Did Trump reveal his Intelligence Sources to Russia?, Republicans concerned

Update : Israel was source for some of information shared with the Russians

The Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee joined Democrats in slamming Donald Trump on Monday over a report the president divulged highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador.

“To compromise a source is something that you just don’t do,” Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee told reporters, adding that he didn’t know yet whether the report was true. “That’s why we keep the information that we get from intelligence sources so close, is to prevent that from happening.”
Corker was referring to a report in The Washington Post on Monday that Trump divulged highly classified information involving the Islamic State that officials had obtained through an intelligence-sharing arrangement with a U.S. partner. The arrangement was so sensitive that the information was not even shared with other U.S. allies, according to the Post.

The report, which the White House denied, came on the heels of Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey last week. Corker told other news outlets the White House is “in a downward spiral right now” and needs to get things “under control.”

A spokesman for House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) also expressed concern about the Post report, even as senior administration officials issued on-the-record denials.

“We have no way to know what was said, but protecting our nation’s secrets is paramount,” said the spokesman, Doug Andres. “The speaker hopes for a full explanation of the facts from the administration.”

Other Republicans were more muted in their criticisms of Trump, saying they had just seen the report and noting that the president has the legal right to disclose classified information.

“We certainly don’t want any president to leak classified information, but the president does have the right to do that because he’s commander-in-chief,” said Senate Armed Services Chairman John McCain (R-Ariz.). On Twitter, though, McCain said that if the story was true it would be “deeply disturbing.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who along with McCain has been one of Trump’s fiercest GOP critics, said he did not want to comment until he had more facts.

Democrats expressed shock and outrage at Trump’s latest controversy.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Trump owed Congress and the American people “a full explanation.”

“If the report is true, it is very disturbing,” Schumer said in a statement. “Revealing classified information at this level is extremely dangerous and puts at risk the lives of Americans and those who gather intelligence for our country.

The top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, said on Twitter that “if true, this is a slap in the face to the intel community. Risking sources & methods is inexcusable, particularly with the Russians.”

“These reports, if true, are of the gravest possible concern,” said Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), a member of the intelligence panel. “It could harm our national security by cutting off important sources of intelligence that protect Americans against terrorist acts.”

Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) called the report “deeply troubling, particularly at a time when we have so many other challenges that are facing us internationally.”

And Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) used the opportunity to note the Republican outrage over the Hillary Clinton email scandal. On Twitter, he drew attention to a post last year from Ryan. Referring to Clinton, the speaker wrote, “individuals who are ‘extremely careless’ with classified information should be denied further access to such info.”

But senior members of the Trump administration, including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and national security adviser H.R. McMaster, issued statements denying that Trump disclosed “sources and methods.”

“The story that came out tonight, as reported, is false,” McMaster said. “At no time — at no time — were intelligence sources or methods discussed. And the president did not disclose any military operations that were not already publicly known.”


source : politico

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  1. 1Caryn

    Real smart of the media to name any sources – why not focus on one of our ally’s – and again from an anonymous source. Bloody stupid media now wants to throw shade at Trump and cause problems between him and Netanyahu – How hateful and spiteful can they get. They just keep making it up as they go along. Liars.

    1. Lois Feldstein-Klein

      How do you know that they are lying? Throwing slurs like that maligning a whole industry (media), is quite Trumpian. You need to reveal bonafide sources of information or be still.

      1. 1Caryn

        Go to Halifax. I’m entitled to my opinion. The constitution applies to everyone not just you condescending smug buttwads. And if you paid attention this article written over a month ago – has already been debunked. How about the media producing bonafide sources – instead of “anonymous”.

  2. Ralph A Solli

    It is clear that the establishment Republicans are just as corrupt and evil as the liberal Democrats. They see Trump as a threat to their once untouchable power and will even join with the Democrats to bring him down. In the end, there is no distinction between the Democrats or Republican Parties. They are one in the same.

    1. Knowledge Transfer

      Correct!Just one of the noxious totalitarian goals within the COMMUNIST TAKEOVER OF AMERICA – all 45 of which were red into the Congressional Record on January 11, 1963 [after years of Communist infiltration into high levels of the American government] states: “Capture one or both political parties in the United States”. Like this goal all 44 other Marxist goals have been accomplished in full or in part. Too many cancer cells have been given access and have been metastasizing. America as it was intended to be no longer exists. If you want to kill the USA, doing it from the outside – in is likely impossible. But from the inside – out…well look what has happened!

  3. calhar

    Christ what an assortment of cabbage heads and diseased mutton heads.Oh what a tangled mess we weave when we practice to deceive !!!!.Seams better to be thought a dam fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt???.Hint hint media take note.

  4. moral antagonist

    The cry babies democrats do not have enough sense to realize they are losing voters by the thousands by their ignorance.If things don’t change there will no democrat party.
    I also have certain republicans that I can’t possibly consider backing.

    1. Frankdidit

      They don’t have to worry ab out looooooooooooooosing voters as long as voter ID is not going to take place. 6 million illegals voted for Hildebeast and that is just an estimate.

  5. Jim Thornhill

    RINO’s are just like the Democrats, they will believe anything the MSM says (as if they tell the truth) The MSM will write anything that they think will have a negative affect on this administration but the establishment thinks it’s gospel

    1. Rex Whitmer

      RINO’s are worse than Liberals or Democrats! They promise that they’ll attend to things in an honorable manner, but when it comes to actually doing what they were elected to do the do otherwise. We have a RINO Senator from my state, (Arizona) and I’ve tried to find out how he keeps getting elected! Many of them believe he was a war hero, and I guess he was, but ever since….

  6. daveveselenak

    REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – to think otherwise is to be a fool, an enslaved fool at that! R.I.P. USA!!

    1. papernpaste

      not necessarily fake but, definitely misleading AND even from his own party. This is what That Main Sewerage Media does. The WP and WSJ will assist in forming public opinion against Trump that effects those (prob the majority) that don’t bother to do their own homework and research for facts.

        1. cristoiglesia

          You left out the one that applies (((informed))). I have no trust in lifetime far left liberal Democrat ideologues like Trump who receive more than a billion dollars from George Soros to run for POTUS. Sounds to me like Trump is bought and paid for by Soros. Think about it…a billion dollars from Soros to Trump and his son-in-law and you do not think that Soros expects a return on his money? In turn Trump fills his cabinet with former Soros executives. You just cannot connect the dots and to me that makes you the “Imbecile, idiot, or moron!” I think that all three of your labels fit you.

          1. Sal Belardo

            If you really think that Donald J. Trump took 1 billion dollars from Soros you have to be in the Idiot category which is 0-25 IQ. And there’s nothing else to say to you!

  7. mrguit

    The “system” wants to get rid of Trump. He’s an outsider trying to help the citizens of our country not keep lining the pockets of our corrupt politicians. What a shame.

    1. m1a0n3u0e1l2

      “…keep lining the pockets of our corrupt politicians?” He believes in lining his own pockets and of his family and cronies. Are you blind, deaf and dumb? Can’t you read, write and see? How is it possible to see some idiots trying to defend the indefensible?

        1. Rex Whitmer

          A person whom makes his or her money honestly though wisdom and hard work has no call to be called a thief by a lesser person whom can only accuse the worker of stealing because he doesn’t have the drive to do it him or herself! Try managing your own life and maybe you can become wealthy as well!

      1. Rex Whitmer

        And Hillary wasn’t lining her’s and Bill’s pockets? come on! She goes through money like a billionaire only it ain’t HER money. When She and Bill left the White House, they stripped it of many properties and stripped the White House Office of every accounting machine there! George Soros bought them their nice BIG home in Chapaquidic (sp) Just as he did Obama in Chicago! It’s about time some one took a look at Georgie Boy!

        1. cristoiglesia

          Correct but the Clinton’s are irrelevant now and the Trump’s are our problem that must be addressed. Soros spent well over a billion dollars to buy Trump and thus the American presidency. We see the glaring quid pro quo of Trump’s cabinet being almost all former Soros executives. Trump is a puppet of George Soros and has no integrity of veracity. Wake up America!

        2. Lois Feldstein-Klein

          What’s in it for Mr. Soros to continually buy others’ homes after they leave office?

    2. cristoiglesia

      What ??? trump has always been a Democrat insider and king maker. No one ran for POTUS as a Democrat unless he or she was approved by Trump. That is why Trump was so involved in getting Obama elected and then because of his efforts he bragged about Obama being a “great President”. It would be very difficult to be more of an insider than Trump. Trump is also the epitome of a corrupt politician despite what he claims. Trump is arguably the most corrupt of all politicians in history. Remember the Trump’s received more than a Billion dollars from Soros prior to this election and almost all of that money was not disclosed as the law requires.

      1. Rex Whitmer

        George Soros is a criminal wanted in three countries. He is now in the USA trying to do the same thing here he did there. Why was he granted citizenship? He’s a felon, but some president either Obama or Clinton gave him citizenship. As a citizen, the can contribute to persons running for office! It’s time some one called him down on this count. Unfortunately every one is too busy trying to bring Trump down, who is a Citizen of the USA, born and bred! Get rid of SOROS then maybe the country can settle down. He ruined Hungary, almost ruined England , is trying in the USA, and also in Macedonia! He bought his way here through crooked statesmen, now send him back to Hungary or Israel, They’ll know how to handle him!

        1. cristoiglesia

          Trump is owned by Soros and the only way to get Soros out of our government now with Trump as POTUS is to impeach Trump and put him in prison with his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

          1. mrguit

            I did not know Trump had dealings with Soros. Are you Soros is buying influence both in the Republican and Democratic parties?

          2. cristoiglesia

            Of course, how do you think we got two lifetime far left liberal Democrats running against each other in the last election. The leftist Democrats could not lose. But, it cost Soros over a billion dollars to bribe the Trumps and I think it was only eight million given to Hillary. The faux news coming out of the Trump-Soros political machine has had a tremendous impact on good people who do not deserve to be deceived so egregiously. People wanted Hillary to be defeated so badly that they did not properly vet Trump and learn of his lifetime of being a leftist Democrat.

          3. mrguit

            Wow. At least Trump is giving credence to Israel, The Christians, and trying to promote peace in the Middle East. I believe all people are capable of change including Donald Trump. Whether he’s repentant or not I do not know. I’m going to give him a chance.

          4. mrguit

            I don’t understand. Please explain to me how he is turning our country to the left. I don’t see it.

          5. cristoiglesia

            In my lifetime he is the most far left liberal Democrat to ever be elected as POTUS. In the election, he ran to the left of Hillary on key issues like abortion, funding Planned Parenthood, gun control and healthcare wanting to have universal healthcare based on the Canadian system. IOW’s, he wants socialized medicine. He also campaigned on isolating America and Americans from the rest of the world and even postured for the building of a wall to incarcerate Americans and isolate us from the world community and the world community from us. The wall and universal healthcare will increase American taxation exponentially. Americans will be working essentially to support the expanding government envisioned and promoted by Trump and not so much for their families and community.

            Based on his lifetime history as a far left liberal Democrat, I understand that he is only doing what his leftist ideology dictates that is best for Americans but as a conservative Republican, I disagree with Trump and family that a leftist America is a better America.

            But it looks as though he has converted many former conservative Republicans to his leftist ideology who agree with him and showed their agreement by voting for him. However, I do realize that some voted for him because of celebrity envy and others voted against Hillary and not particularly for the leftist Trump. The sad thing is that in this election there was a lost opportunity for the political right to get a conservative Republican elected. Unfortunately, there was not a conservative running in this election but only two far left liberal Democrats who are ironically close family friends. So, the deck was stacked to get a leftist elected. All of this was orchestrated by George Soros who put more than a (((Billion))) dollars into the Trump’s coffers to get the Donald elected. But, it really did not matter whether it was the Donald or Hillary the ideological outcome was to be the same.
            There was quid pro quo apparent in Trump’s election showing that this was a preordained outcome. Almost all of the cabinet selected by Trump are former Soros executives. This reminds me of the original Obama election when money was funneled through Donald Trump from George Soros for Obama’s election. This administration of Trump promises not only to be an extension of the Obama administration and puts Soros again as the puppetmaster running the policies of our country through his bought and paid for stooge Donald Trump. When will this madness end? Obviously, the dumbing down of America by the left is complete.

          6. cristoiglesia

            The most glaring and egregious example is breaking his pre-election promise not to nominate a leftist judge but a conservative instead. What he did was nominate the most leftist judge in my lifetime in Neil Gorsuch. Gorsuch is pro-abortion and for the redefining of marriage to include homosexual unions. He attends a far left liberal activist Church that “confirms” ( euphemism for marriage) gay unions.

          7. Rex Whitmer

            Unfortunately Cristoglesia, you still haven’t given us your source of knowledge on this subject. You obviously know neither Trump nor Soros! I would wager that your source is your own mind or the writings of The New York Times or the Washington Post, both as well as several others are more known for their fiction than their veracity!

        2. cristoiglesia

          Soros gave more than a (((billion))) dollars to the Trump family just before the election. As a result, we can see the quid pro quo that tells us that Soros has bought influence with almost all of Trump’s cabinet being former Soros executives. As long as Trump is President Soros can do as he wishes with his puppet Trump in the Presidency. Trump is a bought nd paid for puppet of George Soros.

          1. Rex Whitmer

            You of course, have some way of verifying your comment? I knew it, you know nothing excepting what your lying democratic masters tell you! Soros has earned his money my manipulating the currencies of various nations. He is termed a criminal in both Hungary and England! At the present time he is involved in still another country, even while he lives in the USA! He obtained his citizenship here by fraud! A sitting president, probably Clinton gave him instant citizenship when he was run out of England. He has been manipulating the dollar without any reaction by our wonderful Treasury and is working on taking over the little nation of Mesopotania. I would suggest that he might be putting a few dollars in YOUR pocket as well? He owned both Clintons and Obama! Better get your share before Trump drums him out of the country!

          2. Rex Whitmer

            Soros doesn’t have a billion to give, and he certainly couldn’t borrow that much. He’s a Ponzi schemer and manages to steal everything he owns.

          3. cristoiglesia

            Are you really so misinformed…Jared Kushner received over 1.3 billion from Soros. The Donald received more than 312 million in loan forgiveness from Soros. All together about 2 billion can be attributed to the money given to Trump to buy this election and the Presidency. Look at the quid pro quo of almost all of Trump’s cabinet being former Soros executives. Trump is just the puppet President with Soros pulling the strings.




          4. Rex Whitmer

            I’m afraid that it’s you who is miss informed Cristoiglesia! ALL three of your reference sources have published nothing but LIES! And you are SOOO ready to believe them! Put down your weed or whatever you’re smoking for a day or two and look up the truth! Let’s see, have you EVER asked these sources where their information came from? Of course you haven’t! You want to get out on the street and scream and holler like the rest of the socialistic persons do!

          5. cristoiglesia

            I am a conservative Republican and not a socialist like yourself. Why don’t you do some research and not just post ignorant dribble? Information is your friend and not your leftist prejudice foe the lifetime leftist Trump.

        3. cristoiglesia

          That will not happen with this administration that is dependent on Soros money. The Trump’s have received at least 1.3 billion dollars from Trump and probably closer to 2 billion. Not many people in the world have the capability or influence to buy the American Presidency but George Soros.

          1. Rex Whitmer

            You don’t know what you’re talking about! The Russians have donated to the Clintons. Soros backed Obama, and he thought about Hillary, but he fought against TRUMP, and is continuing to do so today!

    3. Lois Feldstein-Klein

      To what system are you referring?
      The pockets being lined by Resident Trump are first his own, then his family members, and finally his billionnaire and trillionaire colleagues, gas, other energy moguls, agriculture monoliths, and all their interests – certainly not average Americans. Politicians by definition must already have megabucks from their supporters…..
      Laws being enacted by President Trump right now are designed to support. Ig business and destroy this globe!

      1. cristoiglesia

        The American Presidency is certainly up for sale. Soros paid around 1.5 to 2 billion for his influence which is quite indicative of quid pro quo with most of Trump’s cabinet being former Soros executives.

  8. papernpaste

    Time will bear the truth that there was no sharing of classified information, ever, by Trump. He may have his faults but, both the Globalists within WALL STREET (and we all know what country they hail from), THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF DEATH, and the WARMONGERING REPUBILCAN butt brothers- Graham and McCain ALL WANT Trump to fail and will stop at nothing to see to it. Of course I don’t want to post without mentioining that the Main Sewerage Media has worked for years to form public opinion in consort with the first two mentioned above. Not only does the MSM work against him but they have literally billions of dollars available to continually fund demonstrations and Marches like the upcoming June 12 March (forget what they have called it) The The Owner of Amazon is an example of the kind of person that puts his money behind bashing Trump but, he (Trump) will prevail and needs our encouragement. He’s getting things done that he has promised but will fight for every inch of progress. If your religious or Spiritual, he needs our intervention.

    1. Suzette

      Papernpaste it’s much worse than being reported if you can imagine that happening with MSM. Almost everyone is aware of certain people wanting President Trump out. How or why they believe they have the right to do so I will never know.

      But, the latest whispers in DC are having to do with “impeachment” by reason of mental incompetency. Little by little MSM are working the narrative. Those people who want Trump gone also want to destroy him. Which I am certain is know news to you. But maybe how the take down would play out is something perhaps you did not know.

      I have included a few links two are lists of Soros media networks and the other is political networks. The third link talks about the agenda and strategies. Apparently in 2016 Soros had been hacked and his files, were made public through DCLeaks.

      Not a story that was well reported at all. Gee I wonder why?



      1. papernpaste

        They have no legal grounds to impeach. That’s a bunch of liberal blow hands. They probably won’t stop. He made the DNC look bad on election night. The totally biased MSM is own by the opponent deep state money (Soros and Besos and others. He will however prevail. They have nothing impeachable on him. That’s why he and I are confident.

      2. papernpaste

        It’s always about the money…nothing else matters to them. Trump cares. Rhino Republican and the RNC minions are just as the DNC and their sheep.

  9. Craig Graving

    President Trump needs a party with a spine. Maybe he should change over to demoncrat and try to get his policies moving. He sure ain’t gonna get anywhere in the traitor party. I have been republican since 1980. I could never be a demoncrat, I just want a man’s party. One stands behind their chosen leader. no matter who the he!! voted him in. Is it possible?

    1. cristoiglesia

      Well you and I have certainly been Republicans a lot longer than Trump. He has only been registered as a Republican long enough to run as a Republican. His history is of being a lifelong far left New York liberal ideologue. He just is not very good yet at pretending to be Republican and sharing our values. No, it is not possible as I could never vote for a leftist Democrat like Trump or support him in any way except his resignation and apology for trying to deceive the American people who trusted him and actually believed he was what he portrayed himself to be, which is a reformed far left liberal Democrat. Guess what, he has not changed one iota.

      1. mrguit

        Trump is a Populist. More like Teddy Roosevelt. He had to belong to one of the major parties to get elected. He’s a business man, not an attorney like most other politicians these days. This is another reason he is receiving so much opposition. He is someone who makes deals. He is a man who is trying to help his country get out of debt, be a place of safety. He is trying to create a situation where skilled and semi-skilled people will have a chance to make a decent wage again by bringing higher paid jobs back to the US (auto companies, other manufacturing entities). He is not a Globalist or a bleeding heart liberal. I see him as a man who truly loves his country enough to not even draw a salary for his service. How many presidents have done that?

        1. cristoiglesia

          Indeed, he has been a far left liberal Democrat his entire life before running for POTUS as a Republican. In the Democrat party he was known as an insider and kingmaker in the party. It was Trump that gave us Obama with his influence and money and after getting him nominated and elected he went around calling Obama a “great President. I have not seen Trump doing anything you claim in relation to American workers (code speak for unions). Trump is the most far left liberal Democrat to EVER be elected as POTUS. Like all of his ilk this is about enriching himself. He was paid by George Soros along with his son-in-law more than a (((billion))) dollars to run for POTUS. Look at the quid pro quo that almost all of Trump’s cabinet are former Soros executives.
          He certainly does get his salary like every other POTUS and donates it to get a tax deduction. The cost of his Presidency is the highest of any previous presidency as far as travels and the expense of his security detail.

          1. mrguit

            That’s because of all the idiots like you who want him dead. Who cares about you BS. He’s doing a great job unifying the Arab nations and respecting The Israelites. It’s very obvious both sides really respect him unlike they did Obama, the Clintons and that ferry John Kerry. We finally have a president with a set of gonads who everyone respects except for Commie Snowflakes like you. You are probably a hater of Jews too like Obama, The Clintons, and Adolf Hitler and The old Commie in Russia Joseph Stalin, or was History obliterated before you got to 7th grade. Or maybe you just didn’t learn anything. You’re probably one of these people (like your buddy Iranians), who believed the halocaust never happened. Did you know Martin Luther King was a registered Republican. I’m sure a closed minded Socialist Commie like you didn’t. You hater’s days are numbered. People have you folks figured out. Your false narrative and fake news agenda is soon to bite the dust. What are you gonna do then. Why don’t you move to Denmark or Sweden you hater of the USA and our great republic and president. What’s wrong with you anyway you totalitarian minded Commie Snowflake. Move to Denmark where your tax rate is around 70% and see if the standard of living is everything you snowflakes believe it is!!

          2. cristoiglesia

            You are correct that I do not respect liars and pretenders. I do not want him or anyone else dead. I just want this far left liberal to stop destroying the Republican Party and recruiting crude ignorant leftists like yourself into my lifelong party. Trump’s supporters are illustrated by you who are the dregs of humanity. Your knowledge of history is quite wanting. You even deny Trump’s lifetime far left liberal past and fail to acknowledge that it is not just his past but also his present.
            As for history I am a history teacher in seminary of the early Church. I also teach Patristics, OT Studies and Latin. Before that I was a Bible translator working for Wycliffe. My PhD is in religious studies. My Savior was a Jew and I hate no one. You just make up history to suit your prejudice and are really quite ignorant in your choice of the lifelong leftist Trump. Time for a reality check for you…you are the one supporting a lifelong far left liberal Democrat ideologue Trump. That makes you the leftist and the snowflake that you call me. I do not support leftist Democrats like you do even if they suddenly call themselves Republican.

          3. mrguit

            Then you are what we refer to on the farm as “an educated idiot”. Trump’s supporters now are far from left wing Liberals. I always considered him a common sense Patriotic Moderate and never considered him representative of any party. The only way he could become president is by belonging and running representative of one of the 2 major parties. The Democratic and Republican establishment have got us in the mess we are in. From Nixon embracing The Chinese Communists, to Reagan letting the country get flooded with Japanese cars, to Carter letting the fanatics over run Iran, to Clinton letting our country get flooded with Chinese goods, to Obama giving exorbitant sums to the Iranians, and dissing Prime Minister Netanyahu, and also creating divisions between the races and religions as well as promoting the globalism these other presidents promoted. What I have seen happen is American workers subject to massive layoffs caused directly and indirectly by these created circumstances that have only benefited CEO’s, our corrupt politicians, and those of us who were lucky enough to survive these economic money grabs. I have witnessed ghettos develop where they weren’t before or existent ones become worse because of these policies. I have seen areas of Appalachia re-emerge as destitute bastions of poverty. I have seen people making $20hr, 15 years ago, lose their jobs, go on unemployment, then welfare, all the while try to get back in the work force. They find they can only get jobs as temps making $10.00 an hour with no benefits or they have to go to Burger King or McDonalds. Meanwhile those who allowed these jobs go over seas get rich, rich, rich while families break up, family members resort to selling drugs or prostitution to make ends meet, and young become afraid to have kids or have a family. Many educators like you must not live in the same world as I because you don’t see why this, and how this happened. This is why I support Donald Trump because he is trying to do something about it. I could care less about some of his liberal and conservative policies because I have seen what many of these so called liberal and conservative politicians have done – padded their pockets at the expense of the American people. If you can’t see this you are blind to what’s going on trapped in your 4 walls of academia. I am also a Priest and I don’t have a prejudiced bone in my body but it frightens me when I see a highly educated man like yourself (much more educated than I), so blinded because you are more concerned about ideals and theorism than you are about the ordinary conditions of the everyday man, woman, and family. You have no idea about the real world president Trump is trying to change and improve. As we speak another angry fanatic has blown up a building attended by youthful concert goers killing himself in the process. You need to pay more attention to the human condition. You can theorize and translate all you want but until you get down in the trenches like someone like Mother Theresa, you have a lot to learn. And you are dead wrong about President Trump. He is a Patriot who is doing his best to try to save our country and Great Republic.

          4. cristoiglesia

            I would guess from your love of this far left liberal Democrat Trump that you are a Episcopal priest and not a Catholic priest although we do have our share of liberals as well. Thank you for serving our Father in Heaven and mankind.

            Trump’s history until recently is being a far left liberal Democrat ideologue. His friendships have been with the Clinton’s, the Soros’ and the Obama’s. As my mother would say he is guilty by association of being a leftist liberal. Perhaps you have not researched his past like I but he has no history of being a conservative or a Republican before this election cycle. He still acts like a leftists and talks like a leftist and has never explained why he suddenly changed from Democrat to Republican just before this election.Remember it was he who was instrumental in getting Obama elected with his money and being a conduit for Soros’ money. He then went around proudly and called his actions good and called Obama a “great President” when gloating about his success in getting Obama elected. Why do you think that Trump did not run for POTUS as a Democrat since that was what he had been his whole life? By him running as a Republican it guaranteed that a leftist Democrat would be elected even though Trump had changes his party to Republican to complete the deception.

            I remember the key promise of Trump to those who doubted his transition to conservative from the far left which was that he would nominate a conservative judge to SCOTUS. When give the chance to fulfill that promise he instead nominated a lifetime far left liberal judge that is pro-abortion and for the redefining of marriage to include homosexual unions claiming that such is settled law. But as a priest I say it is not according to God’s law. Gorsuch is now the most liberal far left judge in SCOTUS.

            You speak of the financial problems of the American worker and I agree but where we depart in agreement is when you say that only a leftist like Trump can change the problems of workers and families. I instead believe that conservative ideology and not the liberal policies of the recent past is the answer to those problems and not doubling down with yet another lifetime far left liberal Democrat ideologue as POTUS. The liberals have had their chances to make changes and nothing has been done to help families and I do not agree with you that another leftist Democrat like Trump is the answer even though he recently changed his moniker to Republican in order to deceive the voters and take advantage of celebrity envy to get another leftist elected to POTUS. Fundamentally where we disagree is that you believe that only the leftists can solve the problems we both recognize but I depart from you in saying that I am fed up with the ideological left represented once again by Trump and find their promises empty and deceitful. I think that insanity can be defined as doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result and continuing to elect leftists like Trump and Obama to POTUS and expecting things to be different is absolute irrational insanity. God bless you in your service to God and his children.

  10. dmttbt

    I don’t think that even the democrats believe all the bull s it they have come out with. Anything they can do to ruin his presidency they will do. What about the people who have been running things for the last eight years??? (.6 trillion to 20+ trillion deficit increase and they call that a great economy!

  11. Tony Grimaldi

    get real and stop helping the hate filled socialist otherwise known as liberals. Go Donald

  12. TheBucko

    Brace Yourself! Here is what Trump told the Russians: The big secret Trump allegedly revealed is that Muslims might try to blow up a plane with laptops.

  13. Albedamned!

    The lowlifes are getting worried because of the firings. They do not want to lose their lifetime welfare jobs and “their possible loss of the money they are stealing from the taxpayers. Send out the smokescreen and shift the focus of the dirty deeds.

  14. barbarakelly

    These lib/dems are really getting on my nerves and trying to make out that Trump is moron and doesn’t know how to conduct himself. I find these people jack-asses, scumbags. Here we know just how corrupt DC and almost all the politictians are as crooked as can be. Trump has had business dealings with people for years –alot more then these darn jerks in the house and senate. They need to give it up and move on. For one start working with Trump rather trying to art smart him –as if they could. He has had to deal with halfwits just like the politicians for years.!!!

  15. m1a0n3u0e1l2

    I suspected since the begginning, that Israel was involved in the whole affair. When not? Something else, if know president Trump’s mentality, do you have any doubt about him revealing the source of the information? He only keeps the secrets that affect him directly.

  16. m1a0n3u0e1l2

    I knew it since the beginning, that Israel was involved in the whole affair, as always. Another thing, anybody who knows Trump, can assure you that he revealed to Russia everything he was suppose to keep secret. He only keeps the secrets that will harm the American people or the ones that can hurt him. What a crap!

    1. Rex Whitmer

      You my friend, know nothing except what a lot of liars are spilling all over the air and in their lousy rags! You are however a fool to allow yourself to be convinced without any proof or knowledge of any kind! The person with outside help was your own darling Hillary and her sex crazed husband. Most of her entire race was paid for by RUSSIA!

  17. mrguit

    The Republicans that want him gone are just as corrupt as the Democrats. The Elitist A-Holes like McCain are just thinking of their pockets and not the future of our great Republic and it’s citizens. Drain The Swsmp!!!!

  18. mrguit

    Chris I believe Trump has changed since his earlier days and has embraced at least a fiscally conservative, if not socially conservative philosophy. I consider him a Patriot who loves his country. Time will tell if I’m right or wrong. If everything I have read about his choice for Vice President is true, he picked a good conservative, Christian man in Vice President Pence. If I have insulted you in any way, I apologize. Thank you also for your service to God’s Children. I am a Latter-Day Saint and once again apologize for my vehemence which is not conducive to the spirit of the love of our lord and savior.
    Right now my heart is going out to the poor families who lost their children in the bombing in Manchester and pray this madness will stop.