Audience left SPEECHLESS when Pelosi LOSES IT

Life has been rough for Nancy Pelosi since November. Instead of Democrats regaining control, Republicans own every branch of government. Pelosi has vowed to fight Republicans every step of the way, but it hasn’t been going well for her. Sadly for Nancy, she leads a party that has no real ability to advance their agenda.

The new reality may be taking a toll on Pelosi’s mind. At a recent event, Pelosi seemed to lose it during her remarks, at one point leaving the audience speechless.

Pelosi began by thanking the person who introduced her for his “recanting of what happened at the time” Democrats and activist groups rammed through Obamacare.

She recalled telling her fellow Democrats that the Affordable Care Act was going to be a major achievement for government programs, and “stand there with Social Security and Medicare and Medicare,” apparently meaning to say “Medicaid.”

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    We have a shiny new straight jacket for you Nancy. And a nice rubber room with snowflakes painted on the walls.