The White House starting to prepare for impeachment proceedings?

White House attorneys are said to be researching impeachment procedures, CNN reported Friday, amid an avalanche of unflattering news hitting President Donald Trump’s White House.

Officials at the White House have called a Trump impeachment a “distant” and “unlikely” possibility, according to CNN justice correspondent Evan Pérez, who cited two people briefed on the discussions.

The impeachment research was being conducted as a precautionary measure and was described as an informal process.

The White House has denied any such research was taking place, CNN said.

Some Democrats on Capitol Hill have been vocal about a potential Trump impeachment in recent days and weeks as pressure mounted in investigations surrounding Russia’s US-election meddling and potential collusion with Trump associates. The broader inquiry evolved dramatically in the past 10 days after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.

On Monday, it was reported that Trump shared classified information with two Russian diplomats during an Oval Office meeting last week. On Tuesday, The New York Times reported that Trump nudged the FBI to drop its investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn. And on Wednesday, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed a special counsel to take over the FBI’s Russia investigation.

The Trump administration has expressed confidence amid the impeachment chatter, saying the White House believes it still has the support of congressional Republicans, according to CNN.

What do you think? is this real or just something made up??

source: business insider/cnn
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  1. barbarakelly

    To the gop. —–you better get behind Trump or you are going to lose. I want every one that has been against Trump to be arrested for sedition.–AND DO IT NOW.!!!!!! TO THE GOP —–I FIND YOU TO BE GUTLESS CRAP. WHERE IN THE HELL IS YOUR BACKBONE. TRUMP HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG. SUPPORT HIM —I want to see it. Where are you on the TV news. All I have been seeing is the damn insinuating dems.. I w3ant you to arrest SOROS, MCCAIN, GRAHAM, AND POSSIBLE RYAN AND ANY OTHER THAT HAS BEEN TEARING TRUMP DOWN BEHIND HIS BACK.!!!!!!! KNOW THIS if you don’t show the support –there is going to be hell to pay in 2018.!!!!!!!!!

    1. rivahmitch

      With all due respect, the problem here is trusting “the system” to do the right thing. “The system” did not elect Trump, the people did and it will be up to the people to fix the problems if the scum attempt to remove him.

      1. autrypma

        Good point…so many in the system need to “be gone”…Ryan for sure.
        And ANY Republican who can not and will not support our President.
        Also, don’t forget the Liberal Dems who absolutely “Live” to wreck Trump’s life and impeach, arrest him, or anything (all totally untrue) to get him out of office…because, they know, he will “Drain The Swamp”…and the swamp is full of Swampies…

      2. old codger

        Isn’t that why our Founding Fathers drew up the 2nd Amendment??? The DemoCRAPZ and RINO’s should be careful!!

        1. dmttbt

          Don’t bet on it. We have no power. Our power is suppose to be the people we elect to handle our business and they including repubs and dems alike don’t want to do anything that will upset their free ride on the tax payers.

          1. old codger

            Copied from this link!!


            Some observers argue further that the Second Amendment grants the right of insurrection. According to these theorists, the Second Amendment was designed to allow citizens to rebel against the government. Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying that “a little rebellion every now and then is a good thing.”
            What it’s trying to say is when Government gets to big for it’s britches, citizens have the right to put them on a diet!!
            So “WE” do in fact have the power!!

          2. dmttbt

            Short of an armed revolution we have no power because if you try to influence one of the crime parties with your statement of dissatisfaction you could wind up on a list like those who committed suicide while associated with the Clinton s.

          3. drthomasedavis

            I choose to fight; I will NOT submit to tyranny. I am a firm believer in the law and Attorney General Sessions has yet to be heard from. Obama, Clinton, Holder and numerous others committed TREASON. there in no Statute of Limitations for that heinous crime and with the guidance and assistance of our Creator. The guilty will be brought to justice and be EXECUTED!

          4. old codger

            I truly hate to put it like this but “HELLO ANYBODY HOME”!!!
            What in the name of ALL that is HOLY failed to compute!
            In a nut shell that IS what the 2nd Amendment is ALL about!! Why the Hell do you think the DemoCRAPZ want to confiscate ALL the guns??? WOW!! Wake up and have several strong cups of coffee!!
            I hope and pray it DOES NOT come to that but if the SHTF it will be because of DUMBA$$ DemoRATZ and snowflakes pushing and pushing till it does!!

            My oath of enlistment states:

            “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and
            defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”
            Domestic – not foreign or international
            Under the UCMJ it states lawful orders that do NOT go against the Constitution! Ergo if the officers and or President issue an unlawful order, to bad so sad!
            Also take note there is NO EXPIRATION DATE ON THAT OATH!! i SERVED FROM ’69 TO ’76! As far as I’m concerned that oath is still 100% in effect!!

    2. Neil Tuttle

      you need to email this to your senator and congressman. putting it on the net will gain nothing. because i believe in what you are saying. but do we count in the long run, only if we are a force to be recond with. and now we are nothing but words in cyber space. ..

      1. dmttbt

        I have and I have stopped because I saw how it is a waste of time. They pay no attention to what the people say.
        On term limits lets skip that formality because it could do as much harm as good. Lets start getting these politicians arrested and convicted rather than retired. That will thin the herd.

    3. blacktalk

      He won’t be impeached! Inspite the feckless, useless, worthless gop who would not be in office without him!

    4. richard3095

      Would be a very good shot a cross the bow of the Swamp Dwellers. Clintons, Nancy is brain dead from swilling the wine furnished by the tax payers, At least 75% off the Demowits must go…………and that number is kind to the rest of them as they brain dead sheep. And by the way Obama and his wanabe idiot wife should join Harry Reid need to drown in the Muck!!!

  2. Neil Tuttle

    let me put it this way, if trump ever commites something that justifies impechment , then so be it, but untill that day. Their is sudision gong on in high government as we speak close to trump and the new FBI director should be require to serch it out and arrest those responsiable and prosecute those resposiable. but will it happen, proable not..

  3. Fortuneless

    Civil War if the Democrats keep this crap up….Obama and Soros need to be neutralized, if that happens many of these so called problems will magically disappear.

    1. Zinsky

      I wonder if the Secret Service knows you are threatening to murder an ex-president? And what exactly has George Soros robe that you want to kill him in cold blood, you deviant? Please provide one scintilla of evidence please – just one…

      1. Spiritof America

        Liberal Boards……..just down the street .Next to the Anti-American crowd.

      2. mowmtn

        now now, all that man was saying was his opinion. I wish Soros and Obama was out of the picture since they are citing riots against Trump and trumps followers. does that make me sound like a killer ? No It does not.. I want to see Trumps momentum rise to a greater level and the watch Trump place Obama and Soros in jail and have a open trial on both treasons Persons, and don’t stop with a slap on the hand either.

      3. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

        How about Soros saying that the best time in his life was when he went around with his father confiscating Jewish properties for the NAZIS?

    2. richard3095

      The Demowits have caused a huge increase in the consumption the taxpayer paid for vino. Now if we could spike the wine with colonic it would trap them in their own sh*t. If it happens…………………..invest in bath room tissue companies!!!!!

    3. dmttbt

      Don’t be foolish and just say the democrats because those republicans can’t be trusted either. The republicans didn’t stop 8 years of obama and all the out of control spending of money that we don’t have.

      1. drthomasedavis

        Now, you ae catching on! POLITICIANS of any stripe CANNOT be trusted ,PERIOD! We MUST have a COS ,prepare some 20 Amendments for ratification and get OUR Republic back on track.
        Dr. Thomas E. Davis,Colonel, USA (Ret)

  4. Stephanie Walters

    I guarantee you the more the media pushes this BS narrative, along with the DemocRATS, and the more the Republicans REFUSE to support our president’s agenda and grow a damn spine, they will ALL lose. Trump still has his base … and then some. The media and the DemocRATS have ZERO agenda but to take Trump down. So they can fool some of the people some of the time, but not ALL of the people all the time, and it’s those people who will win President Trump the WH again in 2020. JOBS, our nation’s security, including the border wall, and our health care are what’s most important. I have no health insurance right now because it’s too expensive. Up until this year I had health insurance for almost 15 years, “So thank you, Barack Insane Obama, for all the LIES and COVERUPS, of which the media and the DemocRATic party REFUSED to call you out on because they are as guilty as you are.” War has been declared on our president and those of us who elected him. It’s time we fight back and send a strong message to these corrupt and weak politicians. Let’s pray for strong leaders to enter the 2018 race to get these scumbags out of office.

  5. JJ

    We people better stand up and be heard loud and clear. What that loud and clear are come in many different forms if you get my drift. I am sick of these people against Trump. If it takes a fight, so be it. But everybody will not stand up. That is the reason we are in the shape we are in right now. Obama and Hillary should be in prison serving time right now. What did we do about it- nothing. We all sat with our finger up our noses and did nothing. If the bikers would start it, we need to fall right in behind them. Somebody has to be a leader. What better people than the bikers being our leaders. Let’s roll with it! Get up off your butts and do something. I guarantee you I will be there!

    1. dprato

      There are more people ready to stand up and fight than you can possibly imagine and if they want one all they have to do is bring it on. We aren’t going backwards and we are not yielding to the left. Don’t forget we are the ones with the weapons and the experience using them. This is not going to happen.

  6. sammy


  7. bigones007

    I think if he gets impeached there will be hell to pay from us deplorables, we voted him in to make a difference and you better not mess with us, we are in his corner. GOP better pull there heads out of there butts and get on board JM, LG, MR, TC, you have all been on the dummos side and now it’s going to come down on you come election time, we will find people that love this country and want to make it better for all of us, not just you.

  8. GED

    I agree, it is about time that the supporters of Trump take to the streets in full force. This is just insane what the Never Trumpers and the Liberal Left is doing. I say we have a Day without Productive Tax Paying Americans and see what that does.

  9. Bill

    It’s obvious there are way to many in congress that are worried about being exposed for the corruption they may be involved with. Expect a drawn out drip, drip, drip of smoke and mirrors from all the investigations, a constant barrage of fake news from anonymous sources to the usual fake wapo, nyt and MSM. Plus the usual looooooooney left schumer, polosi and the brilliant mad Maxine waters. I’m sure there will be lying galore by all with a few rino’s and flaky left nobody hardly knows.
    President Trump, this will be the perfect time to expose the corrupt deep state, this should be interesting but a sad time for America. The witch hunt is focus on the wrong person, meanwhile the real corrupt people walk free for awhile longer.

  10. David

    It definitely looks like the swamp runs deeper and wider across both parties as well as private parties, than anyone, including President Trump, ever imagined. I just hope he doesn’t give up the fight.

  11. Bill Thompson

    Obama is already out of office. How can they impeach someone who is already out of office?

  12. melsbrew

    Trump is the final say on what is classified and what is not. No one else can dictate that! So what if he told Comey to end an investigation on Michael Flynn. He did not order it, only a casual suggestion. The media and certain moles are on a witch hunt to impeach the president. We must come to his rescue and attache the media with emails, boycotts, advertisers, etc. to get them to stand down.

  13. rosalind servello

    Everyone knows the liberal dems are crap and they know it too. But, the rino’s are worse, they are stabbing President Trump in the back and smiling about it. I hope he cleans house when he gets back and gets rid of these pieces of shit.

  14. Johnnyboy

    relax, anything from CNN ( clinton news network) is pure 100% bullshit as the news from CBS, NBC, KTLA, KABC, KCAL, KTTV, NPR, and several radio stations, don’t watch and avoid listening to these stations, most news papers are full if it as well, cancel your papers and you will not be reading propaganda and lies.

  15. Jim

    These dem libs and Rinos are basing this all on made up fiction stories in the media.The Trump hating sore loser media gives them the orders now and they follow it. Meanwhile Hillary destroys 13 computers that were subpoenaed by the government in a federal investigation of her and deleted 20,000 e-mails that were subpoenaed in a federal investigation of her which is truly obstruction of justice and made millions upon millions of dollars through laundered money from other countries and she walks free while there is nothing to prove anything that they claim Trump did and they want to impeach him. Russia did not hack into voting machines to change votes, It is widely known that hey were talking about impeachment before he was a candidate and Podesta and Mook came up with the Russian story 24 hrs. after Hillary lost. If they impeach Trump they better be prepared for a revolution and uprising.

  16. Tom

    People like Al Green pile of shit who did nothing to impeach homobama muslim traitor and all those who sat around and let hitlery get away withe Benghazi. I just can not understand why when people in office commit treason against this country are still walking away free .President Trump has not committed treason our had anyone killed to hid the truth but that have are still free. This country needs to get those cowards out of office and hung for treason all of them.

  17. janedoe3

    Barbara, you are an idiot. How in the world could you people find anything right with this lying president. He lies, and lies, and lies and I can’t wait until he perjure himself under oath and gets carried away in handcuffs.

      1. janedoe3

        You and Donald need to learn how to construct a complete and intelligent sentence. I have no idea what the hell you are trying to say.

        1. Lillyhammer Lip

          Just goes to show everyone just how dumb you really are. Did you flunk first grade and then drop out of school? More than likely you were dropped on your head after you were born. As I said, your jackass is showing. Are my sentences complete and understandable enough for you now?

  18. dprato

    First off someone has to come up with something better than accusations that is a high crime or misdemeanor and what they are going to have to answer is how did Obama not be impeached or Clinton indicted based on all the illegal acts they committed. With a Republican Majority it should be impossible to impeach President Trump without Republicans taking a serious beating and facing the the possibility of the end of the Republican Party. So personally I am not at all concerned and I am sure the White House Lawyers are very familiar with the process which has only been enacted a couple of times in our entire history. If Obama and Clinton aren’t in jail neither will it happen to Trump.

  19. Zinsky

    The “people” did not elect the serial sexual molester, Donald Trump. He lost the 2016 election by over three million votes!

    1. JJ

      I think you better go back to school and study history!! Learn how a president is elected.

    2. JJ

      You are just plain dumb! You must be in one of those states that are dependent on government! Grow a brain and while you are at it, get a job!

  20. JJ

    Impeach Maxine Waters for breathing. It makes as much sense as for Trump to be impeached.

    1. Zinsky

      Maxine Waters doesn’t consort with Russian oligarchs like the small-dicked, fat ass pervert, Trump.

  21. Jim Strong

    If it ever happens, there will be a big war in the USA.
    Put your money in body bags, as there will be a large amount need.

  22. autrypma

    I do not believe CNN, whatever or anything they say,. I do not believe that President Trump has done ANYTHING CRIMINAL or anything to be considered “impeachment worthy”. I do believe he is “draining the swamp, gradually”. That is what most of the Washington Elite are fearing, but impeachment…? Obama, YES, YES, YES…!! These fake newsers, liars, incompetent lying media are really TRYING to plant the idea of impeachment in the minds of all Americans.
    I know the liberal media has treated President Trump incredibly badly, unfair, untrue articles constantly, lies and lies. I wish he could sue them all, in a blanket lawsuit.
    But, the conservative Americans do not believe this garbage…however, it is damaging to his presidency, his life, his health…IT MUST BE STOPPED !!.

    1. Zinsky

      “Conservative Americans” don’t believe anything they don’t hear from Rush Dimbulb or FauxNews, because they are simple-minded, brain-washed lemmings who couldn’t think their way out of a wet paper sack…

      1. Texancoach

        Actually Zinsky, I admire your fortitude…continue on in trying to make them listen, but pretty much all you’re going to get back is third grader slurs. Ya know, once the rightwing were against anything remotely communist, now they cheer for trump and his dear friend Putin that once ran the Soviet Union’s KGB. Once conservatives were for civil humane governance, but now they embrace Trump who has embraced dictators that kill their own citizens as in Putin or gives him classified info, inviting el Presidente Rodrigo Duterte (Philippines) to the WH who has killed thousands drug users and political opponents with police goon squads. Trump’s even praised Kim Jong-un (N.Korea) for his ability to cling to power at such a young age.

        Trump’s budget proposal is to cut 100s of billions from food stamps, and billions from Medicaid and farmer subsidies…and why…to pay for his wealthy tax cuts. I don’t care if any of these rightwingers aren’t on any social program, they certainly have family members that are, so we’re all going to be affected.

        Sure…attack the poor instead of poverty while making the rich richer, for in the Trumpeteers’ eyes that ‘Makes America Great Again’.

        It does not matter what Trump says or does…they’re his chumps for keeps…

  23. jesse

    What an absolute farce, there’s ZERO grounds for impeachment! These luciferian lyin losers won’t be happy till they start a civil war, all because they lost an election!! The anti-American, marxist left is a fascist hate group that should be charged with treason!!!



  25. Phillip Lake

    I will openly second the opinion voiced here by Barbara Kelly. If they even START impeachment against Pres. Trump this early into his term, after all the shit they let Obummer get away with == THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY LIKE THESE SNOWFLAKES, GAYS, LEFTIES AND DEMORATS HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE! You stupid demorats and back-stabbing repukes know that every single President this country has ever had all committed collusion in order to maintain peace between nations. You pukes let McCain, Soros, Pelosi, Reid, Clinton, Obummer and all the lying filth that makes up D.C. lobbyists and strong arm unionists do whatever the hell they want to, and you try to condemn Trump because your bitch Clinton did not win. Stop the shit before you cross the line and there will be NO turning back. This country is ripe for a revolution and you people are going to be the blame for the outcome. STOP — NOW!!!

    1. old codger

      Again I say: “I hope and pray it doesn’t come to that but……………………..”!

  26. Carolann Enkhaus

    Perhaps they should prepare for civil war because thats whats going to happen if Our president is impeached !

  27. Patriot American

    They don’t have enough for impeachment. It will have to clear the House Judiciary Committee. If they send articles of impeachment to the full House to consider and I can’t think of one single thing. If the House votes to impeach, then there would be a trial in the Senate where the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court would preside. It would take 2/3rd of the Senators or 67 Senators to vote guilty to remove the President from office. Americans are getting sick of this and wants to get on with the nations business. Still can’t get over the election. The fake media.

  28. DEBETT'!


    : /

  29. Brabado

    Wonder how many Corrupt Liberal Democrat Operatives are working for the CONSERVATIVE NEWS ROOM Webpage???

    Is Sen. McCain also in your payroll????


    Semper fi.

  30. Sal Belardo

    The Democrats have to have proof to impeach President Trump! Just saying it won’t make it happen! Just like collusion between Trump and Russia! No proof no collusion!
    How about a nipple to suck on?

    1. Joe Pewter

      need proof use to be the the left plus msm are allowed to make it up ..just like a comey memo

  31. daveveselenak

    REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION to the Godless, Satan worshipping power mad NWO-elitist ghouls in both parties – that is the reality of the dire situation “TRANSFORMED & TRANS-GENDERED AMERIKA” finds itself in!

  32. mowmtn

    I fully agree with Barbarakelly , all of you mis- informed followers of Soros cash flow need to set for a moment and then think is Soros interested in Trump or is Soros against all Republicans and all parties just to watch his larger game. I bet everyone on Soros Payroll had a great spring break but now its time to do as Soros demands of them or their 15 bucks an hour payday will be gone.

  33. Joseyphine Johnson

    The people DIDN’T vote this TRAITOR in PUTIN DID. He lost by 3 Million votes. However, besides that , look at his policies ANTI-AMERICAN which tells me he is PRO-TRUMP, PRO-RUSSIA, PRO-SAUDI ARABIA the same COUNTRY THAT CAUSED thousands of AMERICAN LIVES to be lost during 9/11 & the LIST GOES ON … IMPEACH HIM
    #CountryOverParty ???????

  34. Jeff Waters

    Government is a JOKE. They do as they please and as they want. If it don’t Benefit them. They don’t care. They are Wealthy People and we the People need to Vote them all OUT. Some of them been in there to long . They all will turn on you to get their way. They don’t care if they put you on the Street. If they would benefit from it. Just as long they don’t get impeach for doing what they want in Government !!!!!

  35. cathylovesyou

    Communist Nationalistic News (CNN) rants just like any Communist Rag. PM, Daily Worker they’re all gone. Who can stomach watching CNN or MSNBC for more than 3 minutes. It is a sickening experience. The sad thing all though few nut jobs do and no matter how many times they get caught with long noses, believe the lies. Ho Hum

  36. archipapi

    Mr. President, don’t prepare for the DISTANT possibility to fire the White House Attorneys……. fire them now, as subversives !

  37. rick meek

    Dear Trump —— For the psyc’s that called you nutz – I’d invoke the Goldwater clause and SUE…..The traitors in DC and elsewhere – I’d hunt down and destroy – for the opposition in Dc – IMPEACH them…..

  38. rick meek

    The PEOPLE elected trump —– You A-holes are NOT the president – A-holes are NOT the ruling elite majority – the MSM may be you tools but they can be brought down too….

  39. Terry Butts

    Why would they prepare for something that none of the evidence provided so far would allow?

    obama violated the US constitution did end runs around congressional NO VOTES on the issues he pushed and ordered more than one investigation halted.

    NOT ONE of the people claiming the ACCUSATION of an EX-EMPLOYEE warranted an investigation even raised an eyebrow much less started an investigation or demanded impeachment of obama.

    Remember the DOJ is still PERSECUTING the sheriff that ignored those illegal orders to ignore immigration laws while obama was in office.

    According to previous lawsuits when judges gave similar orders to PROTECT certain people from prosecution US law states any court order to violate the law is invalid.

  40. disqus_QR7ejvoSVU

    The Donald has a 38% approval rating which is still dropping.
    Flynn is taking the 5th trying for amnesty. He will only get amnesty if he provides sufficient information against those higher in Trump’s organization (possibly Trump himself).
    Watch the Comey testimony. Who are you going to believe — Comey or Trump who is a known liar?

  41. Sanjuana Rhoades

    I am sure that all the Trump Administration is ready to impeach and better said “fire” all leakers and traitors to the Trump administration but disloyal to the principles and values in which this nation was built. This report may be just another liberal media fake propaganda. Shame on all those that report FAKE news and discredit the office of the presidency!

  42. ch

    Democrats are laser-focused on removing President Trump from office.

    They don’t have any good enough reason to do so. They just don’t like him.

    But if they move forward with any of their harebrained schemes to boot Trump, they’re going to have a BIG problem.

    Rush Limbaugh explained the situation, and in so doing just saved Trump from a lot of headache:

    Here’s what Trump is alleged to have done here vis-a-vis the
    Comey memo. Comey memo says that Trump asked him to let it go. Let the
    Flynn investigation go. I can hope you see your way to let this go. He
    didn’t do anything. The guy… I love the guy, honest guy. Comey said,
    “Yeah, I can tell you honest guy, good guy.” And what Trump is
    alleged to have done is actually no different than what Barack Obama did
    in April last year when he made it known that he didn’t want Hillary

    In fact, the Obama situation is actually worse. While Trump indicated he didn’t want Flynn charged, he did not order the case dropped, because it’s still going on. Trump indicated that he wanted Flynn not to be charged, but he did not order the case to be
    dropped. And the case continues. Grand juries have been impaneled now.
    In contrast, the FBI and the Department of Justice dropped the Hillary
    investigation just as Obama wanted them to, and they used exactly the
    rationales Obama used when he made his public statements.

    See what Rush just did?

    If the Democrats actually go after Trump for this, they’ll be forced to launch a similar investigation into Obama.

    And that WON’T end well for Democrats.

    pass it on AND email all the legislature with this info.

  43. bigones007

    I think the problem is they are afraid of losing there job because he dosen’t do things like the others, he works like a businessman getting things done, and they work and not working. I totally agree they better get there stuff (&*&) packed if he leaves they will be right behind him if they are lucky.

  44. dmttbt

    I think everything that CNN comes out with is made up and it is always from an anonymous source. Who is that and why do they constantly lie?

  45. drthomasedavis

    Damned Democrats let Obama slide on at LEAST 2 counts 0f TREASON and numerous other crimes. they are so jealous of President Trump and so frightened that he will call them for their multiple delinquencies and collaboration with the Muslim Traitor. Attorney General Sessions MUST begin indicting every Democratic Senator in theb113th Congress for their collusive part in the Obama, Clinton, Jarrett, Abedin, Kerry, Kennedy Treason of 2012/2013 when THEY gave Mohamad Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood 20 F-16 Jets, 200 Abrams Tanks ad ONE Million Dollars in unappropriated funds. This act by Gen Sessions should serve as the counter punch to the criminal, audacious, goons like Reid, Durbin, Schumer, Watson, et al.

  46. Roy Fredrichsen

    There Is no way Trump can be impeached. He has NOT sold American Uranium to Russia or colluded with the Russians in any way. Impeachment proceedings would just be another expensive waste of time. Forget it, dummies.