ossoff victory speech.

  9. ReaperHD

    They look like they could have used a visit from a Suicide Bomber just to cheer them up.