Kim Fires Another Missile Towards Japan

Kim Jong-Un has fired a missile 400 miles into the Sea of Japan in the latest show of force amid tensions with the US.

The nature of Sunday’s projectile is not immediately clear, a South Korean military official said, though local media reports that it appears to be a ballistic missile.

The launch took place at a region named Kusong located northwest of the capital, Pyongyang, where the North previously test-launched an intermediate-range missile it is believed to be developing.


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  1. Andres Guerra-mondragon

    MOAB MOAB MOAB and it will be all over. Peace,unification and China off our backs.

  2. Bob Mac

    If China wants to keep most-favored-nation status, they’d better do something about their pesky little friend, before we do. If Russia, China, and America acted together, this would do so much to bring world peace; what an excellent opportunity. Of course, Wall Street needs constant war, and there’s no way in hell any Rothschild banker is going to get hurt.