Watergate journalist: Trump is president, get over it

Bob Woodward, one of the two Washington Post reporters who broke the Nixon-Watergate story wide open, said Wednesday that the “smug” news media are acting as though Donald Trump’s presidency is a “try-out” and not reality.

The iconic journalist then suggested that, despite all of the Russia hysteria, Trump is president and likely will remain president for at least a full term — maybe even longer.

Woodward made the comments during an interview with Axios’ Mike Allen. As recently as Sunday, Woodward called on his fellow journalists not to “binge drink the anti-Trump Kool-Aid” and “dial back” all the negative coverage of the president.

Woodward reiterated that message again Wednesday. “You have to have a presumption of good will,” Woodward said, according to Axios.

He then described the current media landscape:

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source: http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/05/24/watergate-journalist-bob-woodward-to-smug-media-trump-is-president-get-over-it/

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