Trump’s New Alliance to End Islamic Terrorism

Terrorists are being killed, locked up, and running scared now that a Commander-in-Chief has replaced an Apologizer-in-Chief.

Terror mastermind Hafiz Muhammad Saeed was placed under house arrest in Lahore on January 30, less than ten days after Donald Trump took office. For years, Saeed had been living in the open in Pakistan in spite of a $10 million American bounty for information leading to his arrest and conviction. And yet it took new leadership in Washington D.C. to force the Pakistani government’s hand in getting serious about fighting Islamic extremism.

Lost in the misleading reports about “Muslim bans” and debates about much-needed vetting on refugees from the Middle East has been the Trump administration’s quiet but successful effort behind the scenes to advance policies that crack down on terrorism and the Islamist ideology that fuels it. On the campaign trail, Donald Trump vowed to take a new line toward Pakistan – the Islamist government that actively backed the Taliban in its infancy and, in turn, was pivotal in the fundamentalist movement’s ascent in Afghanistan. And Americans won’t soon forget that Osama bin Laden, once the world’s number one terrorist, was found in a conspicuous, $1 million compound in Abbottabad, only hundreds of yards away from a prestigious training center for Pakistani army officers.

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  1. Chuck

    Violent Muslims are the termites of democracy; the only answer is to exterminate them.
    People who cut off other people’s heads can not be considered Human!

  2. RockinOn

    They won’t assimilate either, unless they convert to Christianity, they will always be a threat at some time or another, because if they are devout Muslims, they will not live and let live, their Quran does not accept that belief!

    1. Petru Dans

      they refuse to assimilate,because coran teach them so.they try to convert you to islam,and if you refusse,acordin w/coran,thei kill you,as infidel.

    2. Shane

      Muslims kill adulterers, apostates, blasphemers, male homosexuals, and kill their daughters if they embarrass their families in many muslim countries (honor killings). Why would any citizen want to bring that garbage into their country?

  3. Bernie Lounds

    You have to do something about the liberals wanting to bring all this trash into our country,if we don’t you’ll never get rid of them.

    1. Evan

      I agree! These animals may be more dangerous than the illegals!
      Get them all out of this country! We will NOT miss them at all!

    2. Shane

      Democrats and liberals welcome mass muslim immigration because muslims vote for expanding the welfare state. This is true in Europe too where millions of muslim immigrants are on welfare and vote for the liberal parties. Islam is the most violent, intolerant, barbaric, misogynistic and homophobic religion in the world today. Trump is right to ban immigration from 7 muslim countries and he should expand the ban to ALL muslim countries!

  4. Larry Velasco

    REASON for this?? The old PUNK N chief is long gone. barry soetoro hussein is like and Old singing group that has faded. Never was, never will be anything but EVIL. Hang him.

  5. jlcham

    When is the government going to name islam for what it is? It is NOT a religion. It is a political ideology based on the koran as its constitution and it goes directly against our United States Constitution and our Bill of Rights. It is not discrimination to disagree with islam because it is NOT a religion.

    1. June Anne Garber

      Amen and amen. But people haven’t studied it well to actually understand how ‘not a religion it really is ‘ they just take what they have heard for truth like the fake news!

  6. cactus

    Islam preachs a violent,hate filled ideology! It preachs intolerance to others & oppression of women! These practices should not be permitted in the United States! Muslim’s should stay in their own country of origin until the day comes (if ever) that their ideology is changed! Incompatible with the United States!

  7. Wynette Atkins

    The English fought the Muslims back during their Crusades to save Jerusalem. The Castilians fought the Muslims to retake Spain from 700 – 1100 period. Thomas Jefferson fought the Muslim Pirates back to 1700s. Muslims always gained territory through terrorism back to their beginning. They were and are the biggest slave traders in all of time; from their very beginning, and even up to today. Whoever believes their lies that they are a religion of peace, needs to do their research on Islam. Just search on YouTube, the word “Muslim” and you can see for yourself, the very evil they are now perpetrating on all of Europe and the Middle East. Unless they have sworn to uphold our Constitution, and no longer go their Mosque, and no longer pray 5 times a day to Allah; and have converted to Christianity, they can never be trusted. Those here in America, that still believe in the Quran (Koran) and Sharia Law, need to be deported to their home countries. They are liars that you can never trust. Their manifesto is create a Caliphate over all peoples, after killing all Jews and Christians.