UK halts sharing bombing intel with US

Manchester attack: UK halts sharing bombing intel with US

Britain has suspended intelligence sharing on the Manchester bombing with the US after American officials leaked information to the media, an issue that British Prime Minister Theresa May will raise with US President Donald Trump later Thursday.

US officials released the suspected bomber’s name and other details of the investigation into the deadly attack at the Manchester Arena Monday night, irking British investigators scrambling to keep details of the probe confidential.
May said Thursday she would raise leaks with Trump when the pair meet at a NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium.

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Arriving at the summit she told reporters the “special relationship” with the US on intelligence sharing is based on trust.
“I will be making clear to President Trump today that intelligence that is shared between law enforcement agencies must remain secure.”

Trump in turn vowed to investigate, according to a White House statement to reporters, saying “leaks of sensitive information pose a grave threat to our national security.”
“The alleged leaks coming out of government agencies are deeply troubling. These leaks have been going on for a long time and my administration will get to the bottom of this,” he said.

“I am asking the Department of Justice and other relevant agencies to launch a complete review of this matter, and if appropriate, the culprit should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. There is no relationship we cherish more than the special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom.”

Addressing leaders ahead of the NATO summit, Trump paid tribute to the victims of the attack, saying it was “a barbaric and vicious attack upon our civilization.”
He dismissed terrorists as “losers” and said they must be driven out of societies around the world.

Mayor: We can’t afford the risk

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham said that only intelligence relating to the Manchester probe had been suspended, adding that “we quite frankly can’t afford to risk it any more.”
“It has been compromised by the leaks and we can’t afford anymore, so we’ve taken a temporary decision to say let’s clear it out and draw a line, let’s not have a row that lingers on. Nobody wants that. But equally we have to make our opinions clear so we can get this relationship back to where we all want it to be,” Burnham

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  1. C6vet

    We MUST STOP these leaks, our lives depend on it! Other countries are having 2nd thoughts about sharing Intel with US, this could hurt any coordination between countries to stop Terrorist no matter where they are, or where they plan to strike! The people, if identified, should receive extremely harsh sentences, I understand that could be up to 10 years in Prison! We can only hope but the Leaks have to stop!

      1. C6vet

        Too busy chasing Russians the last Yr+ & found NADA, ZIP, ZILCH, ZERO but like the energizer bunny they keep on lookin with nothing to find! They will never give up on trying to pin something on President Trump! They will NOT look at anything involving Libturds, #SJWs, #Snowflakes ❄️ hiding in #SafeSpaces! Like chasing their tails, who knows how much they will waste of our Tax Dollars! They have 3, 4, 5 Russian Investgations going on plus…….

  2. gooojooo1

    President Trump needs to fire all obama hire es and anyone promoted to positions of power under obamas administration

    1. RightVote

      While the Manchurian Candidate is NOT the President………..His “government Deep State’ IS STILL in charge.

        1. RightVote

          The ‘Real last Guy’ who sat in the office was Valerie Jarrett……….
          Obama was only the front man !

  3. RightVote

    AMERICA is under attack from its own Government and it’s affiliates, The MSM !

  4. KingDon

    If we are unable to prevent the sources (usually quoted as unnamed) of the liberal/socialist media we have in our country from blabbing out strategic information, then no one should share the information with us.

    The MSM is far more interested in grabbing headlines than in protecting our country.

    1. old codger

      There is NO MSM in the U.S.! All we have is the LSM (Lame Stream Media)!!

      Lame Stream Media:
      CNN – Communist News Network or Certified NON-complete News or Calumny News Network *** or “Counterfeit News Network” OR “Childish News Network” or “Crap NOT News” or Cesspool News Network
      CBS – Communist Broadcast System or Calumny Broadcast System *** or Corrupted Bull Sh!t
      ABC – Accredited B.S. Channel or Anarchists Bullying Channel or Always Broadcasting Communism
      NBC – No Broadcasting Credibility or Nothing But Conjecture or Nothing But Corruption or Nothing But Crap!!!
      MSNBC – Main Stream National BullChit Channel! Most Stupid Numbed Brain Channel! Many SMALL Numbed Brain Cells or More Snotty Nonsense By Chicks.
      PBS-Premeir B.S.
      NPR- National Propaganda Reporting
      What do they all have in common?? ANYTHING negative about the DimmiWITZ or positive about a Republican WILL NEVER see air time!!

      1. KingDon

        Correct. They’re nothing more than outlets for subversion committed to a total socialist or communist dictatorship form of government in our country.

      2. mustangsallyann

        Even when we had a more honest media, I always thought too much strategic info was released to our public. Too many here have really big mouths and all that did was warn all enemies so they were prepared for us nearly every time our troops went on targeted and very dangerous mission’s. There are some things the public shouldn’t know beforehand.

    2. Texancoach

      Hmm there KingD,…seems about like the same incident in Trump relaying classified foreign intel to the Russians before he even declassified it.

      What’s this got to do with ‘liberal media’ or ‘conservative media’…

      1. old codger

        Because “IF” they actually did reporting they’d find out that so did “W” and Old Jug Ears Ovomit had a long running tell all with Putin!
        They SHOULD report ALL the News not just anti Trump!! What about HellBitchery’s unsecured server?? But they got the news as she posted it!

        1. Texancoach

          Ya know Codger, in showing ignorance and spewing out third grader slurs, no one is ever going to take ya seriously. Ya may not know how to even debate for your reversion, but nonetheless, if ya get those few pat-on-the-back from the like minded, if that’s all your after…have fun…but at your own expense…

          1. old codger

            Better to remain silent and thought a fool , than open your mouth
            and remove all doubt!!

            How can you hear anything with that case of CCRIS (Chronic Cranial Rectal Inversion
            Syndrome) impacting your auditory meatus with fecal matter ??

            It is said dumb can be corrected through education but “STUPID” is forever. Hows it feel to be stuck in forever?

      2. KingDon

        Regardless of whether Trump did so or not, my comments on the MSM still stands. “If” he did so, then he was definitely wrong and should answer for it. Haven’t seen any solid proof that he did so yet – just lots of MSM blubbering.

          1. KingDon

            If he did and it’s not being taken out of context, as comments frequently are, he should answer for it. I already said that. I still stand by my comments on the MSM.

          2. mustangsallyann

            That’s nonsense, he did no such thing. I didn’t even vote for him but am thoroughly disgusted with all of the liar’s that continue to spread nothing but carp.

      3. mustangsallyann

        The others involved in those meetings have already sworn that info was/is false. As many lies as they’ve already been caught publicizing, I’ve no doubt it’s more lies from the very dishonest, liberal media.

        1. Texancoach

          The only other ones there were the Trump administration, the Russian officials and the Russian media and photographers. Remember, it was closed off to the American press…

          1. mustangsallyann

            Do you truly believe that matters? As the daughter of an ex politician, I assure you, it doesn’t. I’ve been personally involved with their crimes, corruptions and set up’s and still hate my father for his involvements. That’s why, for those that know me on here, I don’t speak of him. You can do anything, dishonest or not, with the proper resources, connections and friends.

          2. mustangsallyann

            Unfortunately, ethics lives outside of government, with those like us. It’s one reason we don’t get involved in politics to begin with. :o) But for them, it gets checked at the door. Most of them would be dx’d as sociopaths and the one’s that get caught usually are. But I’ve witnessed things that would make most people’s hair stand on end. And that, dear, is the end of that. ;o)

          3. Texancoach

            Mustang, I do respect your thoughts. It’s kinda refreshing to know that there are a few on the rightwing side that can relate and debate without reverting to third grader slurs.

            As for me, I am one Independent liberal, but one redneck liberal as well. Growing up in West Texas, without being physically shown but just knowing that if anyone needed help and I mean anyone, you be the first in line to give that outstretched hand without asking the need as to why.

            Rightwingers and in particular the Christian right fundamentalist has, it appears to have forever lost that sensitivity for others unlike themselves. Totally against Jesus’ ways…they’re hypocrites.

            I mean the right will vote back into office (Rep. Mark Sanford) one who flies on the state’s taxpayer dime to pickup his Argentine mistress and bring her back while still married.

            Then put one in office (Greg Gianforte) that body slams and punches a reporter while he’s down the night before elections.

            Republicans replacing Obamacare with a health bill they continually push knowing it sucks for the average Jane and Joe and intentionally lie about it on how it’s going to really impact negatively the vulnerable in the elderly, disabled, the currently sick and children. It takes gutless wonders to do that. I don’t care for that much at all.

            Then they vote for a narcissistic, demeaning, grab ’em, lying billionaire thinking that billionaire is going to be looking after their welfare. Trump is for Trump…always has been always will be.

            So much for the party of family values, huh…

            I do have my problems with Dems and yes, Democrats do have a few ethical lackeys as well, but they have a tendency to weed them out. Republicans cheer them on or justify with excuses. So I just s’pose I disagree with ya to a degree.

            Regardless, politicians are humans too and have a choice. For that matter, if ya have just two people in an empty room…you have politics…


    3. ADRoberts

      And that is the intent. To cripple our government by all the traitorous actions they can imagine and some that can’t be imagined. Folks, they have declared war on America. And WHEN it comes to the streets, make sure you KNOW who are the real enemies.

  5. jesse

    Wouldn’t expect anything less from the saboteur obama holdovers and traitorous media! Because their petulant little butt hurt and subversive mission takes precedent over national security and international relations.

  6. kimberpross

    I hope the administration can get to the bottom of it and make an example of the leakers, but that is probably more difficult than I can understand.

  7. Charlie

    It has been suggested to many cash rich conservative organizations, political entites and government agencies that cash rewards should be offered up for information on who leakers are. So far we haven’t seen any rewards offered. Why not? Please use your influence to push for rewards with your groups and public officials. REWARDS WORK!!!

  8. CaptTurbo

    Obama plants just keep on leaking to the criminal leftist “news” media. Heads need to roll. I think we should start with the bath housing community agitator.

  9. Kirke Veeder

    Need to find the leakers and treat them ruthlessly. If they’re govt. employees, they wouldn’t be anymore. No pensions benefits, nothing. They’re having a direct effect on out national security and so are their rat buddies in the media for using their stuff.

        1. old codger

          You should be removed from this country and sent to Libya or Afghanistan then tied to an ant hill after being covered in honey!

  10. Gloria Burckholter


  11. mudguy1

    Clean house and jail time is needed all who did the leaking. Reporting and printing information from so called un-nameded “Sources” is NOT reporting news. It is supporting anarchism.

  12. gunnygil

    If the truth be known is was probably a carryover from the Soetoro intelligence authority administration that leaked the photos to the press just to add to the fire of the falsehoods published by the mainstream One World Order media

  13. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    TRUMP needs to findout who these OFFICIALS are and bring them up on charges and turn them over to the UK so they too can bring them up on charges!! Gee and people wonder why these countries don’t trust us any more.

  14. ADRoberts

    Those leaks in our government. They need to be closed with a LEAD seal. Make it permanent. It will only require closing one or two of the leaks with a LEAD plug before the rest of the leaks will suddenly go away. THEY ARE COWARDS.

  15. daveveselenak

    BS, investigation, I think they are a wee bit late on that one azzholes, the killing was already committed! The investigation should have prevented this but this is what it is all about:

    It is way, way past time to take the gloves off sheeple, especially you useful idiots on the Left; we are being played as fine fiddles! The Godless, Satan worshipping, power-mad, NWO-elitist ghouls are using Islamic terrorism and the immigration crisis as their tool to fool the Fools. These diabolical bastards are playing chess while the sheeple are playing tiddly-winks and have their heads so far up their asses and their cell phones sewn to their ears that they can’t realize that these ghouls don’t want to stop these horrific planned attacks on humanity. They are indirectly behind them as they feign wanting to stop them but once again they had this sub-human on the radar screen – like many others, even in our country – but somehow they escape capture until all of the murdering takes place, WAKE THE FUK UP! They then trot out their black-clad, jackbooted, heavily armed thugs as a show of force to intimidate you innocent sheeple and scare you half to death so that you never ever think about doing the right thing and revolting against the NWO-elitists! We are down the shit hole of tyranny but the sheeple have been dumbed-down, drugged-up ( legal and illegal ), brainwashed, PC bullied into acting as the zombies that they have become! The only response , pathetic and superficial at that, is to place flowers and teddy bears at the scene of the murders and sing kumbya while the devil worshipping pols reiterate the usual feckless, meaningless drivel and then life goes on as if nothing happened and there was even one reply from some leftist ghoul that said you can expect this to continue – baa, baa, bleat the sheeple, give “US” more, we like taking it up the ass! Now we have the Satan worshipping ghouls, formerly the democ-rats and now the Communist Party USA shutting down free speech and stopping investigations into murders because they would be exposed as the killers that they are! They are stopping anyone that dares speak out against them i. e. Trump, O’Rielley, Hannity and they want to even take over the internet with the faux “Net Neutrality” to stop any free speech as they deem constitutes hate speech AGAINST THEM! WAKE THE FUK UP! I myself have had enough and I declare that: REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION or subject your sorry asses to a life of misery, squalor and serfdom while these Godless ghouls live as the kings and queens that they currently are doing on your dime and mine! It will get much worse unless it is addressed “RIGHT” now! Our country, freedom, pursuit of happiness are on the line but unfortunately the sheeple – most of them – couldn’t care less but they will when it is too late – guaranteed! Armr==========================? – – – we will be needing them!

    1. old codger

      Looking in the mirror are we! I suppose you wanted to lick HellBitcheries crotch??



  17. Red Steiner

    They’re more afraid of losing the tourist trade than compromising the investigation. Isn’t England a Muslim safe zone?

  18. Red Steiner

    I suspect it came from one or more of Obama/s lackeys who are still in within the intelligence community.