Ted Cruz Trails Dem in 2018 Re-Elect Poll

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is trailing Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) in a match-up for the 2018 Senate race, a new poll finds.

In a race between the two, Castro leads slightly, with 35 percent, compared to Cruz’s 31 , according to the the Texas Lyceum poll. When Cruz is polled against Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX), the two are tied at 30 percent.

Some 37 percent of Texans said they did not yet know who they would be voting for in 2018.

While O’Rourke has announced his Democratic challenge to unseat Cruz in 2018, Castro has not yet done the same, though Texas Democrats see him as a contender against the conservative senator.

The Texas Lyceum poll was conducted between April 3 to 9, with 1,000 interviews from registered Texas voters. The margin of error is 3.1 percent.


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source: http://www.breitbart.com/texas/2017/04/19/ted-cruz-trails-dem-2018-re-elect-poll/

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  1. Joe Snowblower

    Oh No …..
    not those ever accurate polls again, surely.
    Will he promise to change his name to Fidel if he wins the election, or move to Cuba if he loses ?

  2. gvhparkridge

    If Ted is not a winner in the election, he will have a chance to bite the Democrats in the Ass, as the next Supreme Court Judge….

  3. jaboj

    What’s wrong with my Texas friends? We sure as hell don’t need another left wing democrat to screw up the country even more.

  4. Terry

    I say if Ted proves to our Republican Party that he is worthy of our trust and distances himself from those who such as McCain and Lindsey and the Caucus, then we need to Throw our Complete Support behind him. I truly believe we are seeing even the Freedom Caucus people beginning to come on board and support the President and the rest of us moreso in just the past 2 weeks. Let us do all that we can to Unite and Hold On to our Party and all that God Himself is clearly calling us to Accomplish in His Name and with His Power. Abortion defunded, disabled and Exposed along with those who demand it in our Government left, Moral Values restored for the sake of Our Children, More Fair and Genuine Health Care instead of Held Hostage by the Democratic Party who want to hold onto that same control in “All areas of Government”, Living and Abiding by the Constitution, Dictates & Clear Intents of Our Founding Fathers. “True” History taught in our schools and not re-written. Belief in “The One True God” and not many & every false God instead and only. To Bless Israel & Jerusalem as God in His Word Commands and admonishes us to do, that He will be able to Bless America yet Again as He is now and wants to continue to do again going forward, and soooo much more.

    1. dmttbt

      Cruz was for Trump and then against and then for. It all depends on which way the wind blows. Cruz is not worthy of being on the supreme court by a long ways.

  5. James Prim

    Texas needs to remain RED. Also, we need to ensure that the Senate remains a controlling majority of conservatives. We CANNOT afford for Texas to start putting liberals in control or we will face the same problems that californication and new yorkless have.

    1. dmttbt

      I am so glad you said needs to remain conservative instead of using the party. The two parties are and have been nothing like what they claim and we need to start impeaching people but not the president.

  6. bill sinni

    Comrade Trump accused Cruz’s Dad of being involved in the assassination of JFK, and he never retracted that statement.
    Now, Cruz has his head jammed up the Comrade’s ars. Not only is he not worthy of being a U.S. Senator, he is not worthy of walking on Texas soil.

  7. dmttbt

    We don’t need another lying democrat or republican. I think people are beginning to see Cruz for what he truly is. He showed that in the run for president.