Navy veteran in custody after Times Square crash

Police say a 26-year-old U.S. Navy veteran with two prior arrests for driving while intoxicated has been taken in custody after his car plowed into 23 pedestrians in Times Square, killing one of them.

Witnesses said Richard Rojas appeared to be intoxicated, and he was taken into custody Thursday afternoon. Witnesses reported that he drove the wrong way and on a sidewalk for at least three blocks, mowing down pedestrians.

Rojas was in custody and unable to comment. Police Commissioner James O’Neill says the crash doesn’t appear to be related to terrorism.

Police say the Bronx man was being tested for alcohol and drugs.

Witnesses in Times Square watched in horror as car plowed over pedestrians, killing one and injuring 19 others.

Brooklyn resident Asa (AY-suh) Lowe was standing outside the Levi’s store enjoying the weather when he heard screaming around midday Thursday. He turned around and saw the car hitting people on the sidewalk.

He says the driver was “just mowing down people. He didn’t stop.”

The car hit a barricade and stopped. Lowe says the driver then got out of his car and started running until people tackled him.

Lowe saw injured people, including a woman who “had tracks all over her body.”

Police say a 26-year-old man was in custody and was suspected of driving while intoxicated.


Update : Deadly crash in crowded Times Square doesn’t appear to be terror-related, NYC mayor says

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  1. christopher kelly police ret.

    Don’t believe anything this POLICE COMMIISH has to say. He is a DeBlasio democrat and political scumbag. He is a 3 dollar bill and the cops know it.

  2. daveveselenak

    Right away the fake-news rules out terrorism – BS! tHE SHEEPLE ARE BEING TAKEN FOR A RIDE, it isn’t a joy ride but rather a “Death Ride” and it appears a growing majority of useful idiots on the Left are more than happy to take that ride as they are suicidal idiots!

  3. grinnie

    My first thought was that if it was a terrorist he would have had a car bomb or explosive of some kind to take out as many as possible.

      1. grinnie

        You are right peanut…just saw film on The Blaze and heard Mike Opelka. He was definitely trying to injure as many as possible.

  4. GENUG

    I want to know the perp’s religion. Too many Hispanic military people doing this shit lately – Queda and Saudi have targeted Hispanics for conversion and use as jihadis.

    1. rex ames

      The liberals and the illegals are the ones that got Trump elected. By not protecting the borders, thus enabling illegals to cross is what provided all us a reason to vote Trump into office. Thankyou liberals, and thankyou illegals, you don’t like Trump !! It’s your fault !!Of course we on the right were sick and tired of having no jobs, and the way this government runs. But for sure though the liberals protecting illegals and tax dollars supporting Sant. cities, provided the votes to get Trump in.

  5. Alan404

    Still have capitol punishment? The liberals and assorted “do-gooders” did away with it.

    1. rex ames

      Yeah, well I would like to know how many liberals this guy ran down.
      Maybe he should get a medal.
      Just kidding folks, but if you have ever been to New York City, the way thesefol ks think makes you want to throw up!!

  6. TheRaghead

    This is just the beginning. I am waiting for a fake alleged white supremacist doing a mass killing in DC and then confessing that Trump supporters were behind his actions. I do not trust the length that George Soros will go to get Trump out. It is time for public hangings with him first for treason.

    1. red nig

      Soros is right. He wants the nation down and out, and bought airheads like Hilda-Beast and BO to do the job Coke-Nose Bill and Carter failed at. He’s said to be backing Erdogan in Turkey for caliph. He thinks the man is the reincarnation of Hitler, who Soros believed was the antichrist. Erdogan was pro-Israel, very Western-oriented, and very much a liberal Muslim. Since Soros, he’s been talking of wiping out Israel, cracking down on alcohol and gays, and may be behind the bombings of bars in Turkey. Soros hates Israel because its existence mocks Nazism.

  7. Albedamned!

    I do not believe anything these 2 say. They both have ruined the NYPD for a long time to come. The tax payers have been ignored and in the Bronx, lowlifes like this rule my neighborhood.

  8. disqus_htVNWSBEmM

    Probably just a drunk who had a stupid accident. If it terroism, there would be a lot of dead people.

    1. peanut butter

      They don’t care if they get one or a million, just as long as they get that kill.

    2. Terry Butts

      The terrorist that used a truck to mow down people in that other nation used no bomb or conventional weapon just the truck.

      What I find odd is they say he went three blocks staying on the sidewalk most people who are too drunk to tell they are hitting people could not drive a straight line much less stay on a sidewalk for that distance then stand up much less “RUN” after they get out of the car when it is unable to move any longer.

  9. Mel Paul

    So do we have to honor all Veterans–When did he serve? Where did he serve? More important is what kind of discharge did he get when he left the service.
    What did he learn while in service–WAS IT TO ROB BANKS – THAT IS WHAT HE WAS UP TO WHEN HE GOT INTO THIS MESS.

    1. peanut butter

      The biggest question: Was he indoctrinated into islam, whether before or after his service.

      1. red nig

        The Spanish have a long history of drop drawers and grab ankle with Muslims. Remember Spain was a Berber colony for 7 centuries. They tried to act differently, but one attack and the nation cringed.

  10. peanut butter

    If he was wearing a hijab, with bombs around his belt, pulling a camel behind him and screaming Ollie’s Clarkbar at the top of his lungs, they would STILL say it wasn’t terrorism. And if he was so intoxicated, how could he ever RUN???

  11. cathylovesyou

    Republicans lets leave the vile words to the experts, Democratic Communist. Seems it was reported Rojas said he wanted to kill people and with the U turn onto the sidewalk it appears true. Lets wait, yes O’Neit is not a regular NYC cop and can’t be as Bratton couldn’t be. Job at stake but let’s be fair deBlasio is a Communist ala Obama. El Salvador hero.


    Anyone so intoxicated to do this probably COULD NOT DO THIS. This took a fair bit of coordination and motor skills to do. I think the Communist Mayor of NY is fudging the truth. OK…he’s a liar.

  13. Terry Butts

    Strange how when “ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS” commit an act of terrorism the call it something else and REFUSE to even admit their political, employment, or religious history saying it is not relevant to the event.

    In this case that information is irrelevant this was not a deliberately planned act this was just some DRUNK who broke the law tragically resulting in injuries and death. His BELIEFS, POLITICS, employment history and religion had nothing to do with this incident.

    The only reason it was even mentioned by any media was in an attempt to CONNECT everyone with the same beliefs, politics, employment history or religion to the event as if they are just waiting to do the same horrific thing.

    Remember their excuse for not mentioning any of these things in respect to actuall terror attacks is they want to “AVOID INNOCENT PEOPLE OF THE SAME BELIEFS FROM BEING HARMED IN RETALIATION” odd how that LOGIC seems to escape them when it is a RELIGION, BELIEF or POLITICS they want abolished/restricted/censored.

      1. Terry Butts

        Do you ever think how much happier you would be if you moved to one of the ISLAMIC nations you love so much?

        Instead of staying in America and COMPLAINING every time someone uses LOGIC, FACTS, and PUBLISHED EVIDENCE concerning such events?

        You must get tired of constantly spouting INCORRECT propaganda on issues concerning “RADICAL islam” and islamic nations ANNOUNCEMENTS about the punishments their SHARIA COURTS hand out to ALL people who violate the RELIGIOUS TEACHINGS that SHARIA LAW imposes upon all the people in those nations.

        1. Kol

          Do you ever think of anything new, something other than your same old, boring HATE and bigotry?

          1. Terry Butts

            I have shown NO HATE OR BIGOTRY in anything I have said as I said GET A DICTIONARY if you want to continue such accusations at least learn WHERE they actually apply.

          2. Kol

            Nasty insults, snotty remarks, vicious put-downs and lying prejudice all aimed at Muslims are not hate and bigotry?? You’re a goddamn nut!

          3. Terry Butts

            I made no “nasty insults, snotty remarks, vicious put-downs” and the EVIDENCE I linked was not lies nor was it prejudice. In fact not only have you not provided any EVIDENCE that any of the linked pages were incorrect you simply call me names etc.

            Remember you even claimed the PRO islam BBC page was such simply because I copied THEIR EXPLANATION of what sharia law was and you REJECT the truth that even the ISLAMIC religious leaders say about what it does. It was a DIRECT copy paste from their page complete with a link to the page it came from so you could read the entire article if you wanted to actually learn anything on the matter.

            The acts of

            COPYING LINKS to information that MUSLIMS printed announcing the result of sharia court trials.

            COPYING LINKS to MUSLIMS CONFESSING to making up fake hate crimes.

            COPYING LINKS about the lawsuits filed over PORK, ALCOHOL CHRISTIAN CHURCHES SHOWING WHO THEY ARE etc.

            are not any of those things.

            Further more this is not that thread this article is not about the MUSLIM PROFESSOR caught making a FALSE accusation about a hate crime.

          4. Kol

            You can mindlessly repeat the same silly, bullshit LIES about you NOT being an anti-Muslim HATER and bigot as much as you want to, but I’m not the stupid sort of person that you doing that will ever influence. That’s typical anti-Muslim bigot carrying on, nothing more. And all of you do it. LOL!! You are what you are, and I know what you are. Your personal selective “reality” is yours, not the REAL world. End of story.

        2. Kol

          Do you ever think of how much of a disgrace you are to America with your HATE and bigotry?!?!

        3. Kol

          IMHO you ARE an obnoxiously obvious anti-Muslim bigot and HATE-monger who constantly spews a great deal of, yes, hate — and prejudice and bigotry — at and about Muslim people; and since there are a few Muslims who are near and dear to me and highly respectable, good people, you do not and you never will have any integrity or credibility as far as I am concerned. So carry on as much as you want to, goofball — I’ll just laugh in your face!

          1. Terry Butts

            STATEMENTS OF TRUTH backed by linked evidence is NONE of those.

            However your STALKING me to every other forum I made posting this NAME CALLING and obnoxious false allegations because you are UPSET I did not just BLINDLY accept your propaganda and actually linked evidence you could not disprove is a violation of the terms of use you accepted to be able to post on this forum. Especially the BLATANT hate speech about America you spout.

            Papers from ISLAMIC NATIONS and COURT FILINGS/rulings on lawsuits put forth by MUSLIMS are irrefutable evidence not hatred, bigotry, or prejudice they are facts not anti-muslim anything.

            Definition of bigotry
            1: obstinate or intolerant devotion to one’s own opinions and prejudices

            (My statements are facts with linked evidence not a PERSONAL opinion. accusation fails)

            Definition of obnoxious
            1 archaic : exposed to something unpleasant or harmful

            (The truth is only harmful or unpleasant to those spouting lies. Accusation fails)

            Definition of prejudice
            1: injury or damage resulting from some judgment or action of another in disregard of one’s rights; especially : detriment to one’s legal rights or claims
            2 (1) : preconceived judgment or opinion (2) : an adverse opinion or leaning formed without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge

            (My statements are facts backed by evidence not a JUDGMENT or ACTION that disregarded anyones rights. My statements are not a PRECONCEIVED JUDGMENT OR OPINION they are based on facts presented by BOTH SIDES that actually passed verification. My opinion my be ADVERSE to yours but it was not formed without just grounds or without sufficient knowledge. accusation fails again)

          2. Kol

            Yaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!! ZZzzzzzzz-zzzzzzz…..

          3. Kol

            A little Muslim music! — I saw this performed live in one of our Russian small towns, Zarinsk, where we have family. Fantastic performance in an outdoor amphitheater at the town square!!

            Murat Boz….Uçurum….2008..Turkish Music *..Full Screen.. – YouTube

            ▶ 5:12


            Oct 4, 2013 – Uploaded by MrAeden

            Uçurum..from 2008. Great Turkish Music &Video.. DOKUZ SEKİZ MÜZİK…. Murat Boz is a Turkish pop .

        4. Kol

          Islamophobia Is Ruining America—But Not How You Think |

          Feb 26, 2016 – (Knowing a Muslim is the best inoculant against anti-Muslim bigotry.) … So while I could tell you why anti-Muslim sentiment is bad for Muslims, …

  14. gunnygil

    Dishonorably Discharged 2014 after 3 years in the Navy and multiple DWI convictions. Proven he was high on MJ and alcohol and admitted he wanted to kill as many people as possible and probably would have killed more if he had not hit a security barrier that destroyed his car. 4 of the 22 injured still on the critical list. Charged at present with 1 count of murder and 22 counts of attempted murder. Native New Yorker, Bronx.

  15. average Joe

    yes he served in the navy but he was discharged early due to behavioral problems calling him a vet on the lead brings disgrace to all who have served honorably

  16. Juanita Elrod Reed


  17. Juanita Elrod Reed


  18. gunnygil

    Navy for approximately three years but received a DISHONORABLE discharge and apparently according to more in depth articles on this terroristic murderous act he was mentally unfit for military duty even before he enlisted in 2011 and Kicked out in 2014. He according to other articles, was also under the influence of alcohol and marijuana at the time of this act. New York native, Bronx with at least 2 DWI’s and other problems