Theresa May: ‘Islamist’ Attack ‘Not Islamic’

The Prime Minister has said the “Islamist” attack on Parliament was not “Islamic” and Islam is a “great faith”.

Taking on the role of a theologian, Theresa May insisted: “It is wrong to describe this as Islamic terrorism. It is Islamist terrorism. It is a perversion of a great faith.”

Speaking in Parliament, she also said the attack showed “the importance of all of our faiths working together, and recognising the values that we share”.

Adding: “This act of terror was not an act of faith. It was a perversion; a warped ideology, which leads to an act of terrorism like that and it will not prevail.”

Islamism is generally defined as a political interpretation of Islam. Some critics argue Islam is intrinsically political – as the Quran mandates a religious state and law – and say the term is irrelevant.

MPs almost unanimously agreed with the Prime Minister, lining up to warn against “demonising” and “stigmatising” Muslims, and to condemn “Islamophobia” and “racial and religious” discrimination.


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  1. 1pappap

    A great faith? It says to the infidels, convert or die. No thank you. We get enough of that from the religion of the demoncrats.

  2. Alla Barad

    Islam is not a religion and has nothing to do with God,Mohammed is not a prophet of God!!

  3. buckmeister2

    What a stupid and disgusting comment. She, and those like her, are the reason we have the problems we do. Prior to WWII, not all Germans were Nazis, but 99% of all Nazis were Germans. Was it necessary to debate the difference between a German and a Nazi? Absolutely not, because we knew that Nazi’s shared a belief, while Germans were a people living in a country.

    Ergo…why must we defend Islam when 99% of all terrorists are Islamic? We all know there is a difference, and we don’t need some stupid Lib denying the existence of Islamic terrorists.

    1. Janeway

      Remember the old saying about all evil needs is for good people to do nothing?
      Too many people are determined to be “tolerant” of this violent belief system
      that flourishes under the umbrella of Islam. We’re supposed to be “tolerant” of

  4. mallen11

    Islam is a religion to the muslims just like Judaism was their religion to the Jews under their theocratic rule in the OT. The muslims practice their religious beliefs under Islamic rule but individual Christians practice their beliefs under God apart from government rule in our country. There is a difference between religion and Christianity. Religion is manmade sponsored by Satan and Christianity is a relationship with Jesus Christ.
    As believers in Jesus Christ, our greatest weapon is Bible Doctrine and prayer.
    Jeremiah 17:5 -Thus says the LORD, “Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind and makes flesh his strength, and whose heart turns away from the LORD.
    II Peter 3:8… but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity.
    I Tim 2:1-2 First of all, then, I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings, be made on behalf of all men, for kings and ALL who are in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity.

  5. Barkingdeathsquirrel

    CCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is what every British citizen with a brain is saying.

    1. Terry Rushing

      But they ELECTED her. Is there much difference between electing her and reelecting John MCain of Lindsey Graham?

  6. T2000q

    I would agree with the PM Theresa May if I saw a worldwide condemnation by Muslim clerics of these heinous terrorist attacks in the name of Allah. Instead, we see total silence or even more often, encouraging anti infidel violence talks from the “Great Mosques” all over the world. Isn’t it telling something?

    1. KingDon

      Their very silence makes them complicit in every attack that occurs anywhere in the world.

      1. Kinneret

        This’s the same words of the coward BHO that rubbed on all the inept world leaders, it is so shameful, as I was hoping for this new PM to take off the blinder off the Brits government, and tel the truth with courage.

  7. myfordtruck

    it is not a form of religion but something Mohammed was nothing but a pervert who wanted to be worshiped and these people have all ways been violent

    1. Terry Rushing

      It seems that we have our own here so lets clean our own house before “helping” others.

  8. mjhiggs

    This is the kind of stupidity that will allow terrorism in the name of Islam to flourish. A poisonous snake is a poisonous snake no matter what name you give it. Any sane, thinking person should be an Islamophobe! Open your eyes! They want to kill us!

  9. desert fox

    No wonder a muslim was elected mayor. She is as stupid as they are. Wait till the next bomb goes off; or the next attack may even be an attack on royalty….will that wake them up? I doubt it!

    1. Stash Holly

      The Koran is the “BOOK OF DEATH” Where as the “BIBLE” Is “THE BOOK OF LIFE”. It is the Christian world protecting the EVILS of the Cult of Murdering and Child Sex, The Koran.

  10. Wade

    That is so BS! Then, why is it that anything connected to or representative of the Confederacy is racist??? You can’t have it both ways!!! When they kill you or a loved one, your play on words won’t matter anymore!!!

  11. Adrian Vance

    Your blog is not readable when that “Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest,Email, SumoMe” dropdown comes in and FUCKS UP THE SCREEN. You are gone in my book.

  12. Stash Holly

    Like Child Molestation? Hatred Of Israel? Beheading Christians and cutting children in half and not ONE word from Muslims? In England the Grooming of young Christian Girl to be the Whores of Islam? And Not ONE WORD from the Muslim Community just excuses from Politicians who have their OWN ANTI CHRISTIAN Agenda.

  13. Sean Rickmin

    Islam is a tolerant religion,and hitlery will be declared a saint and obama will learn to love America,and pIglosi will become a republican and learn to keep her acid mouth shut.ALL FALSE.NON OF THIS IS TRUE.

  14. barnjoer

    What A stupid bitch. She thinks talking good about these ass holes that they will leave and not come back.

  15. Cookie Vranish

    These PC people are totally nuts. No wonder these things happen under their watch! But it always harms someone else. But the people keep voting this type into power!

  16. Harold Sammons

    I’m sure glad she is in England and not our government, maybe a break in the clouds will bring a little sunshine and clarity to the worlds governments: how blind are those who cannot open their eyes, those who cannot hear, because they will not listen!



  18. Fred Mitchell

    Send her to Saudi Arabia for a month long fact finding visit on Islam and what Muslims really believe. She will never return to Britain. They’ll bury her to her waist and bash her brains out with stones. Send London’s Mayor with her and revoke his visa or passport.

  19. ernst

    Theresa May should read the Koran. This “great faith” supports female genital mutilation, execution of the unbelievers, and war against unbelievers. This “great faith” relentlessly demeans and oppresses women. This “great faith” is more political ideology than religion. Theresa May is very confused and ignorant.

  20. Foster Norman

    This is what happens when stupid people vote for stupid candidates!

    Stupid + stupid = FUBAR!