Trump may drop Spicer, Bannon and Priebus: report

President Trump is weighing a “huge reboot” in his White House staff after becoming disappointed with several aides, according to a report on Sunday.

The shake-up could include White House press secretary Sean Spicer, top strategist Steve Bannon and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, Axios reported.

“He’s frustrated, and angry at everyone,” Axios quoted an unidentified confidant in the White House. “The advice he’s getting is to go big — that he has nothing to lose. The question now is how big and how bold. I’m not sure he knows the answer to that yet.”

Trump has complained about some Cabinet members touting their own accomplishments and or not praising him enough, the website reported, citing sources.

“He’s frustrated and angry at everyone,” one of the sources said.


Talk of overhauling the West Wing ratcheted up after the president last week fired FBI Director James Comey, who was overseeing the investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 election and whether Trump campaign officials colluded with Kremlin officials.

Axios reported that associated said the implicit message in a shake-up would be that he can handle the Oval Office better than his aides.

“I get it. I’m moving on. I get that I can do a better job​,” the website quoted a top aide.​ “He’s never going to say he did a bad job.”

In an interview with Fox News Channel’s Jeanine Pirro, Trump ​played up that go-it-alone approach, floating the idea he should end the daily White House press briefings for reporters​ and take care of it himself.​

“Unless I have them every two weeks and do it myself, we won’t have them. I think it’s a good idea,” he told Pirro on her show “Justice with Judge Jeanine” that aired Saturday.

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  1. Don Keith

    ”Well, all I can say ,he has lost it. seems like he is not satisfied with anyone. that’s a shame. I guess he wants all the praise, and glory. he needs to thank them for what all that they have done for him. he better think twice before he does this. have been a long time supporter of Mr. Trump, but this is about the end. God Bless, America.”

    1. DouglasL

      The problem for Trump is many of us, even non-supporters or tepid supporters thought that he was trying to do what he thought was best for the country. I honestly believe that it started out that way BUT he is so NARCISSISTIC and IMMATURE that he is like a 3 year old on the playground. Everything is about me and if I don’t get my way, I’ll throw a tantrum and break something. I think he truly loves this country BUT he just can’t get over LOVING HIMSELF FIRST AND FOREMOST, above his country and that is something that we can’t tolerate as a POTUS. He is running the very real risk of having to be removed from office if he continues down this pathway.

      1. ADRoberts

        No it says our two parties have both been sold out to the elite ONE WORLD ORDER.
        They have the money, the power and have ALL the players under their control, EXCEPT the American patriots. They don’t plan on losing.
        And what is their goal. Their own title says it all. CONTROL. —- TOTAL CONTROL

  2. hdelassussr

    Many across America have been given the grand opportunity to after judge political decisions via Pres . Trump in such a political dishevel circumstances era that our traditions & values were on a crash course as an excessive speeding vehicle coming into a sharp curve , a good driver has a better opportunity to regain control .

  3. DouglasL

    As the saying goes … if your employees do poorly it is because YOU either CHOSE POORLY or TRAINED POORLY or COMMUNICATED POORLY. Employees will do their best at the job for which they were hired. Therefore, ANY FAILING falls squarely onto the shoulders of the employer. Trump is far too narcissistic to admit error and is realizing that the government is not a simple as building a building where the builder has near dictatorial control or for licensing one’s name where the game is done when the negotiations are over. I’ve been giving him the benefit of the doubt and time to show me some signs of improvement and maturing into the job. He is FAILING ON ALL COUNTS and is heading towards an impeachment action. He is likely to be increasingly ineffective and will now be subtly undermined by powerful enemies, most of which he has made himself … especially the IRS and the FBI. How STUPID can one get?? His base is shrinking and by simple obstruction, his enemies and critics in Congress can impede any actions that will help Trump accomplish anything destroying enough of his base such that he will become feckless and frustrated to the danger of acting irresponsibly and then … IMPEACHMENT. When Trump “fires” someone on his TV show, there’s not much the “fire-ee” can do about it. In Politics, there is ALWAYS SOMETHING that someone can do about it and without powerful and wise allies, he will devolve into a political piñata … all due to his own egocentric immaturity.

    1. ADRoberts

      1. There IS a Shadow Government And many of those traitors are still in place. And yes, that IS Trump’s fault. Do people make mistakes? Surely. But the performance of Kelly and Spicer have been stellar. IF he give in, you might as well make that worthless son-in-law president.
      There is one exception to my criticism. Comey needed to be fired a long time ago. THREE times he has given Hillary a pass. That should have been enough to make him TOAST on DAY ONE.
      Next he needs to wake up and realize that this sorry excuse of a Majority leader, Ryan is NOT on his side and never will be. He needs to tell Ryan that he wants the bill that Ryan sent to Obama repealing Obamacare. Why won’t Ryan put that one out? Because Ryan was PRETENDING back then. He did not have to worry that it would not be VETOED

      1. Marlene Binger

        I was under the impression that RINO PAUL RYAN WAS FIRED (as he has consistently thrown President Trump “under the bus”! ) In my opinion, RYAN IS A NO GOOD PIECE OF CRAP AND SHOULD BE THROWN OUT OF THE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE. He is a Traitor!

        1. ADRoberts

          I wish. He is one of the main ESTABLISHMENT Republican guys. Throwing him out would be like firing Rove or Cheney.

    2. down

      “Failing on all counts” is a blatant generalization on your part. I say he is doing great, and has a constant battle against the leftist impeachment deathwish. Trump is sure right on one thing, the fake news from the fake media. And now the know-it-alls like you try to pat themselves on the back. I disagree with your trashing of the president. There are some of us in this country that still want good to win over evil.

    3. tomnchrist

      I agree with you, but why would the democrats impeach him when they have him hogtied. Plus they do not have anybody ready to replace him. Plus Pence may be more of a danger to their socialist ideas. I suspect they will continue disrupting the government as long as they can, even to the extent of starting a civil war.

  4. ADRoberts

    He had better get rid of that SON-IN-LAW.
    Right now Spicer is much more popular than he is.
    I thought he had already booted Bannon. And that would have been a mistake.
    Folks, are we witnessing the TAKEOVER of Trump by the elitiists?
    Just how much crud will we put up with before we declare that he has reneged?
    About to find out. Jerusalem as our embassy site is about to come to a head. Must be done by the end of the month.
    I wish it were otherwise. But I fear he will cave on that too.

    1. Marlene Binger

      I don’t think Trump will cave on Israel. IF HE DOES, HE WILL BE A GONER AS PRESIDENT OF THIS ONCE GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I voted for him because I THOUGHT he WOULD PROTECT ISRAEL. If Trump tries to divide ISRAEL, THAT, WILL BE HIS DEMISE!

      1. ADRoberts

        He has an Achillias (sp) Heel. He is proud of his ability to “do the deal”. And that is another way of saying COMPROMISE.

  5. parthenon1

    Too bad the president couldn’t blame the firing on Chuckie cheeze Shumer since he and Hillary have been clamoring about firing him for months now !

  6. Jerry Dodds

    I too am unhappy with his selection of people. He had right people in campaign by bypassed many to run government. I knew he did not have skills to be President alone a fact that seems to have not crossed his mind. He has selected wrong people unless he is just another NWO type. But with Dems having only known crook to run he won. Really supporters did not have choice. I liked Cruz but he didn’t meet the Constitutional standard. Not even sure if all candidates were NWO disciples or not. We voted best we could! He will be a one termer if even that? I would not be surprised if he backs down on Israel. Looks like he is about to open up on pipeline today? Healthcare bill is Ryancare and a disaster. Immigration? The wall? The tax bill? Only real thing is the Supreme Court and Sessions. He has nothing but enemies in Washington. Intelligence Agencies will get him since he has done little to get rid of BO types. There is nothing to Russian Investigation, but it can be created and sold through press. Maybe he realizes and has given up? Kushner is his problem but loyal to Trump but not Trumps agenda. Family. Whether he decides appeasement to the NWO Dems and Rinos, or resigns only God knows. I do think he is self centered and spoiled but loves America. I also think he won but doesn’t like it at all. Think about it. Little accomplished in real terms. Fighting every day with idiots and traitors and thieves. This man had a much better life before he ran.

  7. Flyby

    Trump has barely been in office three months and not a single day’s gone by that he hasn’t been harangued not only by all three major “news” networks, but by Rino senators who should be backing him. Maybe he hasn’t chosen all the right people, or more importantly gotten rid of those he should have as soon as he was sworn into office. He’s not a politician and that’s the main reason I voted for him. Do you think oblidiot was treated in this manner when he was unfortunately elected? Or had an administration that leaked like a siv? The man needs to stick with what got him elected, and to have the people who elected him stand beside him and not listen to all the political rhetoric such as this page’s “quoted from a top aide” BS.

  8. Michael Lloyd

    Thank God for all of these unidentified sources. Otherwise, the art of writing fairy tales would be forever lost.