The two men who could bring down the president

What Donald Trump Needs to Know About Bob Mueller and Jim Comey

The two men who could bring down the president have been preparing their entire lives for this moment.

When Jim Comey first learned that Andrew Card and Alberto Gonzales were on their way to the George Washington Hospital room of John Ashcroft, his first call for help was to Bob Mueller. Comey knew that the White House chief of staff and the White House counsel would try to push the attorney general to renew the National Security Agency’s Terrorist Surveillance Program, code-named STELLAR WIND. Comey, who was then Ashcroft’s deputy, had spent the preceding weeks leading the charge against the White House and especially Vice President Dick Cheney against the program, which the Justice Department’s lawyers had determined was illegal. For days, Comey had weathered intense pressure to reauthorize STELLAR WIND, the debate escalating as the program’s expiration date neared. Cheney’s office had told Comey in no uncertain terms that if the program wasn’t OK’d, Americans would die—and their blood would be on Comey’s hands.

That night, though, Comey knew he had an ally to call. He asked Mueller, the ramrod-straight FBI director, to meet him at the hospital, but as his own car raced toward the hospital—its grill lights flashing and siren wailing—Comey realized that Mueller wouldn’t make it before the White House officials, so he asked for help: Don’t let them remove me, he asked Mueller.

Comey knew that Card would have Secret Service protection with him, and he was worried about being forcibly ejected by agents from Ashcroft’s hospital room. Ashcroft, weakened from gallbladder problems, was in no condition to sign off on STELLAR WIND—he’d legally turned the reins over to Comey while he was incapacitated—but, Comey feared, if the White House could isolate Ashcroft, who knew what it would do? Comey thought fast: Ashcroft had his own FBI security detail, and so he asked Mueller to call ahead and tell them not to allow the attorney general to be left alone. It was, in an extraordinary showdown between the White House and Justice Department, perhaps the single most extraordinary moment of the tumultuous Bush years: The FBI director ordering his agents to resist the Secret Service if they tried to remove the deputy attorney general from the attorney general’s bedside. As motorcades converged on the hospital from across Washington, everyone involved wondered: Just how far would this situation escalate?

It was all the more remarkable because no one outside of a tiny circle of high-ranking officials had any idea the cinematic showdown was playing out. It would be more than three years before Comey first mentioned that night’s drama, and the full details would trickle out only in the years thereafter.

The story of that March 11, 2004, showdown—how it came to light and what it says about the motivations and the moral compass of the two men now at the heart of a new Washington showdown—should deeply worry the Trump White House.

Donald Trump, as it turns out, has stumbled into taking on two experienced Washington players on their home turf—in skirmishes that will play out in public Capitol Hill hearings with Comey even as Mueller slogs along with what is likely to be a quiet, tenacious and by-the-book investigation into the heart of the Trump campaign’s relationship with Russia.


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    1. folly39

      Vince, ha ha ha… Come out to my place and say it to my face you miserable fukin repug. you are goin down like the the muthafuka you are. I will open up a can o whupass on you like you never saw before. Do you unnerstand???

      1. bobs33hotrod

        Hey ASS HOLE, YOU TALK BIG, ALL SMOKE. LIKE I AND MANY SAY, go back into the dark hole that you came out from. You better be careful what you say and to whom you are saying it too. I can back up what I say.
        BOBBY ~!~

    2. Sanjuana Rhoades

      I agree, all these events and FAKE news are getting all true Americans so tired. So disappointed of so much corruption but I guess all the trash from the demorats need to come out so the Trump Administration may see the light.

  1. ADRoberts

    Can you see it. The end of this charade? We have been scheduled for either slavery or open revolution. And these traitors, including Comey, Mueller, McCabe, and all of the Democrats in congress will be hiding out as it unfolds. Yes, they are going to make an effort to take Trump out. But I suspect that before they do, they WILL assassinate Pence. That way they will have their avowed traitor Paul Ryan as president. And we ALL know he is a puppet first class.
    God help us. This is much closer to crisis than anyone on the outside knows.
    And Comey is just as much a traitor as is John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and Obama.
    II Chronicles 7:14. But it may be too late.

        1. dmttbt

          While you are on your knees praying or whatever else you do on your knees reality will go on without your ignorant self. If you are going to use prayer you might ought to use a machine gun while you are at it. That is almost as ignorant as believing in someone because they say they are democrat or republican. They do not tell the truth either way. The 2 parties have rode this country to death. They are no better than a door to door salesperson selling confederate money or some other useless item. WAKE UP>

          1. ADRoberts

            So you have no faith in God. And yet you seem to understand how bad it really is. So where is your hope. Do you believe there will be an answer, that the elite can be stopped from taking control and enslaving everyone.
            They have declared it, blatantly by their own title ONE WORLD ORDER.
            I have hope in Jesus Christ and the promise of John 14:1-3. Where do you get hope.
            Yes, it is time to wake up. So what is your salvation?
            I will add that Romans tells us that ALL of creation speaks of the existence of God and His love for us. But as Romans says, you have ignored that and are now given over to irrational thinking

        2. folly39

          HA, HA, HA…pray them out . . .thats a good one. who listens to prayers anyway? Certainly not GAWD.

          1. ADRoberts

            Lets see who you are?
            You don’t believe in the REAL God.
            But you do believe in YOUR god. That would be YOU yourself. News for you. Your god is about to die.
            Now the shame of it is that you have never seen prayers answered. And if you did see answered prayers, you would reject them. God have mercy on you.
            Your moniker is correct. FOLLY.

  2. ADRoberts

    Can you see it. The end of this charade? Comey IS a criminal who is working for ONE WORLD ORDER. He has repeatedly shown his connection to the criminals of our country. Now he will be joined by Mueller. and the media. There will be NO facts or any evidence of wrong doing. Any yet they plan to prevail. How? By deception and the Saul Alinsky method.

    1. blacktalk

      Comey is an arrogant lying bastard who needs as much attention as a bratty toddler. He will go down in flames. Yeah, he got away with hsbc, but no more. We need 95% new dims and gop! The majority of these losers have destroyed America and betrayed American people!

    2. dmttbt

      James Comey was to be fired by Hillary because she contends that he cost her the election. Bill Clinton fired the director of the FBI when he went into office but people don’t want to mention that. If there was a risk to anyone it was to Hillary and her infamous emails and destruction of evidence among other crimes. She should still be arrested and sent to prison or the firing squad.

      1. ADRoberts

        In most of what you say, you have a shred of truth. What you failed to understand is that the Democrats and the media are not being logical or fair or rational. They are looking for ANY excuse or possible reason to remove Trump from office. What they have not explained is how they will get rid of Pence first. For you see, Pence is no better for them than Trump is.
        So hide and watch. IF they come to the point that they think they have Trump on the ropes and he can be removed, something will happen to Pence.
        Yes, Ryan would be the next in line. And for sure, he IS one of them.

  3. Joe Pewter

    Trump needs to reveal deep dark government histories secrets known by” told” to new presidents to all the public..that would start the ball rolling to honestly clean up government

  4. J. Ernst

    This article state that, “Trump needs to know who these two are.”
    REALLY….as if President Trump is a “newby” and in the dark….
    If Nixon had ANY sense that he could weather a storm, we wouldn’t have the continued business model of the communists, (calling themselves liberals), running our government via trouncing AMERICAN NATIONALIST President’s….since Ike, then JFK, Ford (who actually DID act as a Nationalist), Nixon, and the epitome Reagan who was THE LAST American President thus far.
    The NWO, Globalists, Progressives etc… are ALL internationally funded miscreant’s that were infused into our government when GHW BUSH followed through with what Carter couldn’t get passed.
    It’s been a living HELL since. But THAT IS the business model of zionists, communists, GLOBALISTS etc…
    Let’s pray that the President Trump supporters have the $$$$ to battle against the INTERNATIONAL globalist organizations such as Disney’s acquisition of….NBC…now called NBCU!!!! U for UNIVERSAL….sounds like a crappy upstart college.
    The real truth is that Newsertainment organizations are gathering and combining their blathering and $$$$, with a full court press…against U.S. …… NOT JUST WHO WE, the People voted in as our President.
    You want to “step up” and be heard? Write, email, tweet etc…the NBCU corporation and let them know YOU are going to STOP watching their CRAP and blathering’s and FAKE NEWS because that’s what it has been for nearly 38 YEARS!!! AND yer gonna stop BUYING their sponsor’s products!!! Watch them combine with another newsertainment giant if we REALLY BOYCOTT them and their sponsors/paid advertisers. They will have no choice than to meld into another industry because they won’t BE an entity without viewership AND their paid sponsors!

  5. blacktalk

    Let me be very clear here. Mueller should recuse himself as he and comey the lying scumbag are very close, and have been for years. Mueller was a terrible choice but as usual the weak, feckless gop never stands up for anything. They should have screamed and hollered like hell when the dims were whining about this nothing burger with no evidence, and months of investigation with no findings. The dims are pissed they lost! Who gives a damn? But mark my words when the truth comes out about podesta and brock who had seth murdered, they will be sorry. Many will go to jail. And President Trump will continue to save America from the sell out of America by these elistist scum.

  6. Fed Up With Politicians

    Need to put Comey in prison along with the Clintons and Obama for trying to oust our President with FAKE news!

    1. Denny Parkstone

      and don’t forget about the 2 people that did the same thing she did,the two republicans mind you,and was never brought up !!BTW,trump has lied more than the last 5 presidents together !

  7. Vickie Voit

    Every time I read comments, it becomes obvious that our nation needs people to pick up more books and actually read the history of this nation, its leaders, its movements, its good actions and its not so good actions. Read a lot. A lot of non-fiction – critically acclaimed non-fiction. Read a lot of newspapers and news magazines. Watch factual documentaries. Learn much more about critical thinking – how to tell fact from fiction. Learn about propaganda and how to identify it and identify what is fake news verdus real news. Stay away from one-sided blogs and social media that posts so much schlock, much designed by foreign interests to get people to react how anither entity wants us to react. None of that is in our best interests. Thinking one party or the other is ALL bad anf corrupt and the other is not id absurd. They’re not all filled with con con men and murderers, etc. Thaf’s like believing the dime store espionage books or fictional TV series that depict constant political corruption are true, Thaf’s a far cry from reality but a lot of hills are swallowing it as if it were true.

    Thinking that the investigations are a “plot” against Trump, that it’s all some sort of nefarious act or struggle to control the nation is absurd. Thinking that Russia is looking to have a better relationship with us is also absurd if you know that nation’s history or anything about Putin. Russia cares about Russia. Putin cares about himself and his allies, and thf US. is not ond of them and never has been. Putin’s goals are all about power, control, and money, He and his oligarchs care only about themselves. He and jus minions gave fonf s good job of tampering in our election and in casting going on the effectiveness of democracy. He hates democracy. He hates any nation that practices any form of s government for the people.

    Thf purpose of he investigation is to find out the truth – whatever the truth is. No ond knows it yet, certainly not md or anyone else on this thread. The Republicand fon’h knis and the Democrats fon’t kniw, which is what the purpose of investigating is. S lot of @games” have been played, and we all – ALL Americans – need to find out who has done what, when it was fone, why it was done, where it all was done, and just how it was done. As paingul to learn as any of it might be, to settle for anything less threatens us all as well as the country now and in the future. We deserve to know the truth.

    Br patient. Keep an open mind. None of us knows as much as we like to think we do. The truth will come out and the truth is what sets people free and keeps them free.

  8. dmttbt

    When the so called reporters ask questions pertaining to the false news items it is almost impossible to answer questions about things that do not exist.
    The only problem we have in Washington DC is the same one we have had for years, the government itself.Trump is not the problem. The republicans and democrats who are so afraid of his accomplishments are the problem.
    We have just gone from under a president who;s relatives are and were communist and or socialist and could not produce a birth certificate for two years and when he did it was an obvious fake. He did not produce his education records because they were sealed. I have never heard of such a thing. He said what he believed in and was elected and reelected. He did exactly what he said he was going to do and people are still too ignorant to realize it.
    He took the deficit from 9.6 trillion dollars to 20+ trillion and called it a economic boom. How stupid do you have to be to not see what he did. Also he destroyed the auto industry and made a portion of the used car stock unavailable. Cash for clunkers did away with affordable autos. He promised the entire country ” If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. If you like your insurance you can keep your insurance.” Then he replaced that with I must have misspoken. No he lied. These are only a few of the things that were done over the past eight years. Now they are saying the infrastructure is falling apart. Was obama asleep for eight years and nobody noticed the infrastructure?? No he created the shovel ready jobs that didn’t exist or were so short they appeared to not exist and cost the tax payer tons.
    Now with a little over 100 days in office they say Trump should be impeached. We have to break up the crime families ( democrat and republican).

    1. Denny Parkstone

      I guess you don’t remember the Clinton years where he left all the monies for bush to squander away???

    2. Denny Parkstone

      and it went from 9 to 19 because of two wars that did not have to be wars.just had to get the assholes and we would not have a bunch of kids dead!!!

  9. 1loyalamerican74

    Put the Comey brothers on the seat under oath and show all of the connections with the Clintons. Let’s see what questions are given to the Comey’s or will the Dem’s dance around the truth. Then let’s put Loretta Lynch on the witness stand, and see how many times she seeks the Fifth. Next Ms. Rice needs to be under oath on the witness stand.
    She is already requesting to be protected and not put in jail. The Demo media is going up the wrong tree, and should be put out of business. They are lying bastards.

  10. Denny Parkstone

    ya’all need to quit wiahing what you are saying is truth ! comey gave the predideny to trump,and he will take it away ! there is so much going on that no one even knows about yet !! remember trump saying if you Russians are listening,i hope you find the 30.000 emails.he was talking to certain Russians.that will be coming out will a few more things that will “shock” even the gop!!! there will be a new president in a couple of years,from jan.20,but it wont be pence or ryan !

      1. Denny Parkstone

        after trump,i don’t think you will see a republican president for at least 8 to 12 years !!!

        1. docd777

          Trump get`s re-elected, easily.The Democrats are trying to create a Frankenstein-monster of a candidate:a transgendered black female asian muslim! Identity politics is dead in this Country.You need a message, and a reasonable campaign platform and the Democrats have neither!

    1. Robbie Thomas

      true no honor among thieves lol their all involved hence all need to be impeached n imprisoned-traitors period .