Trump’s Plan For ‘Renewal Of The American Spirit’

President Trump’s joint address to Congress on Tuesday night is expected to strike an optimistic tone as he outlines how he plans to begin a “renewal of the American spirit” with his economic goals and priorities.

According to senior administration officials who previewed the speech to reporters, that’s the theme the president will use to lay out his vision for the American people and explain how his administration will begin solving real problems for real people. He’ll tell members of Congress that Americans have been waiting on help from political leaders for too long, but that now help is on the way.

Here’s What To Watch For When Trump Addresses Congress
Here’s What To Watch For When Trump Addresses Congress
For Trump, the speech to a joint session of the Senate and House is a chance to reset what has been a tumultuous first month in office. He’s been beset with backlash to his immigration and travel ban, struggles to come up with a replacement health care plan if Obamacare is repealed, turnover with his national security adviser and repeated questions about his administration’s alleged ties to Russia.

According to the White House, as of Monday evening the president was still working with speechwriters to finish crafting the speech. And while it’s the same group of writers who helped write his inaugural address — which struck a dark tone as he promised to stop “American carnage” — this new speech just over a month later is the product of listening sessions and meetings he has been holding with health care professionals, law enforcement, union representatives, coal miners and others.

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  1. Patriot47

    Positive speech with a predictably disgusting dem response. No surprises. Dummycrats are locked in to political suicide.

  2. JC

    The American people need to work on a way to get rid of the democratic party—they are useless—they don’t contribute anything to this country but personal attacks and failed policies

  3. John F. Lowes

    People need to call every democrat congressman and till them to get with the program