Shock as Gowdy Pushed to Replace Comey

President Donald Trump shocked the nation Tuesday by firing FBI Director James Comey, largely due to his unprofessional handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation as well as some of his public statements in congressional hearings on that and other matters.

According to Independent Journal Review, many people on the right let out a cheer, as they have been waiting for Comey to be fired since he let Clinton off the hook in the summer of 2016.

Meanwhile, Democrats who up until Tuesday were vehemently calling for Comey’s ouster due to his alleged sabotage of Clinton’s campaign just before November’s election, were suddenly backing Comey to the hilt, newly outraged that such a shining example of an impartial lawman could be fired so ingloriously.

However, among the celebrations and grievous outcries percolating on the Internet, one name consistently drew mention as the top potential replacement as head of the FBI, that being Republican South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy, a veritable rock-star in conservative circles.


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    1. CQ

      Gowdy is not a senator. But you are right, he is more effective in his current role than he would be as FBI director.

  1. PatrickHenry

    YES!!! Trey Gowdy for FBI Director! With him in charge, no more corruption. Him & Sessions are perfect for Law & Order.

  2. Terry

    I know that Trey Gowdy is such a much needed “Strong & Powerful Voice” in the Senate.
    However, while thinking of this a little more, I began to realize that “So Many” of the things he is “So Awesomely Vocal About” seem to be based on “Illegal & criminal” activity by corrupt people on the Left side of the Political Arena are getting away with. What better way to catch the criminals, thieves and Liars than before they get away with the crimes that spill out in the Senate Hearings, etc.. There is more than enough evidence regarding Hillary to find clear reason to send her “Directly to Jail without Passing Go” right now. That would be a very welcome goal to set and see come to pass as one of his very 1st actions in this position. That and the Obama “shadow spies & government” he has embedded in & at the White House. Rice in cuffs and “PROVEN” guilty walking to the Prison Bus along with about 20 others to “Fill Up The Bus” along with her and Hillary. So, at this point, “I hope & Pray for Trey!” Great Job President Trump!!! Drain the swamp.

  3. big KAhuna

    Trey Gordy is the perfect mold of a strong and gutsy Republican. I wish they could clone him and have him serve in McCains position as well as head of FBI. Either way it’s a win for Trump and America.

  4. Jimbo

    I think it would be 2 steps back for God to accept that post. We need him as a prosecutor or judge. To finish the the job . He is one hell of a interviewer. That’s his choice if offered. There’s always Christie.

  5. Patriot1

    Howdy Mr. Gowdy, I would welcome you as the new Director of the FBI!

    The GREATEST opportunity you will ever get to put CORRUPT HILLARY CLINTON IN JAIL where she belongs for her mis handeling of classified documents/information.

  6. rick meek

    Gowdy is giving the sorocrats heart burn…..Man – They’ll really flip NOW —- Like they haven’t pulled out the big guns yet…..Campaign trail – they said he wasn’t a politician and had NO RIGHT seeking the nomination —- After WINNING – they said he and russia cheated – They compared him to hitler – Now it’s Nixon – the MSM going “OFF THE RAILS ON A CRAZY TRAIN” —- DC going off the rails —– I think people did good by electing a “monkey wrench” to throw at these elitist A-Holes…..THE TIME OF THE PROFESSIONAL POLITICIAN AND ELITES ARE OVER……

  7. Robrage

    Nightmares in the daytime for the Democrat Bolsheviks if Trey’s in charge of the FBI. He won’t be blocked like he was by the Dept. of Just us. He’ll have 8 years to go after the coverups like IRS, Fast and Furious, The illegal server , Benghazi, Solyndra.

  8. Bob Mac

    Gowdy will drain the swamp single-handedly, if he but has cooperation from the other branches of government. The Satanic child sex trafficking scandal is first and foremost. I predict he will not crack the secret societies, nor even try. He knows how powerful they are. They got Scalia, Kennedy, and Nixon.