“Tear Down This Wall:’ Border Concert”

Mexico City (AFP) – Musicians from both sides of the US-Mexican border, and from around the world, will come together next month in a symphonic protest over President Donald Trump’s plan for a wall to restrict immigration.

The crowd-funded June 3 show, announced Monday by the Dresden Symphony Orchestra, will take place in Friendship Park, which straddles the border between the Mexican city of Tijuana and San Diego in California.
“It’s not the only wall in the world. The list of walls around the world is really long,” said Markus Rindt, organizer of the project dubbed “Tear Down This Wall!”

But “nationalism is on the rise. And the (US-Mexico) wall is on people’s minds.”

Rindt, 50, was just a young man when Ronald Reagan in 1987 urged the then Soviet Union to “Tear Down this Wall” in Berlin — the quote that inspired his project.

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source: http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2017/05/09/tear-down-wall-border-concert/

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  1. Patriot47

    A nation without borders is no nation at all. Stupid rules the day with these open border nutbags.

  2. Michael Lloyd

    First thing they’ll do is build the stage and put up some type of barricade around it. How many drug overdoses can we expect? Rapes? Shootings? Stabbings? Fights? Fires? Great place for an unlicensed illegal drunk driver with an uninsured stolen vehicle.

  3. Steves704

    This is being put on by liberals ,like George Soros and mexican billionare Slim. We need the wall on our Southern border to keep the illegals, and terrorist out. Go President Trump, it is shameful that Republican ” Esatablishment is preventing the president grom lowering taxes, repealing obama care, and building a wall on the Southern border. Come elections we will see how many “Esablishment legislatures we can vote out!!!

    1. HCUA

      Unfortunately, very few ever have to pay the price. Most of the electorate in this country can’t think their way out a wet paper bag. They say–My congressman is doing fine, keep him in. Right. With 3 or 4 hundred of those people going back, nothing changes.