CNN: Islam Part of America’s Founding

CNN’s W. Kamau Bell devoted a recent episode of his series United Shades of America to exploring Muslim and Arab communities.

Aside from some interesting vignettes, the program is left-wing, anti-Trump propaganda that firmly establishes the network’s political bias. Bell also serves up some historical distortions of the sort spoonfed to undergraduates on politically-correct campuses, such as the claim that Islam has always been present in the U.S.

“Islam has always been part of the American fabric,” one Muslim man in Detroit tells Bell at an anti-Trump event. “A lot of people think that Islam is from a foreign country, or is a foreign religion. It’s not — it’s very American.” He goes on to criticize “those more violent voices in our society” — and he does not mean radical Islamists. Bell is so impressed that he asks the man, “When are you running for mayor?”, comparing him to a “young Barack Obama.”

It was Obama who told the Muslim world in his Cairo speech in 2009: “Islam has always been a part of America’s story.” He offered a dubious proof: “The first nation to recognize my country was Morocco.” He also cited the Treaty of Tripoli, which was essentially an agreement to pay a bribe to Muslim pirates who had made a practice of kidnapping Americans.

For CNN, the argument that Islam has “always” been present in the U.S. rests largely on the claim that a significant minority of black slaves were Muslim. On Saturday, CNN correspondent Dean Obeidallah claimed that “Islam has been here since the time of slavery, because ten to fifteen percent of the African slaves brought were Muslim. So Islam was here before the creation of the United States. It was actually part of the creation of the United States of America.” Bell’s interviewee raises the estimate, claiming that “during the slave trade, up to about 25 to 30% of the slaves came from areas where there were predominantly Muslim populations.”(Note that these claims leave out the role of Muslims in the slave trade itself, casting Muslims purely as victims.)

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  1. Alex Peshansky

    The only part Islam played in founding USA was that it prompted creation of Marine Corps – to fight Muslim pirates.

    1. Dealerdeb1

      Sempre Fi! AND? The Barbary Coast pirates was much later when the West was settled

      1. DrHarley

        Wrong. The first Barbary Coast war was 1801 – 1805. The Lewis and Clark expedition was in 1804 mapping most of the Louisiana Purchase which was in 1803. I could hardly have been settled.

        1. Dealerdeb1

          Where did you get educated? The founding of our country was in the 1700’s you cite 1800’s DUH! I clearly stated that the Barbary Coast was much later than the country’s founding and Slavery started earlier. The Founding fathers were NOT in any way influenced nor were we ever founded with Muslims

          1. Dealerdeb1

            Not to the point I rewrite History to include Muslims as part of our founding. You are a lib, what can I expect from a pig but an oink?

          2. JYuma

            Do you even know that a person may read posts that another has posted?

            If you did, you may have taken a Look at some of my past posts.
            I AM NO Lib.!
            Never have been. Do not put up with their Bull.
            I corrected your knowledge of U.S. Marine History. History, that you are in error about.
            From your Reply to me, I see that your Grasp of History is as Airy as That Head of yours!
            Go do some research, Learn what you are in Error about.
            Then if you wish. Come Back and PROVE me Wrong!!!

          3. Dealerdeb1

            Hardly an airhead,my field is not History it is science. That being said I am at a loss why you can’t comprehend my post.

          4. JYuma

            I know, knew that you were not an Airhead. I read some of your past posts. I even understand your statements. Agree with you on them.
            No, Muslim had a hand in the formation of this country.
            However, you continued to misstate the Marine Corps. History.
            That is what I wished for you to comprehend!

          5. ADRoberts

            He does not have to prove you wrong. You are the one who claimed that HE was wrong. The PROOF requirement in on you.

          6. ADRoberts

            Prove it. State the “facts” that you believe. Just accusing does not get anything on a conservative site like this.

          7. JYuma

            I have stated Facts. There are no evidence that the Muslims had anything to do with the Formation of the United States.

            They did not even come on the scene in History of the United States for about 10 to 15 years after the Constitution was written and ratified.
            The Barbary Pirates had been hassling shipping in the Mediterranean for many years. When they started harassing our ships, holding them for ransom, selling our Sailors into slavery. President Jefferson had Congress declare War on them. Sent a Flotilla, a detachment of Marines to Libya to end it .They did.
            If you want dates or more information. Look it up yourself. You will learn it better retain it longer.

          8. ADRoberts

            As I said above, you added comma that changed the entire meaning of your statement. Go back and read it again

          9. JYuma

            Do you argue with my facts?
            If so, then it is to you to prove me wrong.
            If you can do so.

          10. ADRoberts

            First go back and read what you posted the first time. “No, Muslims had a hand in the formation of this country” From what you now are saying, it would appear that you did not intend to put that COMMA after the word NO. It changed the meaning considerably. And by doing so, I denied it as “FACT”.

      2. JYuma

        You could do with a little research and study of that. Jefferson, refused to pay tribute to The Barbary Pirates.
        15 years or so is not MUCH later than when the Constitution was Ratified.

        1. JYuma

          Hellery, is more accurate about the History of the Formation of this country. The Services, than that you received from that Rag!

    2. JYuma

      Your knowledge of Marine Corps History is VERY lacking!
      Nor was it Created to Fight the Muslim Pirates.
      For your Edification, The United States Marine Corps. Is the “OLDEST” of All the Branches of our Military.
      It was founded, in All actuality,
      Before The Continental Navy.
      Before the Continental Army!

      1. Dealerdeb1

        It may be but without our National treasure [Marines] I hesitate to think where we’d be now. The Marines whenever they were founded are my Heros

      2. Richard Wallace

        Marines accept the Army is the senior service. 14 June, 1175 and 10 November 1775 are the dates. Look at the order of precedent for flags and parades. Tradition from way back: senior service is the right escort for the colors. BTW: Corps was established just before the US Navy primarily to guard the naval buildup. Marines have done a whole lot more since then!

    3. ADRoberts

      Same operation by the muslims back then as they are practicing now in Somalia. Same worthless animals.

    4. 10-Nov-1775

      The United States Marine Corps was formed 10 November 1775, approximately 24 years before the Leathernecks were involved with the Barbary pirates in and near Tripoli. At the time, most pirates were arabs, and moslem.

  2. Darlene F. Donston

    LOL Lying CNN as usual!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, we fought them years and years ago, but they were not here as Founders, they were in Africa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You people need to read up on your History and quit trying to erase it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dealerdeb1

    THAT is the DUMBEST rewrite of HISTORY I have ever heard.CNN needs to hang their heads in shame for exploiting the role of slave sellers selling people into slavery.There is NO credible accounting of how many or even IF they practiced ANY religion other than tribal idol worship gods for everything. Pathetic research. Erroneous estimate and assumptions do NOT make Muslims part of the founding

    1. Normando782

      There are Muslims who claim Moses was a Muslim, so how can anyone believe the garbage coming out of the mouths of people like Bell.

      1. homer1057

        HERE IS A FACT: Check me out, ok. When a Muslim speaks, he lies: why, well according to Sharia Law #1 “It is “OBLIGATORY” for a Muslim to LIE to further Allahs commandments, and there is NO shame associated w/this type of lying! Isn’t that sweet: that so called law called Sharia says to LIE! My, my , my. LIAR, LIAR, pants on fire! Also too: “TAQIYYA” = Lying for Allah’s sake, a matter of safeguarding honor; “deception/concealing to promote the cause of Allah! My what a bunch of pious @#$%^&$%^’s I was told to NOT lie, I taught my children to NOT lie, and the KJV Bible say to LIE NOT! Lev 19:11/Col 3:9 KJV and these freeking jackasses think LYING is OK, because they say so! NOT!!!

      2. JYuma

        Tell me. Moses, Lived 5000 to 3000 years before Christ was Born. Right?
        The Muslim Religion was founded in the 7th Century After Christ Died.
        How could Moses have been something that did not exist in the Time of his Life?

        1. Scott Todd

          A Muslim will tell you that Adam and Eve were Muslims as was Jesus himself. It wasn’t until Allah gave his revelations to Muhammed that Islam began to be practiced in earnest, essentially.

          1. JYuma

            I can remember when the Russians claimed that they have Invented Every thing.
            Well not the Internet!
            Gore did that!!!

  4. revanonymoose

    This article I like. But what CNN is saying reminds me of some of the scammers who call me. Senseless ramble-jamble! A bunch of left wing gobblygook!
    As my dad would say, “biggabubbajoogabubbajoggabubbajiggabubbajoogabubbajoggabubbajigga…!” IN simpler terms a bunch of senseless gibberish! That is what I think of pretty all of the liberal dribble!

  5. Gary D Flatt

    Now with General Mattis in charge the USMC can continue there mission of sending fools to thier nonexistent version of paradise.

    1. Ben

      He should copy Black jack Pershing’s method of burying Muslims alive in pig carcasses.

      1. homer1057

        I have a web site where it says they are using pig grease/Blood on their bullets before they shoot! Better let em know first, huh? Or maybe just sling a few pigs over first! LOL

        1. Ben

          When I worked Intel, there was one group in S. Lebanon that had made a gigantic slingshot (Catapult) and would hurl chunks of pig at infiltrators and enemy. The targets screamed and made all kinds of great noises.

  6. RickQPublic

    For the typical cnn viewer with an IQ of about 65 – this will make perfect sense to them.

  7. Navalair59

    More liberal Bravo Sierra garbage.. The Marines and most real Americans know better.. The rest are complete idiots or liars like obamanation …..

  8. rixie

    Islamic or Muslims had not a twit to do with the founding of America – it was founded on Christians beliefs and religion = the Islamic came in the form of terror piracy and created the Marines

  9. Trythis Last

    I don’t watch CNN
    Please stop polluting the internet with stuff about them

  10. Kenneth Fichtl

    History is no longer relevant in America. No reason to have the past or traditions Stories from Elders or Books We have Google and Facebook

  11. Joyce White

    There were some Muslims slaves, but I doubt, given the mindset of the founders if they(slaves) would have been consulted on any part of the Declaration, Bill of Rights or the Constitution. They were here, but not part of the “founding”

  12. daveveselenak

    BS, here is what Islam and Islamic terrorism is:

    It is way, way past time to take the gloves off sheeple, especially you useful idiots on the Left; we are being played as fine fiddles! The Godless, Satan worshipping, power-mad, NWO-elitist ghouls are using Islamic terrorism and the immigration crisis as their tool to fool the Fools. These diabolical bastards are playing chess while the sheeple are playing tiddly-winks and have their heads so far up their asses and their cell phones sewn to their ears that they can’t realize that these ghouls don’t want to stop these horrific planned attacks on humanity. They are indirectly behind them as they feign wanting to stop them but once again they had this sub-human on the radar screen – like many others, even in our country – but somehow they escape capture until all of the murdering takes place, WAKE THE FUK UP! They then trot out their black-clad, jackbooted, heavily armed thugs as a show of force to intimidate you innocent sheeple and scare you half to death so that you never ever think about doing the right thing and revolting against the NWO-elitists! We are down the shit hole of tyranny but the sheeple have been dumbed-down, drugged-up ( legal and illegal ), brainwashed, PC bullied into acting as the zombies that they have become! The only response , pathetic and superficial at that, is to place flowers and teddy bears at the scene of the murders and sing kumbya while the devil worshipping pols reiterate the usual feckless, meaningless drivel and then life goes on as if nothing happened and there was even one reply from some leftist ghoul that said you can expect this to continue – baa, baa, bleat the sheeple, give “US” more, we like taking it up the ass! Now we have the Satan worshipping ghouls, formerly the democ-rats and now the Communist Party USA shutting down free speech and stopping investigations into murders because they would be exposed as the killers that they are! They are stopping anyone that dares speak out against them i. e. Trump, O’Rielley, Hannity and they want to even take over the internet with the faux “Net Neutrality” to stop any free speech as they deem constitutes hate speech AGAINST THEM! WAKE THE FUK UP! I myself have had enough and I declare that: REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION or subject your sorry asses to a life of misery, squalor and serfdom while these Godless ghouls live as the kings and queens that they currently are doing on your dime and mine! It will get much worse unless it is addressed “RIGHT” now! Our country, freedom, pursuit of happiness are on the line but unfortunately the sheeple – most of them – couldn’t care less but they will when it is too late – guaranteed! Armr==========================? – – – we will be needing them!

  13. chilitom

    If CNN has any integrity and class it must repudiate this bilge on prime-time using one of its ‘stars’ as a spokesman and explain how and why this nonsense was broadcast.

  14. CaptTurbo

    Some Islam showed up with the slaves that were sold by Muslims. Kinda like having just a little bit of cancer from the start?

  15. Estell Newton

    Where’s the proof that the slaves were Muslims? And since when was America O’dummys country? He’s from Africa.

    1. got my licence

      Muslims did not sell other Muslims, only infidels. It was the Muslims that ran the slave trade back then and continue to do so now.

      1. Normando782

        The Muslims that ran the slave trade were Arabs. They paid the tribes on their side to hand over rival tribesmen.

  16. Mark V

    I remember learning in grade school about all the Muslims who signed the Declaration of Independence, NOT—No it was that they were barbary pirates in early American history.

  17. Pullyourheadout

    Riiiiight….. I remember all those drawings of slaves on ships, in the fields, photographs, etc., with 25% of them wearing burkas……or pill box hats……

  18. Lu

    CNN you have listened too much to Obumer and he lied about our history. The only part of our ties to Islam is when Jefferson sent our Marines out to destroy the thugs.

  19. Carolann Enkhaus

    ah yes Islam is part of our history as they were pirates attacking our vessels and demanding extortion…I believe its mentioned in the marine song.////you know that line from the shores of tripoli when we kicked their ass!

    1. Dealerdeb1

      Most had no religion and adopted or were taught to take the religion of their owners.

  20. jack whip

    Muslims were capturing blacks and enslaving them and sold them to the Americas before and during the creation of the USA. CNN fake news network leaves that out, since it doesn’t help their mission to spread Islam into USA and eventually take over by over population, muslim women must pop out 12 kids or be stoned to death.

  21. Gisela H Fehr

    Once a liar, always a liar, and obummer really takes the cake. The only role Islam played with America were the Barbary Pirates in the Mediterranean Sea, which waged “war” on American shipping and America beat the stuffing out of them. Period. Fullstop!

  22. ToniStimmel

    Islam’s contribution to the New World has been to be a its ever-present pain in the ass.

  23. bj veteran

    The only contribution Islam has made to the world was that it was ok to kill anyone who does not accept your so called religion. If you do not comply then they make their way into a country and quietly take over neighborhoods until they become strong enough, with the help of people in the country, who will stand with them. Those that stand will be allowed to stay with them until they no longer need them, then they will be gone. Read about Mohamed in Mecca then having to leave with his followers and go to Medina. They took over Medina via the people there readily accepting them until they were outnumbered and forced to leave. Does any of this sound familiar?

  24. Ben

    Islam HAS played a significant role in America, since they were the pirates, the slavers, the heroin traffickers, the barbarians and Marauders. They sided with Hitler and later the old USSR. They have repeatedly attempted to knock off our best ally Israel and are at the forefront of the deprivation of human rights. Almost all airplane hijackings, mass killings of civilians and attacks against mass transit have been committed in the name of Mo–the Greatest of the child molesters and murderers. Did I forget to mention that the 1st and 2nd Crusades were done to thwart Islamic expansionism . . .

  25. Tom

    An Obama copycat. Obama assumed that by him stating something his uneducated minions would take it as gospel and assume it as factual. Not s,o morons.

  26. Tom Sanders

    CNN, MSN, MSNBC, fox5 all part of a sick media groupe that has more concern in selling news than truth and what’s best for the American people. A absolute discrase for their articles that are anti government and administration.

  27. Normando782

    The Marines were established to fight the Barbary Pirates who were extracting money from the fledgling U.S. so as not to attack American ships. They, the Muslims felt this money was due to them and they kept increasing their demands to the point where action became necessary, and that they must be defeated, and they were.

    1. homer1057

      I believe the Marines were established in 1775, even before the Navy, and I believe the Muslim crapola was later. I don’t belive the marines were created for the Tripoli thing! The Marines were created for the U.S.A. defense! OOH RAH/Semper Fi!!

    2. JYuma

      You are Wrong about the Marines.. Do some research of your own.
      You are correct about why the Few Marines that were sent to stop them were sent.

  28. Robrage

    Yes..Camel cigarettes have been part of our society. The Marines defeated Muslim pirates at Tripoli so it is part of our history of fighting the pedophile barbarians.

  29. homer1057

    YOU “DUMBASS/Jackass” The chances of this being true is as remote as dropping a 1 foot round ball from an aircraft at 30K feet and hitting a 1 foot square on the Earths surface! Why, If that were true, the U.S. would have been a Muslim dominated country a long time ago you stupid arrogant Jackass! You may be able to fool some one sometimes but not all the people all the time, BUT you can’t fool me you “BAS&^%D”! Thomas Jefferson DID not pay any bribe money and IT was the Muslims who did sell the blacks for slave trade! Muslims were the slave traders and they still are: IN FACT: according to Sharia Law #13 Slavery is still allowed and not struck down, death from a master to a slave is still allowed! Get your FACTS straight before you open that pie hole!

  30. Sue

    CNN is joking, right? America has always been a Judeo-Christian nation. That is the basis of our legal system, mores, and values. If Muslims existed in America’s founding days, they were the slaves imported from Muslim countries sold to white traders by other Muslims.

  31. Scott Todd

    Nothing terribly new here. Heard something similar a couple years back when I happened to stumble upon Wisconsin People’s, er, Public, Radio.

  32. tim keller

    someone must convince muslims theirs is not a failed religion,or all hell would break loose over there in the land of no milk n honey, as sam kennison said this is sand, shit wont grow in sand,so the people in power must convince their cult followers that its someones elses fault of their lot in life,like those mean americans who buy their oil,hell we made the worlds largest economy by using the oil,that they couldnt get out of the ground without western technology,hell they couldnt even find it without the west, all they can do is live in the seventh century and complain, its all our fault they have electricity,air cond,automobiles,planes,indoor plumbing,assault weapons,explosives,cell phones etc etc, name one thing that came from islam other than suicide bombers?

    1. JYuma

      I TRUELY do Hate to write this. Chess, Algebra, many of the Higher forms of Math.The Alphabet , most forms of writing.
      As I said. I Hate to write this. At one time Muslims were an Intelligent people.

  33. ernst

    Who is paying CNN to promulgate this stupid rewrite of history? No rational person can imagine that this is just some mistake or misinterpretation of history. There is money behind such lies and historical bias. To the extent there were Muslim slaves, which is likely in very small numbers, these people did not contribute in any way to the creation of the ideas and ideals of this country. Thomas Jefferson only read the Koran in order to learn how to best deal with the enslavers of US sailors.

  34. ADRoberts

    Just how many of those slaves were interviewed? LOL This is imagination at its worst. But that is standard for Democrats and muslims.
    Now about those claims that the slaves were muslims. I can believe that the ones who SOLD THEM into slavery were muslims. I guess the claim is that muslims did not care who they kidnapped and denied their freedom. Such is the way of muslims. Even their lies point to their uncivillzed ways.
    DON’T BELIEVE THEM. Never believe them. They are practicing taqiyya and muruna. And that is the TRUTH.

  35. Dummy811

    Hay, fool. Please, go to Arlington National Cem. and find a muslim grave before 1990.

  36. Chris Robinette

    CNN is famous for lies and fake news, so what makes any of you thing that we NON liberals will even believe it?

  37. ReaperHD

    The best part of our MUSLIM HISTORY is when our MARINES KICKED THEIR AZZEZ to stop their PIRACY. Yes they stopped teaching history in school and now you see why as they can feed our younger Americans any BS they want and no one will know the difference.

  38. J. Ernst

    muslims have long been an aggressive population of minions and barbarian’s BENT ON co-opting ANYTHING in their PATH!!!
    There’s a REASON the phrase “to the shores of Tripoli” in the marine song is present. The muslim combatants were also off the coast of California…when? Check your history. The muslim has raided and taken peoples ALL OVER THE WORLD to assimilate into their once dilapidated BREED!!! PLUS, the entire WORLD’S economies ran on the SLAVE TRADE!!! Which is NEVER taught in the Higher Learning Center’s once called colleges.
    BTW…ANYONE who goes out of their way and OUT of their normal lives to go to a place on earth to walk around a stone obelisk chanting whatever are LUNATIC MINIONS, sheeple, morons. And should NOT be trusted members of a free society!

  39. gene1

    Good news for the printers of school books, as now they can ‘update’ and ‘rewrite’ history, so students years from now, will believe the ‘United States’, was founded by muslins,